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Kacper Woźniak

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It's a simple trick of seamless room switching that I learned from Midnight Dungeon, you can download code and open the game in Bitsy to see for yourself. Smoke and mirrors. :)

I tried but this style is what works best for me and my art. :)

It's available under CC BY 4.0, I added a note in the description.

Interesting, thank you (late, I know) for sharing this. Tween should work with Aseprite 1.2.11 in version 1.0.1 of NxPA Studio.

Fixed in version 1.0.1

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed It! :) Any chance you could elaborate on the last puzzle? Was It too tedious?

Wow, I love how you fit together these sprites with background. Amazing!

Walking animation is 4 frames.

None are planned at this point in time.

Thank you so much!

I actually never released them - might do that at some point. :)

Any chance you could tell me what version of Aseprite you're using?

They are considered but they will not be released soon, that's for sure.

Contact me via Twitter @ThKasparrr or email kac.wozniak[at] and we can work this out. This issue happened before.

I can't tell will It work with RPGG Maker MV because I didn't use It.

It should work with any game engine that supports hex tiles.

Thank you :)

It's a available under CC BY 4.0 license.

Hi, all characters have only walk animations. :)

Yes, you can use It in a commercial project. I don't think there's a specific license in this pack right now, there was no need so far.

You can contact me via e-mail to clarify any details ( kac.wozniak[at] ).

Clean aesthetic, puzzles that reward exploration, very nice addition of secrets which assure you'll find something interesting around every corner.

Really enjoyed this game. :)

The best part of this joke is that you tagged It as a demake! :D

Great visuals with perfect colors, I like the style that uses static images.

I like how you made sidescrolling game in Bitsy, ladders work amazing. :)

Hi everyone,

My name is Kacper and I'm a pixel artist / IT student. I knew about Superpowers from Twitter but didn't try It out until couple of weeks ago. The fact that is a HTML5 game engine with such a nice editor, open source code and amazing potential convinced me to give It a shot and I'm very happy with that.

Is there a way to apply to a shader to the whole screen/canvas and not only to single sprites/tilemaps?