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Thank you very much, that was more than I needed to find and fix the issue. 🙏 Update to v1.0.3 fixes this.

Hi, thanks for reporting this.

Could you specify which colors had incorrect values? And in what circumstances did they change? On load? When changing colors?

All sprites are 16x16 pixels in size, and they use Pico-8 color palette.

Other animals are in a fully compatible, completely free pack. ✌

Okay, currently the script doesn’t handle layers in groups. It will result in the observed behaviour where frames are only copied.

I’m working on a fix for that.

There was no follow-up, but I personally found a bug the other day in this exact script.

When you encountered this issue were you attempting to add inbetween frames to a file with group layers?

You’re welcome ✌

Magic Pencil relies on events that were introduced in version 1.2.30, I believe the oldest version I tested this extension on was 1.2.35.

If you’d like to use this extention (and gor other reasons), I’d recommend to upgrade Aseprite to the newest, available version.

What version of Aseprite are you using? Do other extensions work for you?

As a last resort, if nothing helps you can go to your Aseprite preferences folder, delete the theme-preferences folder, and restart Aseprite.

This will hard delete the extension.

(I’ll add this instruction to a troubleshooting section)

As a last resort, if nothing helps you can go to your Aseprite preferences folder, delete the theme-preferences folder, and restart Aseprite.

This will hard delete the extension.

Awesome, thanks for letting me know ✌

Did you try installing the extension by opening it? What OS are you running Aseprite on?

I think it’s just down to experience - the more of them I make, the better they get and I hope to make even more in the future! ✌️

You’re welcome, I’m glad this functionality has more people that find it useful 😁

Does it persist after hitting F5? Minimizing the window? Restarting Aseprite?

This is a very odd issue, I can’t seem to reproduce it. 🤔 Do you use any specific settings in Aseprite? Any of the experimental ones?

Good question - I honestly wasn’t aware that Aseprite has this feature when I created the extension.

The difference is interaction with the timeline, natively Ctrl+Click will always select only the contents of the active frame on the clicked layer. My extension has a different approach and allows for selecting content of multiple cels, from multiple frames, from multiple layers at the same time - depending on what you have selected on the timeline.

Interesting, might I ask what version of Aseprite you’re using? Is it the newest one?

Did you try non-beta version (v1.2.39)?

You could try either:

  • Updating Aseprite to the newest version - v1.3-beta20 or v.1.2.39
  • Starting Aseprite as an administrator - this should give the application access to any part of your own file system (almost)

You could try running Aseprite as an administrator, and then open the extension file (or drag the extension file into the Aseprite window).

This should give Aseprite a lot more permissions to access files.

Are you running an, Steam or Humble version of Asperite?

If I understand correctly, you cannot access any other file in the same place as the extension file. This would point to this definitely being a file access/permissions issue.

You should try moving it to a different place, or change the permissions of the file so it’s executable by the current user.

You shouldn’t need to put the file in the scripts folder.

It does sound like a file access issue, can you load any other files into Aseprite that are on the same drive or in the same folder as the extension file?

Just routinely I’ll ask as well - what Aseprite version and OS version are you running?

Could you provide what the text of the error is? Or perhaps a screenshot of it?

Which part doesn’t seem to work for you? Could you provide the version of Aseprite and OS that you’re running?

I wish, I had auto-apply at some point but it didn’t work too well. Perhaps at some point I’ll find an implementation that wilp work as expected.

No worries ✌️

Exactly, all screenshots are from the included presets.

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v1.2.9 is a very old release that doesn’t support extensions, the current version is v1.2.37 and I would strongly recommend updating otherwise a lot of extensions (especially mine) might simply not work.

v1.3 beta however should’ve worked, did you have any luck with other extensions? If no extension works for you I’d recommend checking this thread as there were reported instances where Aseprite “loses” its configuration folder.

I see, Magic Pencil doesn’t have that but Aseprite itself has a built-in Blur Tool.

Blur Tool

I’m assuming that by atomisation you mean the simulated sand/water - they aren’t included in the Magic Pencil, they will be released separately in the future.

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I’m glad it works! 🎉

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The “Import Animation” can be disabled if you don’t have at least two sprites open as it imports from another, open sprite.

Is it possible this is your case?

From what I tested it shouldn’t clash with any other extension.

It works only on the active cel (or all selected cels), so it could not do anything if you have an empty cel active (or a group selected, as these are not supported yet).

Perhaps a classic restart of Aseprite could help?

Thanks ✌️

You’re welcome, I hope you’ll find it helpful ✌️

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I’m glad it works 😃 Thanks!

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You can try to:

  • Uninstall the extension first from Edit > Preferences > Extensions, it might throw this error, ignore it
  • Close and reopen Aseprite, make sure it’s removed in Prefer Edit > Preferences > Extensions
  • Try installing Magic Pencil fresh, v1.0.3 would be the best, this shouldn’t throw an error
  • Restart Aseprite and check does Magic Pencil appear in the Edit menu and does it work

If this doesn’t help, please provide:

  • Aseprite version
  • Operating system version I’ll try to investigate this issue further.

It sounds similar to an issue that others reported, you might find some help in this thread, summarised in this tweet, as well as this one.

Let me know if any of these help your situation.