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I’d recommend starting with the Aseprite API documentation as well as looking through script examples. ✌️

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What version of Aseprite are you using? And could you attach a screenshot of the Brush Properties window with the settings you’re trying that don’t work?

Brush Properties will also work only for standard brushes, custom brushes are not supported.

I actually used another extension I made - Animation Suite. ✌️

I think that would be very easy to add, I’ll test it and add it to the to-do list for the next update. ✌️

Are you using standard brushes (dot/circle, line, square) or custom brushes?

Thank you, however, I don’t take commissions right now and I’m not sure I could add any more to this series - the inspiration ran out years ago for me. ✌️

Thanks, there are a lot of interesting Aseprite extensions from lampy, CarbsCode, Gasparoken and Mooosik, among many more you can find on itch alone!

I use Aseprite and VS Code solely to develop these extensions, and I don’t work on many projects besides that so my current toolset is a bit narrow, I did mess with Pixel FX Designer in the past and had a lot of fun though. ✌️

The beta branch version could be an issue here, I don’t think the extension was tested on it. The officially supported versions of Aseprite for this extension are the stable v1.2 releases and v1.3 release candidates (v1.3-rc1 and above).

You’re welcome, I hope you find them helpful ✌️

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I’m going to have to ask for more details in order to investigate this issue. Also, these extensions were not tested with unreleased versions of Aseprite built from the source.

Okay, that lines up - only the light variant was updated. I’ll release an official update today that will fix both variants. ✌️

Does it cause an error? Do the new options appear in the menu? Does clicking on the new options cause any response from the application?

This issue is most likely related to the font chosen for the theme. It’s one of the default ones but it seems to only work on Windows, I switched to a Unicode version of the Arial font. You can try the build here.

If this solves the problem, I’ll release it as an official update for the theme. ✌️

Most likely that’s due to your Aseprite version being too old and not supporting the necessary Lua API. If you’re able to, try updating to at least Aseprite v1.2.30, or best to v1.2.40.

It wouldn’t be an authentic experience without them ✌️

There’s already an extension for recording time-lapses - Record for Aseprite, by sprngr.

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My bad, I mixed up projects - I’ll investigate this, I think I have an idea what could be causing this.

Looping and ping-pong sound interesting, I’ll add them to my list of features to test! 🤔

Custom brushes work very differently from regular ones, they’d require custom implementation for scaling and rotation, and in my opinion, the results are rarely satisfying. I don’t have plans to do that at the moment.

That would be tricky, the complexity and computation time necessary to calculate this AND then turn the vector output back into raster graphics of a given resolution isn’t something I plan on tackling any time soon. 🤔

I removed (more like hid tbh) it intentionally, I didn’t think it was up to par with other algorithms.

I don’t think this issue was reported before, did you change the fonts using the extension or just the colors?

That’s good to know! ✌️

Perhaps your Aseprite version doesn’t support extension data. 🤔 What version are you using?

I’m not taking any commissions at the moment, however if you’d still like to contact me directly you can send me an email at kac.wozniak[at]

So I tried replicating the issue by centering the image tens of times in a row with no luck, neither in the stable version nor in the beta.

Are you using some other extensions at the same time by any chance?

I have plans for something like it, might be released as a big update for this extension or released as a new one. ✌️

There will be a full-on Dark Mode in the next update (around the end of this month). ✌️

Thanks for reporting the issue, I couldn’t seem to find a scenario that would reproduce this though. Do you have any more information that I could use to try and replicate this?

Thanks, I should probably do that for all of my asset packs - it’s been long overdue.

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Thanks for the feedback, there’s a big update planned that will change the UI of the Sprite Analyzer drastically, mostly mitigating the issue you mentioned.✌️


Dark Mode is actually in progress and will be out with an update in early June.

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There is an issue in Aseprite where dependent Lua files can’t load correctly if your path (usually it’s the Windows username) contains non-Latin characters.

It is something that I plan to address by packaging my extensions differently in the near future, in the meantime - I can send you a special build if you reach out to me in a Twitter DM or via email (kac.wozniak[at] ✌️

Yay, I’m glad it works!

What happens if you double-click on a theme variant in the properties?

Themes Tab

That’s really not good, what version if Aseprite are you using? When exactly does the crash occur?

I see, in the case of using 1440p display, I’d recommend using the 150% theme AND setting the screen scaling to 200%. This effectively gives you 300% scaling.

That is the correct behaviour, as all of the theme elements are already scaled up to 150%, in order for it to work it changes the screen scaling to 100%.

I hope that clarifies things ✌

I’m very glad ✌

It works exactly as you described, I’m working on an update that’s going to introduce an alternate mode where you can input speed of a layer directly - it looks like I overcomplicated it a bit with the “distance”. ✌