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What version of Aseprite you’re using?

You can modify the sprites to suit your project. :)

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Thank you! :)

I thought about this but didn’t know how to integrate It with Aseprite’s UI. I guess simple inputs for the first and last frames will do.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll add these.

At this point, there are no plans to add more animations.

Overall - positive experience, I’d gladly play more. :)

I finally played the demo and here are my notes:

  • Graphics + Music = Great Mood, sprites (player, enemies, items, anything that players can interact with) could be a bit more saturated or brighter to distinguish them better from the background (perhaps It’s an issue only on my display?).
  • Nice idea with how the boss at the end blocks the path.
  • I was able to finish the demo without picking up the sword! But I think I had to deal the exact same number of hits to the boss?
  • Fighting human enemies is fairly unsatisfying because I couldn’t clearly see when they’re about to attack. Perhaps a little visual effect (flash, sparks) could help.
  • Animation for picking up items felt too slow and I had to stand right over them which made It a bit tricky.
  • I can leave an area by walking through the edge of the screen at any time but I can’t enter an area through a door when I’m fighting? Seemed odd to me.

Yes, there’s only one ending. I didn’t expect anyone to play this game more than once so I never thought of alternate endings.

Sorry for such a late response, I’m amazed that you were able to actually put these in Pico-8. :O It looks great and I hope to see that cart in-action some day. :)

I hope It met your expectations. :)

Could you send me a link to a file you’re having a problem with?

I’m glad you like this asset pack but I’m not taking currently commissions. :)


Did you try to restart Aseprite after installing the extension? I had to do this to make It appear in the View menu.

I'm glad you find It helpful! :)

Thanks for reporting this. I'm facing difficulties in fixing NxPA Studio - I was able to fix issues that arose from Aseprite changing scripting API (like the problem with scaling) but found a different bug. I'm not 100% sure is It an issue with the script or Aseprite Itself. I reported It on GitHub, waiting for a response.

Thank you :) I'm glad puzzles weren't too tedious.

Yes, Monster (singular) deals three damage, I wrote this to be played as a horror/exploration game with a lot of storytelling (if that makes any sense) so rules for combat are very few and probably a bit unfair.

You have only 3 attributes Body, Mind, and Senses. Your hit points are equal to your Body attribute and you can reroll dice as many times per game as your Mind attribute.

I never found a good way to describe this but I wanted the Guide to have a bigger role in the game, they could get some backstory or maps before the game If you want to play It as exploration/mystery or they could fill in descriptions for Narrator during the game If you want to go for more storytelling.

Thanks for asking and yes - you can do that, the license allows for adaptation for any purpose.

You take his key and then leave but yes, in short, that's exactly what happens.

Each frame is 20px x 20px, there is no additional spacing between frames.

Thank you very much. The robots don't have animations, they have an extra frame to express some movement when idle.

The labirynth is a brilliant use of limited tools that are available in a Bitsy engine.

Now I want to make a new Bitsy game, I have some ideas noted since forever. :)

Thank you, I can't believe my work inspired someone to create! Using three chained colors was very useful but also added extra work to manage all sprites.

Also, I just played Vermilion Fall and I loved It. You composed your own great music, your dialogs were so much better than mine and I was amazed by the genius idea with partially visible corridors/labyrinth. Respect for the use of colors and the story. :)

This script works best when you split your animation into multiple layers. If this would be a character animation the best approach would be to have every limb on a different layer.

I'm glad you found the script helpful. :)

All frames are in the ZIP file, I admit that this package is not organized perfectly.

Idle is the first frame (only one), for walk animation you have to use frames 1,2,1,3 in this order, punch animation is the only straightforward here and again the dead animation is the last frame (only one, also).


It's a simple trick of seamless room switching that I learned from Midnight Dungeon, you can download code and open the game in Bitsy to see for yourself. Smoke and mirrors. :)

I tried but this style is what works best for me and my art. :)

It's available under CC BY 4.0, I added a note in the description.

Interesting, thank you (late, I know) for sharing this. Tween should work with Aseprite 1.2.11 in version 1.0.1 of NxPA Studio.

Fixed in version 1.0.1

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed It! :) Any chance you could elaborate on the last puzzle? Was It too tedious?

Wow, I love how you fit together these sprites with background. Amazing!

Walking animation is 4 frames.

None are planned at this point in time.

Thank you so much!

I actually never released them - might do that at some point. :)

Any chance you could tell me what version of Aseprite you're using?