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Really love the art direction !! Keep going  ;)

Thank you very much !! I really want to make this project come true, so I'll take the time to do it the right way ;)

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This is the very first devlog I made ever ! So here we are now ;)

It's a project I've started 5 years ago when I was just a beginner to programming. I was working previously on Construct 2 (which was a great tool at this time, but anyway...) because I didn't had enough skills in programming at this time. It was called Flamingo's Revenge and was intended to be a highly inspired Contra 3 game, but with a Flamingo. Because why not ? I really liked the funny image shown by such a character and I worked a little bit on it.

A little bit, yeah. Because of a lack of experience and organization I left this project for a long time. Exactly 4 years, until the beginning of my 5th and last year in my studies at Ludus Académie in Strasbourg. I had to chose for a project to work on for my Master and I've decided do take Flamingo's Revenge but with a lot of modifications. And there we are here with Pink Story.

So I've re-started it in April this year and wanted to make a more simple gameplay.

About the game

A platform game inspired by Toki, Super Mario and Castlevania. You play as a dragon named Pink and have to save your best friend from an evil force on the planet Tei-Tenga. The gameplay is focused on platform and boss battles and only needs 2 buttons to be played and there will be 9 levels.

Graphically I want to make a pixel art style based on the palette of Arne's Famicube.

What's done for the moment ?

The character is almost complete. He can move, jump, punch, attack enemies by jumping on their head and climb on ladders. The Level and Boss Design, scrolling camera and ennemies are still WIP for the first release. The project only get started but I aim to release it in 2 or 3 years (maybe later depending on the project progression).


The actual prototype with some collectibles.

Pink, the protagonist

Tools List (to be updated) :

  • Godot Engine
  • Aseprite

I only have skills for Game Design and Programming stuff. I'm trying to make some graphical assets by myself but (maybe) not for the final game. I plan to release a first version with 2 levels by October, after passing my Master.

Thank you very much for your help triplefox :)

It's so obvious I didn't thought to give a look at the examples first. I've found how to deal properly with slopes at least ^^ There's a little problem left though: Maybe it's because Godot uses the Physics engine to manage collisions and movements but when my player moves up along a slope, he jumps a little bit after reaching the top of it. I guess it's because of the momentum of something like that. It's not very a nuisance for the moment but I'll probably need to find another way to correct this...

I still need to learn the engine, but again thank you for your help ;)

Hello there !

I'm began using the version 3 of Godot since 2 weeks or so and I'm facing a problem with slopes tiles. Let me explain a little bit.

My character can move and jump normally and the collision are working well. But I'm trying to make it walk up or down the slopes and I don't know how to make it work. My tiles have a CollisionPolygon2D and my character a CollisionShape2D (Rectangle).

And as you can see below, the collisions seems not to be working properly and my character is "projected" when it reaches the top of a slope:

I've switched to Godot because I was working on GM:S 2 and handling Tile Collisions was terrible. Maybe I don't really know how to use this engine properly, but I always have this problem. I've looked at many articles and videos but no solutions were convincing me. This article was very good but I can hardly understand how does it works. For the moment I want only 45° slopes (but maybe for futures projects there will be other angles).

If you have some tips on clarifications about this topic it could help me a lot. Thank you very much and have a nice day ! :)

Ca m'a l'air très sympa à regarder, j'y jetterais un œil dans la journée ;)

Hello porso !

I didn't tried to run a server directly, but the games created with Superpowers run very slowly. Too much for being playable, even with the maximum overclock. (Raspberry Pi 2)

But I think a server could run. I have to try too.

Thanks Michael for your answer,

I don't really know the reason, but after writing the function, it's working fine now. Maybe a typing error or something like that in my code ?

Well, I can finish to read it now x) I'll probably help to create a documentation in French when I'll get the time for. I stay connected !

Hello Michael !

Many thanks for your tutorial :D I've already followed the first one Super Pong, maybe a bit long but pretty useful ^^

I have a problem in the OXO tutorial: in the Global script, when I try to call the playSquare function the debugger said "Cannot find name 'playSquare'". Did I missed somewhere ?

I've also tried to put 'this' before, but it doesn't work. I can give you my script if you want to check it.

I'll be waiting for you help. See you next time ! =D

PS: If I can make a little suggestion: if we can have some explainations about the specific functions of Superpowers that could very helpful :)

PS2: Sorry for my bad English X_X

Hellow there !!

I'm Lucas, a french student in Video Game development in Strasbourg. I've discovered first CraftStudio before Superpowers was annouced, and I'm pretty happy to start work on it :)

So, I'll try to become a great Game Developer in the future and I need to work a lot. See you next time =D

PS: Sorry for my bad English :x