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Thank you very much for your help triplefox :)

It's so obvious I didn't thought to give a look at the examples first. I've found how to deal properly with slopes at least ^^ There's a little problem left though: Maybe it's because Godot uses the Physics engine to manage collisions and movements but when my player moves up along a slope, he jumps a little bit after reaching the top of it. I guess it's because of the momentum of something like that. It's not very a nuisance for the moment but I'll probably need to find another way to correct this...

I still need to learn the engine, but again thank you for your help ;)

Hello there !

I'm began using the version 3 of Godot since 2 weeks or so and I'm facing a problem with slopes tiles. Let me explain a little bit.

My character can move and jump normally and the collision are working well. But I'm trying to make it walk up or down the slopes and I don't know how to make it work. My tiles have a CollisionPolygon2D and my character a CollisionShape2D (Rectangle).

And as you can see below, the collisions seems not to be working properly and my character is "projected" when it reaches the top of a slope:

I've switched to Godot because I was working on GM:S 2 and handling Tile Collisions was terrible. Maybe I don't really know how to use this engine properly, but I always have this problem. I've looked at many articles and videos but no solutions were convincing me. This article was very good but I can hardly understand how does it works. For the moment I want only 45° slopes (but maybe for futures projects there will be other angles).

If you have some tips on clarifications about this topic it could help me a lot. Thank you very much and have a nice day ! :)

Ca m'a l'air très sympa à regarder, j'y jetterais un œil dans la journée ;)

Hello porso !

I didn't tried to run a server directly, but the games created with Superpowers run very slowly. Too much for being playable, even with the maximum overclock. (Raspberry Pi 2)

But I think a server could run. I have to try too.

Thanks Michael for your answer,

I don't really know the reason, but after writing the function, it's working fine now. Maybe a typing error or something like that in my code ?

Well, I can finish to read it now x) I'll probably help to create a documentation in French when I'll get the time for. I stay connected !

Hello Michael !

Many thanks for your tutorial :D I've already followed the first one Super Pong, maybe a bit long but pretty useful ^^

I have a problem in the OXO tutorial: in the Global script, when I try to call the playSquare function the debugger said "Cannot find name 'playSquare'". Did I missed somewhere ?

I've also tried to put 'this' before, but it doesn't work. I can give you my script if you want to check it.

I'll be waiting for you help. See you next time ! =D

PS: If I can make a little suggestion: if we can have some explainations about the specific functions of Superpowers that could very helpful :)

PS2: Sorry for my bad English X_X

Hellow there !!

I'm Lucas, a french student in Video Game development in Strasbourg. I've discovered first CraftStudio before Superpowers was annouced, and I'm pretty happy to start work on it :)

So, I'll try to become a great Game Developer in the future and I need to work a lot. See you next time =D

PS: Sorry for my bad English :x