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asik ada game baru :D

minta tolong build linux juga dunk.. Sapa tau user nambah dikit :)

Untuk sekarang belum bisa testing.. masih berkutat di linux env T_T

tehnya serem warnanya agak merah yah?

anyway baru ngeh klo belum folow accountnya

wow, become enemy is the best, even we have to lose, but make the heroes a bit slower to finish the game is best achievement for me

thanks for the feedback.. On current version, you can only chop the trees.

yeah for now you can only chop the trees.. Maybe need another week for demo :)

anyway thanks for give a feedback

wow this great, run smoothly on my ubuntu, and really like how the render system work (but when I do run, the render is a bit late to render my front wall and plate)

unfortunately I can't play the game to long (to creepy from me, I have disable the jumpscare too)

Yeah, the current issue for me is lagging. Are you using server for this game (is the game multiplayer)? because the lag issue looks like a multiplayer game (rubber banding)

cool idea, but for the current build hard to enjoy the game.

Interesting.. Played, but I can't find blue string while play the game. I also can't sell the item.

interesting concept.. idle, clicker, and infinite game. Nice combination

I think this game has interesting mechanics. Snake jump :)

It's not made from defold right?

Because I saw the game code on javascript.. But I like the game idea

the first test, I was confused about what have to do.

but then realize how to aim and shoot balloons. Nice game

quietly polish for the game jam.
Nice art, particle, sound, BGM, becoming a solid game.

Nice graphics.. maybe if you have another time, that can be cool add another music and sfx

nice 3d games.. very smooth while playing

This game makes me nervous, and also think about the ending, 

I like effect you have made

love it.. Good controller, has powerup, powerup can levelup. Maybe can add boss (or I didn't meet the criteria for fight the boss)

wow.. seems promising.. Simple and addicted for me.

I show the game is an automated move. can we play the game?

in my mind this like a tile editor, with autogenerated tile landscape :D

great for the start on first game and success game jam. Hope you will continue the journey as game developer.

I like the game shooter game, but you can improve the game better, and I believe you can do it (wave enemies, variant bullet, etc)

Nice concept. At least I won for the first fight.

wow, even without a description?  Hahaha,

thanks for stop by and leave a comment

you can chop trees anyway :)

thank for the feedback. Will update the description and game

thanks for trying and giving feedback.

The core loop is to collect and fulfill the request. But I don't have time to finish the game.

Some objects exist, but do not show on the display. The core loop game is to collect and finish the request. Unfortunately, don't have time to finish.

Anyway thanks for coming and tried

thanks to kenney for the graphics :D

yeah, I have some plans to finish. The core loop game is to collect and finish the request. Unfortunately, don't have time to finish at least making a log into another object.

Nice, I thought I was missing something, after checking some blocks and trying to drag, it seems look a familiar game. 

I like the music, so far what I do is spamming space to shoot

I like the game idea

cool tile editor

what a nice tile creator

dang.. chaotic serve :D

hahaha, dinner dash is hard, this game is harder

great game, driven by good story. It's not about cook only, but also story. Hope this game continue to stable phase.

hahahha, weird, but fun.. I thought I need to shot the person of the ball, but shotgun is the ball

wow great games.. first time I was confused how to throw a gum.

good music, good art, and I really enjoy play the game. 

lucu list anggotanya.. Apalagi pak ketuanya