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I love Attica. She's my wife now.

We only support English

Luna Engine isn't plug and play. You will need to set up your yml files or make sure to follow the manual.

Once the update is up, you will get the upgrade for free.

Thank you Benny! 

... I hope we can finish it soon too

Aaa, thank you so much!!

Thank you!

Aaa thank you ryuu :3c

Thank you!

omg Harm thank you ;w;

Sorry, it isn't yet!

Hi, yes we are planning to do update and we have a discord channel for Stella Character Generator. Currently, we're working on making the editor better.

Yup we just released them!

We made it multiplatform and a lot faster when recoloring!

Here you go:

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The Grid is 72x72 so it will allow you to create crazy props for them (e.g. massive wings etc.). You need a lot of space for that.

And this is related to the style of the character sprites which are tall sprites. Not 1 head chibi. The videos and screenshots on our various packs already show them working with 48x48 tiles. If you are exporting Single Character Sheets (3x4) instead of a Full Character Sheet (12x8) you will need to add $ on the prefix of your filenames (e.g. $Filename).

The Manual shows you how to create your own templates in the JSON file to load RPG Maker generator sprites if you really want to.

However, we have no plans on ever making RPG Maker MV/MZ RTP-style graphics as they are KADOKAWA's property.

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Yep. I wanted to see what'll happen if I stress her out to the max haha. I did mention I spam work button but it probably wasn't obvious ;;

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Hello! I played this game for the first time. I tried pressing work immediately until her stress maxed out. She wasn't doing anything. And then yeets herself out of the window. I'm playing SFM Simulator Final. Itch won't let me post this comment with pics for some reason.

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Hello!  It's 32x32 assets :D

So sorry for the late reply, but once we have done more definitely!

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Hello Max and Thank you!  Sorry for the late reply.

We added a EULA on both versions and that any asset you bought in the Steam version can only be used in RPG Maker. If you bought it in, it's going to be engine free. The pack in also gets updates because the money goes directly to us instead of   dividing it with 3 publishers. 

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Hi latone88, 

The steam version includes shares from KADOKAWA/DEGICA/STEAM and has a different   license from our direct store (Steam version is RPG Maker only, Itch.Io version is engine-free). The "updates" are for the people that bought directly from our store, it's not just faces but a new set of tiles that fit the fantasy pack we had too. RPG Maker Web have the same deal that if you buy directly from the  RM store some resource packs have exclusive assets  as a thanks for the direct support.

Because of said circumstances, I'm afraid I can't give you a copy of the version. I hope our explanation makes sense. 

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Luna Engine MV is only for RPG Maker MV. It's even on the name. For the VisuStella stuff please read the front page of the store to find other tech support or read the page where to submit your bug reports.

Luna Engine Base should work by default. 

Have you tried turning off scripts one by one and try saving/loading to see if it errors? With that amount of plugins even for us that's really difficult to tell.

Hi ZeroBeat, can you join our discord here?

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Hi @Zoi, when you open Luna Engine MV sample itself does it also return this error for you?

Also this error is when your index.html isn't properly set up. Can you show us how you set it up?? Please don't give us vague bug reports.

Hey guys please download this!

Replace the sceneshop yml and unzip the shop_menu zip into the shop_menu folder in img/systems. It should be fixed now!

We're going to update the download. Thank you very much :>

We're looking into this!

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I really wish you didn't post it in github since this plugin is not public nor under MIT. That explains why some people have been messaging me about this.

Sorry for the late reply, I had to recheck our code. We do not have it on the box, but if you use a plugin that has it and Luna engine works nicely with it, it should work.

Even people who describe nominative fair use suggest that you get permission first when you can as it carries certain risks. We don't want to be associated with certain people if necessary that is why we require permission. 
E.g. but not limited to:

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Nintendo used to make LEGO compatible toys And LEGO refused it. 

I rather not argue about this. That is stated in our EULA and please just respect our wishes. If you  refuse to comply we reserve the right under store policy to refuse service of a product. And that effectively revokes the product agreement.

You can make your own assets and make it for your own  personal use. But if you're planning to sell it with the generator or planning to advertise that it is compatible with our software, you will have to get our permission first.