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Adding a "Help" category ? Locked

A topic by Gugu42 created Jan 08, 2016 Views: 231 Replies: 4
This topic was locked by Elisée Jan 12, 2016
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Right now, the forums are divided into 4 categories :
Discussion, Scripting&Shaders, Tutorial and Guides, and extendind SuperPowers.

I think a "Help" category should be added, it would allow the forums to have a special place for people to ask for help, and for people to help others. The Tutorial and Guides is used by some people in the french forums but it does not seem like it's the intended purpose of this section.


"Superpowers Discussion" should be used for help, I don't think we need a separate forum for it? I'm trying to figure out if there's a way to move the existing topics to the correct forum, haven't found it yet ^_^

That's a good idea. I used the Tutorial and Guides because it was somehow related but I think there should be a well defined place to ask for help.


Just moved "Ask for help" to the front of the description in both the English and French forums to make things clearer. If the need for a separate Help forum arises, we can always add it later!

Alright, thanks for making it clearer! I'll probably use it a bit now :D