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Bug thread Locked

A topic by Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych created Jul 30, 2018 Views: 1,351 Replies: 44
This topic was locked by Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych Apr 06, 2021

Forum at is now obsolete.

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If you face a bug, please post about it here,

  • telling when and after which actions you got the bug so I can reproduce it on my side;
  • posting a screenshot (if possible);
  • telling whether the bug happens in a new, clean project;
  • telling which version of ct.js you have and on which platform.

You can find the version number on the app's starting screen, at the bottom of the screen.

v0.3.0 -  cannot set frame rate in the spritesheet. It keeps reset it back to 10.


Hello there,

I fixed it on my side, but the next release will be at nearest on the next week.
Still, this panel:

is just a preview and doesn't affect the actual project. The real animation speed is set by code. You can write this line of code to the 'On Create' tab to set an animation speed for a specific type:

this.imgspd = 15 / ct.speed;

Here '15' is a desired number of frames per second. This field and others may be also found in the docs > ct.types > Copies' parameters.

Thanks. I will check that.

Also when I check the 'Compress HTML & JS' in the export options, when I run the project it will throw an error, I don't remember I think its 'punc((...'  something.


Good memory! Still better make a screenshot next time ;)

The current JS compressor is indeed old and doesn't support ES6 (shame on UglifyJS) that is quite widely used in ct.js. Anyway I plan to replace it with Google Closure Compiler while adding a packing-to-executables feature. Maybe I'll release GCC integration as a hotfix this week.

there is an alternative to uglify which support/build basically for ES6, its terser.  Link =>


Thanks, will give it a shot! I didn't know about terser. It looks like a small, almost dependency-free solution.

Aaaand it turned out that google-closure-compiler-js has been deprecated/merged into google-closure-compiler just 2 days ago, and after trying to get bundle size of google-closure-compiler on the service went offline, so I think the size of it is really a killer 😳

Yeah. For me bundlephobia gives me a BuildError.

Might be a good alternative

If I'm not wrong babel is just transpiler/compiler, we have to use other packages for minify/bundling process like webpack, rollup or parcel.


After thinking about it I removed terser and added google-closure-compiler-js again. It has been packing ct.js itself for a long time, so I think it is quite production-ready. (There is a LOT of JavaScript in ct.js, including 3rd-party libraries.)

My games and ct.js demos also turned out to be fully working if compiled to ES5 and compressed with its tool. It will come out this week, I think. There is still some work with internal game debugger and packing awaiting.


I can not delet in any project a room, I tested it on two projects, and after pressing the delete button, the room is still there


Thanks for reporting! I fixed it; the fix will come with a nearest release.

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v 0.3.0

Strokes in shadows

Developer (1 edit)

This is an expected behaviour and a part of HTMLCanvas specs. Shadows apply to everything, including strokes or images.

If you need to, say, disable shadow after drawing a filled shape, you can write this:

ct.draw.rectangle(10, 10, 50, 50, false);
ct.x.shadowColor = 'transparent';
ct.draw.rectangle(10, 10, 50, 50, true);
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v 0.3.0 backgrounds dont work

im tryng to put  a png image in background, but dont work.


Seems that I'll need to release a hotfix earlier than I thought .-. Some tiny things got broken after introducing git-friendly projects, but are invisible in existing projects.
This one is fixed, await release

v 0.3.0 "delete" instead "confirm" in depth editor.

v 0.3.0 delete graphics don't work

Obs: after importing a new image, the image that should have been deleted is overwritten by the imported image.


Technically it is just UI not refresing =) Fixed; the release will come in about an hour, I guess

Goodjob! The mini Jam started, and i want use the ctjs to makes some Fun game :D


Wow :) Good luck! And the hotfix is live and is available on atm

Hi, is it possible to save a project in a specified directory? I'm getting an error on my macbook because it is trying to save in a read-only file system. I'll try to post the full error message here later:

Error: EROFS: read-only file system, mkdir

'/private/var/folders/*series of characters/numbers/T/AppTranslocation/*series of characters/numbers/* series of numbers*/njws'


Um, have you installed ct.js in your system in some way? I haven't faced handling such apps on macs before and thought that the app will be just extracted to some folder. And could use some more information to help mitigate this problem in future versions of ct.

And yes, you can copy your project to any directory and open it with a Browse button on the starting screen. As a workaround, here is an empty ct.js project:

I found the same problem i was able to get further with the empty project but now am unable to create a room 

Developer (1 edit)

Ok, so today I've set up a VM with Mojave, but was able to run a simple project and compile examples on v1.0 (though I don't have any additional video support and what I get is a flickering black screen :D but I can see that game logic runs and can interact with it).

I just downloaded ct.js for mac from the official site and run it from within Downloads folder.

Do you run v1? What else is written if you open the dev tools with the context menu? Any other info you can provide?

I just discovered this gem of a game engine and immediately fell in love with it. The workflow is very fluent and easy to grasp. Kudos to you. :)

Found a few issues :

1) Space Shooter Tutorial:

The degrees for left and right are swapped in the Space Shooter tutorial (see the "Tip" section with the coordinate system circle). It should be 0° for right and 180° for left.

