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Even people who describe nominative fair use suggest that you get permission first when you can as it carries certain risks. We don't want to be associated with certain people if necessary that is why we require permission. 
E.g. but not limited to:

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Nintendo used to make LEGO compatible toys And LEGO refused it. 

I rather not argue about this. That is stated in our EULA and please just respect our wishes. If you  refuse to comply we reserve the right under store policy to refuse service of a product. And that effectively revokes the product agreement.

You can make your own assets and make it for your own  personal use. But if you're planning to sell it with the generator or planning to advertise that it is compatible with our software, you will have to get our permission first.

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It is not possible because the function just doesn't exist. We could implement it but that is not feasible for us from a budget perspective and the amount of work that is involved with the request. So that's why it's not possible.

Hi Treynor, 

Thank you for the feedback! We'll look into your first two suggestions and think about what we can do to improve the experience.

As for the sprite sizes, we actually do have 16x16 sprites already done! We're just setting it up for the generator as a free update. It was just taking too long. :)

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No it's not possible. It affects how our images are generated for the short answer. Is there a reason why you need it that way?

We already released the generator here :D

That's strange, I've seen some german accounts able to buy here. Maybe try asking Sorry I am not sure how much I can be of help :(

Thank you <3

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We're glad that you're liking the software!
We actually DO have some planned free updates amongst some of the DLC we intend to release (gotta feed ourselves). Please look forward to them.

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Hi! Thank you for the post. I'm still reading but this stood out to me:

My suggestion would be to have a preset character built with each layer labeled according to the type of part, then have the ability to add more layers of select parts on top of or underneath the existing parts.

This does exist! It's called Sample Characters folder. Just load the JSON file and it will have a sample character with layers and all! The coloring system is explained in the documentation, but those are the color masks associated to recolor a specific part. The colors are also reused for every part so it's just named that way for consistency's sake.

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This is even with running as administrator? Others seem to have installed it OK though.

Thank you for the feedback! I'll look into the offset and see what we can do about that as well

Hi jaycobi, the pillars are just placed in a 48x48 grid. I am unsure how Unity tilemap works sadly so I cannot say for certain on how to emulate the effect. I'm still trying to learn the software and haven't encountered the tile editor yet.

Hi Jaycob, yes we have additional animations and enemies in mind! We're currently working on a character generator. :)

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Hello friends, 

This thread will contain all the necessary info and tutorials to work with Stella Character Generator.


❉ Official Documentation / Video Tutorial


❉ Discord Channel

Server dedicated to Visustella-related projects. It is mostly consisted of project devlogs and previews. We will provide Luna Engine support when able, especially since it's in Early Access. Feel free to join in!


❉ Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: My antivirus / malware software says that the exe is dangerous. Is there a virus? 

A: It's a false positive. The software is completely safe. Please whitelist it so it won't be deleted or quarantined. 

Q2: Can I create and/or edit  my own parts?
A:  Yes. But you are not allowed to distribute this engine and any of the graphics, edited or otherwise as a resource for anyone else. Please read the EULA for legal implications. 

Q3: Can I create my own parts and sell it with this software? 
A: No. Please contact us if you have any interest in doing so and need permission. We can discuss it. 

Q4: Where are the side-view sprites?  

A: Currently, the Visustella Sideview sprites are a work in progress and are not available with the default Stella Character Generator. We are looking to provide Sideview sprites in the future also! 

Q5: When will SV battlers be added?
A: These are the next item on our list of priorities are we are hoping to release it as DLC in the very near future. 

Q6: Can the characters I make be used in commercial projects?
A: Yes, all the assets can be used in commercial and non-commercial projects. We only ask that they are not distributed as a separate entity in the form of their original parts, or sold with the intention of making money from their distribution. You may also not share edits with other users. Please read the EULA for full details. 

Q7: Is this for an RPG Maker Engine only?
A: It's engine-free. The sprites will fit VX, VX/A and MV, but you can format them differently if you want to use them for something else. 

Q8: I would like to see more clothing options.
A: We have a very long list of Downloadable Content we will be looking to release in regular instalments, so please stay tuned! 

Q9: Will I have to pay for DLC?
A: Some DLC will be paid content, but we will also be releasing free updates along the way too. 

Q10: What kind of tiles can I use this with?
A: The portraits can be used with pretty much any tiles. The sprites were made to fit the VisuStella tiles which you can find here:
We're also working on expanding the VisuStella tiles. They may also fit with other pixel styles, but we haven't tested it with others just yet. 

Q11: Will there be more body types?
A: We're working on new body types right now, and hope to release them very soon. 

Q12: Why is everything zoomed in so far? 

A:  This happens if you have your DPI set to anything above 100%  for accessibility reasons, or if using a device like a laptop.   You can change it to 100% in your Display settings.

can you edit this and put it in pastebin or something. It doesn't tell me your indentation and stuff in a whole config file.

We don't know and don't have any plans to support.

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I can't help you if you don't show your config files. Did you put components on the right section?

Read your error log:

YAMLException: bad indentation of a mapping entry at line 1048, column 3

It says it right there. That you have wrong indentation on that specific line and column. Remember from the documentation stating that YAML is very sensitive to spacing.

Hi Wizzord, you should at least know how RPG Maker Windows are drawn. The VXA version is a lot easier than this at least. You can also check our videos + documentation and see if it's easy for you to understand.

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F12 is the Console menu. It should look like this:

We just tested and it works. Are you sure it's not because of another plugin you have?

Use another windowskin with that removed.

try going with a different command to unlock achievement.

You downloaded the new one right? And honestly I don't know how else to help you since we tested it and it works fine. Another user has a problem because they used the wrong greenworks/steam sdk.

I also meant if the game is uploaded with these tests in steamworks.

Did you  upload in steamworks?

Does this happen on a vanilla project as well?

Yup there is both genders!

Yep definitely! we're almost done with it :D

I feel like I have to mention the obvious here, the report is vague. I need your plugin list. We also provide limited compatibility support since supporting every plugin out there would be impossible.