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This is awesome feedback! I personally had difficulty because 2d platformers are not my kind of game. But of course these design decisions would be great for others interested in more difficult platforming game play!

Thanks for trying it out :)

Glad you liked it! :)

Wow! This is amazing stuff. Thank you very much!

It is for sure difficult, but I really liked the puzzle of that nature. I found the first couple of jumps to be a bit slow and boring, but the rest were pretty fun.

Awesome feedback!! Thank you so much! I might continue on, though it's not a very traditional game and difficult to see go anywhere, but I will take a look at the resources you mentioned.

Very cool! I really enjoyed they classic FF style UI, and the combat felt pretty good.

For not being my type of game, this one turned out really well. I enjoyed the mechanics and a very nice take on the theme! I am not one for difficulty, so I only got to 7 jumps and got stuck in the diagonal moving area. But honestly very well done!

haha very much so! I'm glad you enjoyed it and found the virus helper. 

Thank you! Glad you liked it :) Having players figure it out organically was one of my main goals!

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Great take on the theme and beautiful story! I especially loved the ending. How wholesome :)

I love the style! The difficulty flew really quick, and the rate of enemies seemed a bit much. It would be interesting to see the enemies not clump up too much as it made avoiding them pretty simple. But I really enjoyed the progression and abilities!

Awesome game! I really love the style and the way the mechanics works. Very good job on this one. I did have some slight difficulties with the camera in that I got quite a bit of motion sickness while moving around the view,

Unfortunately your game seems to have been uploaded incorrectly. Here is the errors I am receiving in the console: 

That was awesome! The controls were a bit finicky, but overall I really enjoyed it.
The two things I could have asked for are a timer to see how fast I could speed run it, and more levels :)

Reminds me of a game I used to play as a teen on miniclip! Nice concept and I like the evolving battle. Well done!

Unfortunately I could not figure out how to play the game. Cool little effect though!

Very cool little game! I seem to have gotten stuck on the last rock. It doesn't allow me to jump to the edge, unless it needs to be frame perfect cause I tried from the very edge of the block.

Glad you felt that! It was definitely fun to make and see come together. The atmosphere was a huge part of this game for me.


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Thank you very much for your feedback! My intention is to go for as self explanatory as possible, but of course things will get lost in translation. I'll do my best to add some changes and find better ways to explain things before the jam is over.

Thanks again!

Really neat little maze. I had a difficult time with the collisions, but otherwise was a lot of fun!

Very Fun! I love how the game feels and the way the mechanics work. Great job!

I like the brain eye guy.

I really enjoyed the calm nature of the game. Very well done!

I very much love the art and atmosphere mesh. Well done!

I really enjoyed the serene outdoors feel. Lovely art style.

Great feedback, thank you! I've actually just updated it so the enemies can shoot back. I'm not sure if I will continue working on it now. But again, the feedback is much appreciated!

Awesome 😊

This game is super fun. I love how the enemies move making it a bit of a challenge, but also makes it involving to aim the weapons correctly.

I find the UI needs some improvement, it is lacking design and feels bland.

The music adds so much to make the game engaging and exciting to play, though I would say that the sound effects of the ships are quite overwhelming in volume. Anyway, great start on a fun mobile defence game!

lol it's almost like I used the standard asset character 😂

Interesting concept. I love how the organs follow the fly, I'm sure you did that with the fewest lines of code possible ;p Anyway, love it, love what yur doin!

Did a quick video on the gameplay. You can check it out here: 

Amazing for a game jam. It is always better working in a team for these, am I right? I really enjoyed how the game played, and I love the inclusion of a story. I think it needs a more fleshed out narrative behind it, but the idea is there. I love how it controls, and how easy the maneuverability of the submarine was. I would love to see more from you and your fellow developers. Keep up the excellent work!

For sure, really good work! 

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Very cool, what did you use to make these?

it's all good man. This is a project I made a long time ago for practicing my programming, it wasn't ever meant to be anything great.