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I have to say, the design you made, while very good, is a bit ... childish ? It makes Superpowers look like a game for kids basically

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Hi ! I'm Hugo, a 17 y/o French man, aka as Gugu ( the 42 is from the answer to the universe, life and everything, and is added when Gugu is already taken ) on the web. I'm a moderator of a French Minecraft modding forum, and I've been programming in Java for about 5 years now, and in other languages for about 3 years.
I've heard about Superpowers when I was looking at Craftstudio to see what it had become, and thought that I'd try it out. I'm a lazy person but once I get inspiration from a project I'll spend nights on it, and try to make it work. I'm a really, really bad graphics man ( I can't draw a stickman ) so I have trouble getting projects out since I often don't have any way to represent them.
I hope I'll be able to achieve something fun with friends ( Thanks collaboration ! ) and maybe do some bigger projects once I get the hang of it !

Alright, thanks for making it clearer! I'll probably use it a bit now :D

Right now, the forums are divided into 4 categories :
Discussion, Scripting&Shaders, Tutorial and Guides, and extendind SuperPowers.

I think a "Help" category should be added, it would allow the forums to have a special place for people to ask for help, and for people to help others. The Tutorial and Guides is used by some people in the french forums but it does not seem like it's the intended purpose of this section.