2) Room editor Tileset:

If you create a room and click on "Find a tileset", you get stuck in the search window with no way back to the room editor if you haven't yet created any tilesets. A back button is missing. ( (alpha channel))

3) ct.js license:

I am not a lawyer but I think the current license prevents games from being released under viral open source licenses like the GPL. Since the game logic gets included into the same file as the engine itself. A game released under GPL would automatically change the license of ct.js to GPL too, which infringes your license. Having the game code in a separate JavaScript file would solve this issue I think.

By the way, have you thought about releasing ct.js under an Open Source license? I see that you want to give the users the freedom to release their games under any license they want and also protect the work you put into the game engine and IDE against third parties who would use it to make money. But there are Open Source licenses out there which prevent just that while giving the users the freedom to release their games under any license they choose. Furthermore other developers could help you with the development of the game engine and IDE. What do you think?


1st and 2nd: Thanks for reporting, I fixed it and these changes will come in a nearest update.

3rd, the license: I'm not a lawyer either ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ So creating a license is a way of trial and error for me.

But it is meant that the engine files combined with yours ones are licensed under your own terms:

I will think about how to make this section more clear and readable. Actually, there are four entities: ct.IDE, the Software, the ct.js library (the engine), Your Content and user-made modules (aka catmods). ct.IDE is immutable, the ct.js lib is ok to edit, and your content and user-generated modules should be licensed by their makers.

3rd again, the OSS: the main reason that it is not open-source is that everyone wants money ✨ and I would like to monetize ct.js in some way, but also in a non-restricting (for users) one. I understand that FOSS can be monetized, too, by rewards, pledges, Patreon, donations and stuff, but this all is new to me and I'm unsure on how to do it properly. So it is not actually about licensing, as I can make my own license if I need, or just go with GPL-3.

I will make it FOSS when I will think I'm ready, but not now. Maybe it will be OSS some day, maybe it will never ever be. If you have such experience and have a story to tell, you can speed up this process.

Hi, I found a bug inside "Jetty Cat" example, but I got the same bug when I created new clean project. It's PIXI component.

So: when I play game (click on play from ct.js editor) everything is fine. But when I compile for web I can't see PIXI text. Text is there, I can see font stroke, but there is no text. Here all screenshots:

This one is fine - run from ct.js editor.

But now look exported:

Same project. I tried this inside Brave stable and Firefox stable. 

Here you can see options:

ct.js version is v1.3.1


Seems like a browser’s bug, but I need to look into it closely first.

Please post this issie at github so it gets tracked:

Don't run


One of our users had a really long loading time at the first launch, counting to minutes. But it did load and was fast after that :D

In any case, check your antivirus settings as they can dissect ct.js for a long time, preventing it from loading.

Thank you! I disable antivirus. 

(I bad know Elnglish)


Don’t forget to turn the antivirus on later! 😜

Hi, I tried exporting one of the example projects as a Windows .exe and wound up with this message log, failing the build:

Exporting the project…
Adding desktop resources…
Preparing build metadata…
Baking icons…
Ready to bake packages. Be patient!
Building for windows…
Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, rename 'C:\Users\GEORGH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\electron-packager\win32-x64\JettyCat-win32-x64\electron.exe' -> 'C:\Users\GEORGH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\electron-packager\win32-x64\JettyCat-win32-x64\JettyCat.exe'

There's neither an electron.exe nor a JettyCat.exe present in that location. Any idea?

Try the Nightly build, we updated the packager recently. Remove the folder C:\Users\GEORGH~1\AppData\Local\Temp\electron-packager\win32-x64\ prior to running the export again.

It's working, thanks! Great work btw!

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I am currently using Ct.js 1.4.2 on Windows 64-Bit machine. According to the Room Editor when Ctrl is pressed while  clicking the copies will be deleted but many times it fails. I have to move the cursor while left clicking it continuously for deleting.

So I figured out that the cursor need to be placed near the point where the copy starts (i.e Roughly around the 0, 0 position) but it would be more convenient if the copies were deleted when the cursor is placed over them while pressing Ctrl.

(1 edit)

I tried to build a Windows executable for a sample game and ct.js crushed without any error message.

Ah version 1.5 for windows presents problems for me, in some cases when trying to run the program it does not open, it is possible to see its processes in the task manager.
The same happens sometimes when closing the program, keeping its processes open, even consuming up to 1.5gb of ram.
In those cases, there is only one option I find and to finish the processes manually! I would like to report this bug, thanks for reading!


This is a regression in an upstream dependency — a framework on which ct.js is based on. Stuff that cannot be easily fixed or replaced.

The issue in the upstream repo is at

And really disheartening!
But I can ignore that fact, thank you!

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I don't know if my download is corrupted but I've tried it two times. The new physics example for version 1.6.0 has a image broken (the star one), and it gives an error.


Hi there! This issue is fixed in v1.6.2; I’ve released it today.

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