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Loved this! The graphics are charming and the whole setup reminds me of MGS VR Missions, which is always a happy trigger for me.

I wanna play it, but it does not launch. The error points to file corruption.

I really dig this. With a little more polish it could have such a fantastic game feel.

Hey! This is a nice looking game.
I got to a point where the target simply wasn't in the lineup.

Something a 90's dad would obsess over at the family's dos pc ♥

I was obsessed with this game's aesthetic when I was little. I used Microsoft paint to create a multitude of scenes where Stanley faced many foes. Such an important part of my childhood alongside LBA2.

Wonderful! This tool will be so handy in my classrooms! Thank you, David!✌

I simply adore the feel of this game. Played a lot on my phone in the past. Glad I found you!

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Games as a medium for exploration of liminal spaces, such as this, should be more widespread!

There should be more clay-based-graphics in this world!

Had some fun, love the idea and simple controls. With a bit more polish and level design, I believe this can be grat!

Você é uma inspiração.

This was cool. Made me go down memory lane on the whole mysticism games once imposed for me, and how their technical deliberations communicated something almost subliminar about conjuring relatable fantasy.

This was awesome. A marvelous re-discovery of these genres through such a simple concept (in hindsight)!

It's as if this new iteration could have came about independently from either sokoban or Conways's without the other ever existing prior.

A cerebral game by nature.

Such a nice little thing.

Got back and went through again, finished the game! I love it, wish there was more, the machanics are fun to play with.

I got to the part where I rescue the little clown fellow, but I don't have the kick! Am I stuck forever?

Great game, by the way! One of my Sokpop favorite!

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Goblet Cave translated spelunk in a way I didn't know I needed! It's aready one of my favorite games of Sokpop.

Said that, It would be awesome to see some quality of life improvements:

   -Rope toss is iffy, off-centered.

   -Ladder and girder placement is finnicky  to the point of rendenring them    useless sometimes.

   -Bombs are too underpowered to be of real value.

Besides those, there's some bugs that are really frustrating after investing time in the cave:

   -As mentioned below, Player movement slowdowns sometimes, seriously    hindering maneuverability.

   -Sometimes the dialog for bringing back sons is not triggered (I've never    been able to deliver all three because of this).

   -Cave gen sometimes made entry-less starts, making me worried that    there's no garanteed path to the Goblet (I never found it). Considering    rubies are a finite source, I got stuck with no way of buying more bombs to    keep looking even after hitting bedrock.

I'm a Patreon supporter, never been to anything else but for Sokpop. I'm very hopeful of this one getting a second treatment, simply because it's so much fun.

You better...

Just finished it. I wasn't expecting it to be so ambitious!

How's your journey going?

I'll do! Couldn't complete the game, but certainly would play again in a more polished build!

Sorry, it was a typo. Meant to say (Shinny Enterteinment's) MDK. Do you know it? There were some pretty interesting enviromental designs in this odd game.

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The platform design and shiny surfaces reminded me of MDK, which for me is a win!

Awesome! Love the aesthetics and mission briefings. If only made the controls more responsive, could be somethig that I'd sink hours on challenges.

This is great! Love the narrative and level design. Said that, I had too much troubletraversing some obstacles and had to give up.

I went after the github download and simply couldn't find it. 

Loved it! As someone that has always been overjoyed with Kojima's holistic mechanics (that transcend gamespace), loved the whole vibe and resolution of this game!