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I love your work.. I see some of your work make a great game :D especially is your assets

disclaimer : im not developer this game, but I live in indonesia

first :
almost java peoples believe if you want to talk with ghost, or do something "RITUAL" thing you have to take a bath with 7 flowers of shape, and why the lady ghost (kuntilanak) afraid with shape objects (nails, scissors) even with broom stick because some myth says they die with that object.

nail : myth says when you put nail in lady ghost head she will become beautiful women.
scissors : because lady ghost believe she is beautiful with long hair, she afraid when look scissors because people want cut their hair 

pixel vision 8 is a great tools what you need when you want make a game, prototyping and sharing. Even it's still on development process but you can used early access, also help the developer to continue this project. Anyway the best thing and make this tools different from the other is music editors, you will falling in love with random music creator

wow.. great. I like the pixel art :D

ah.. after im checking you website, i see you have some team for that.. kudos for you all. 

wow... looks pretty neat.. are working alone for this game? i really cant imagine how you get rid of boredom when doing it.

game is hard, and i dont know what to do at the first >.< but this game interesting.

for info : 
- tower build is 10

congrats dude, this game is great :)

i have report feedback to and leaf say

In the meantime you can use google to search what they have indexed, using a query like: some topic

here a example, now im searching ads for superpower, so i write like this into google

ads superpower

wow that's really cool, i have installed in my android phone.

just some problem is gyroscope is active, so when trying playing in landscape, its always down >.<

but its okey because TIC still long development, hope next development for android we can settings gyro or event we can use a script to settings gyroscope

great work :)

wow thanks all about this jam.. unfortunately i cant finish my game :( it's okey but i will continue my game :) maybe this week i can fins

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wow.. this is cool men, im really enjoy your game :) congrats, anyway i hope you finish this game before #onebuttonjam end

i hope you can add sound soon ;)

wow thank's for reply.. i will try first :)

let say,
I want call script API from kongregate or gamejolt to push score in to their server. I'm don't know how to call that API, or how to put into my typescript.

any suggestion for me? or any resource can help me fix this problem?

have you press Z and X together?

maybe i need to change press button to started, any way thanks

cool, even it's clone from impossible game :)

wow... thats what i'm need :D thank's and let me try

ohhh.. I know why server not respond. I forgot to stop and run my server >.< my mistake. Now that server run in all device :D

Have you try that? especially number 1 part? Because when I try to setting server with my mac, and try with my PC or my android server not respond,and vice versa. I also have read

That said "By default, your server will only accept connections from the computer it is running on."

thanks bilou.. case closed

like my title said, how to layering in 2d? have you any trick for that? I try to using positioning (x,y,z) but that too close to the camera and that image more big than the lower z position

Hello, i'm Reza, you can call reopucino, a self-taught programmer. yes superpower power it's the one game engine I have been wait :D, any way I'm from Indonesia.