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Hi again , and Happy New Year!

I've uploaded an updated demo for my eldritch-Lovecraftian beat'em up. 'Gods from the Abyss'.

It features a new camera zoom effect, and a new type of enemy, the sectarian suicidal bomber. Also more little bugs fixed here and there.

There are downloadable versions for Windows and Linux, get them here:

And enjoy!

Cool video!


Hi!. I am happy to announce that I have released a new demo for my eldritch / Lovecraftian beat'em up.

The demo features the two first levels of the game, and it's a classical arcade beat'em up in the style of Double Dragon, Golden Axe, TMNT, etc. You can get it here:

Below here is a gameplay video. If you like it, try the demo, and if you enjoy it, stay tuned for the release of the full version. The game is almost finished, and I want to release it early at 2023.


Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

¡Gracias! :D

And another update! Now there is a virtual keyboard to enter your name in the scoreboard with mobile devices. Also Pomi can navigate a bit better.

Yeah, I will take account of this ^_^

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Another update! Now the game is playable (roughly) in mobile devices. I know that is not the best user-friendly app for mobile, maybe in the future I could add a virtual joystick or similar. For now it works like playing with the mouse, just touch over the direction you want to go.

NOTE: I'm working in the highscores for touch devices, as now you can't insert your name :c

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UPDATE! I have added support for mouse, it's not perfect, as the game initailly is designed to be played with the keys, but works faily good :D

Now I have to work in the touch events to play with mobile devices.

Hi! I've just published my first complete HTML5 game, is a casual exploration game set in the old labyrinth of the Templars.

I hope you like it, and I'd love to hear your comments. Have fun!

It's possible to change the blend mode (PIXI.BLEND_MODES) of a tile, or for a given depth set of tiles?

In next versions of the tilemap editor, it could be nice to select the blend modes of the layers to make light and shadows maptiles.

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I have noticed that it is possible to add more than one tile in the same position and depth. I think it would be better if when placing a tile in one position for a given depth, it deletes the previous one in that depth, to avoid duplicating more than one tile unintentionally, what do you think?

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I don't know if my download is corrupted but I've tried it two times. The new physics example for version 1.6.0 has a image broken (the star one), and it gives an error.

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After five years from the release of "Crazy Steam Bros 2", I think that it's time to release the game totally free.

It's an arcade shoot'em up set in an steampunk world, you can see the trailer here:

And you can download it totally free from here:

There are versions for Windows, macOS and Linux. The game is released as is, it should work without hassle but I can't assure it.

If you are interested in my actual projects, you can follow me at Twitter.

Hope you enjoy it! Bye!

Thanks! :D

Really nice animations! congratulations to the artist :D

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Hi there!

I'm proud to release the alpha demo of my actual project, "Gods from the Abyss".

It's a 2.5D beat'em up set in an eldritch / lovecraftian world. The gameplay is inspired in classic arcade games like "TMNT", "Golden Axe", "FInal Fight", etc, and is playable locally by one or two players, with keyboard or gamepads.

I'm looking for feedback, as I want to make as good as I can. I'm interested in your toughts about gameplay and performance. The demo lacks a lot of things that I want to add to the final game, but the general gameplay is basically completed.

If you want to try it, there are downloads available for Windows, macOS and Linux at the itch,io page:

And here is a little video of the gameplay in case you want to see the game in action before downloading it:

Thanks and have fun!

Hi! I'm Ruben, I'm from Spain, and I've just discovered SuperPowers. I'm an "old school" gamer / developer , and I have used other engines like GameMaker, Monkey-X , Stencyl and Godot. I also make illustrations, comics (you can see it here) and music. I have some Flash-web games published, and even a Greenlighted game in Steam! Now I'm heading to make web games again, and this is why I've chosen to try Superpowers. I hope this is a wise choice! :D