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wow great games.. first time I was confused how to throw a gum.

good music, good art, and I really enjoy play the game. 

lucu list anggotanya.. Apalagi pak ketuanya

wohoo, i can finished the game. Hahahaha funny game

wow great game, It makes me play more than 30 minutes.

don't worry, I had finished the game, great games.

maybe you will have another level or launch to other platfrom :D

I like the concept, art, and the game feel polished. Play around 2 minutes.

yeah, sorry, forgot to remove that, next update will remove that debug message >.<

anyway thanks for test and play the game. 

You have created manually for animation sprite.

this is an example create simple animation

var player = {
x : 20,
y : 20,
animationDraw : 0,
currentState : "right",
anims:[158, 158,158, 158, 159, 159, 159, 159],
// Update is called once per frame
exports.update = function () {
//clear render every tick update
//handle input
player.x += 1;
player.currentState = "right";
player.animationDraw +=1;
if (player.animationDraw > player.anims.length) player.animationDraw = 0;
else if(btn.left){
player.x -= 1;
player.currentState = "left";
player.animationDraw +=1;
if (player.animationDraw > player.anims.length) player.animationDraw = 0;
//draw player
sprite(player.anims[player.animationDraw], player.x, player.y, player.currentState != "right");
//sample show text
print("hello", 20, 20);

for layer you can draw one by one on the update, but I'm not sure how to handle opacity, 

wow, thanks gambir to create this game..

anyway, I made a stream when testing this game. I know this is not good stream but maybe it can help to make the game better

just past level 2. maybe need more time to finish the game. Overall I like how its work :) nicely done

basically to save game in html5 way is use localstorage
but if you need more(read/wring file), yeah you have to include node module using electron.

it's possible to export all html5 game into windows, Mac or Linux using or

For mobile device you can use (it can build windows or mac too)

wow, this is a beautiful game. I like the bgm, moving animations look great. 

thanks for the great experience 

Hahahahaha, I feel so strong

sure, I will introduce myself by email.

I played on 1366x768 resolution (default my laptop resolution). Almost all text is too small, it's hard to read my laptop (even it can be read) 
like HootHootOwn said before. I had checked the settings but I can't found any clue for scaling text size or change the resolution of the game.

this game really has potential, I just played around 5 minutes, but I have a problem with the text (played on my laptop). Hope you can finish the game, and more progress will come. 

unfortunately, you have to code to show the app is working. Please open src file and change main.js

inside update function you can add 

print("hello this game is work", 20, 20)

In additional other API you have to check and clone to know how to understand the game work

this game is nice, good design, and has special art. 

wow.. I hooked with the game art. look cools. will player this weekend

lol.. the title of teh game

you can use nwjs or electron build to build .exe

click project > build archive

after that open you pixelbox folder project, search folder "distrib" you will see ""
that is the bundle of the game.
you can upload into or build into electron /nwjs

agree with this. Event the original have gamepads (which is include the window keyboard) but the scope only buttons

Always  love what you have done :) 

if you want all is there, you should add into main.js in src

1.  Add pixelbox click Project > Open src
2. After new folder is open please open your main.js
3. inside main.js you can type your code

eg : 

exports.update = function () {
println("hello world");
sprite(153, 60, 60);
(1 edit)

if you mean you want to flip the sprite in pixelbox

you can use

sprite(123,59,28, true, true, true)
123 is number of spritesheets
59 is xposition
28 is y position
first true to check flip Horizontal or not
second true to check flip vertical or not
third true to check flip rotation or not

like my title, I think this is bug.

but I also saw your example, for create folder just name it with "yourfoldername/yourmaps" and you have to close project and reload again so it will load folder.

anyway this is great tools, thanks for create this

hahaha, what a nice game :D

i have played same gameplay like this.. and I'm really like it, maybe you can add boss, we can preparation deck before fight

I love your work.. I see some of your work make a great game :D especially is your assets

disclaimer : im not developer this game, but I live in indonesia

first :
almost java peoples believe if you want to talk with ghost, or do something "RITUAL" thing you have to take a bath with 7 flowers of shape, and why the lady ghost (kuntilanak) afraid with shape objects (nails, scissors) even with broom stick because some myth says they die with that object.

nail : myth says when you put nail in lady ghost head she will become beautiful women.
scissors : because lady ghost believe she is beautiful with long hair, she afraid when look scissors because people want cut their hair 

pixel vision 8 is a great tools what you need when you want make a game, prototyping and sharing. Even it's still on development process but you can used early access, also help the developer to continue this project. Anyway the best thing and make this tools different from the other is music editors, you will falling in love with random music creator

wow.. great. I like the pixel art :D

ah.. after im checking you website, i see you have some team for that.. kudos for you all. 

wow... looks pretty neat.. are working alone for this game? i really cant imagine how you get rid of boredom when doing it.

game is hard, and i dont know what to do at the first >.< but this game interesting.

for info : 
- tower build is 10

congrats dude, this game is great :)

i have report feedback to and leaf say

In the meantime you can use google to search what they have indexed, using a query like: some topic

here a example, now im searching ads for superpower, so i write like this into google

ads superpower

wow that's really cool, i have installed in my android phone.

just some problem is gyroscope is active, so when trying playing in landscape, its always down >.<

but its okey because TIC still long development, hope next development for android we can settings gyro or event we can use a script to settings gyroscope

great work :)