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All the frustration of parachuting in PUBG without the loading times :P Great job really though man!

Just saw this, awesome job and thanks for implementing!! :)

There's other streamers for phones which I think are free or cheaper (maybe even for Vive and Occulus too?) that support SBS out of the box too, so that should be a solution that works with most rendering-wise.

As for taking input, the Trinus plugin is just one of probably many different ways of getting the Gyroscope information back to the app. I think I've heard KinoVR works well, but not sure how that would be implemented in Unity.

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HTC Vive definitely looks like the best PC-VR gear.

Google Cardboard viewer-to-PC support shouldn't be too hard to add through Unity with a free plugin like Trinus (a fairly popular method of streaming from desktop to cardboard and getting gyroscope data back/etc.): https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/43781

Even just rendering SBS (Side-By-Side) there's other streaming apps that take care of it from there.

Perhaps it could even eventually run natively as an Android app with a bluetooth controller like the MOGA Pro (should have decent performance considering the hardware of newer phones? Eg: I can run Quake 1 in VR at a high speed on an LG G4, Open Arena, open source Quake 3, even runs on it although at a lower framerate).

Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply!

Looks great! Any chance of this getting future VR support in some way? (eg: Being able to walk around it while playing on a Vive or general accelerometer tracking to tilt at different angles as the viewer leans in their seat?)

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Unfortunately it looks like it's an issue outside of SuperPowers itself that happens on XP and Vista :( https://discuss.atom.io/t/shell-notifyicongetrect-shell32-dll-error-on-vista/20159/3

Yep! I can access it from my local area network.

Did you set up the Password in the apps SETTINGS tab on the server computer?

Also, check your computer firewall isn't blocking ports 4237 and 4238!

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No router is needed if you are only trying to use it from the same computer that Superpowers is running on you can double click "My Server" in the app, or open your browser to from that computer

Otherwise, to access it from another computer, you will still keep "My Server" in the app on the server as the IP, but you will need some kind of modem or router or switch attached to that computer to another:

1. Switch (local network) - There's no DHCP in the average switch-only device so you assign the IP addresses to any device connected manually, then open the browser on other computers to http://ip.of.the.server:4237/ (or add that as a server on the app from those computers)

This only works in a local network though, not through the Internet. Still, could be cool having a 24 computer LAN party!

2. Modem direct connection (online) - Connect the computer running Superpowers directly to the modem. Then connect from other Internet-connected devices again by going to http://ip.of.the.server:4237/ with a browser or adding it as a server on the other computer.

If your provider gives more than one public IP you can put a switch between the modem and router and then give it one of the public IPs, not sure if it would be assigned automatically from the modem or something you manually assign (this probably would not work this way if, like many, your modem and router are combined such as an ADSL router, not sure what you would do there sorry!)

Putting your desktop directly on the Internet is dangerous! Routers are handy for hiding your actual computer and their firewalls for blocking hazardous traffic. Putting a personal computer directly on the web like this is not a great option generally.

3. Router (online/local) - Connect your desktop running Superpowers to the router as normal, then port-forward 4237 and 4238 on the router settings to the IP of your desktop in the local network eg: 192.168.0.x (I think for just TCP, but maybe also UDP?).

Then you can find a "what is my ip" website on that computer and write down its public/Internet IP, then from the other computers you can go to http://your.public.ip.address:4237/ to connect

Local users (devices on the same router connection) should generally be able to connect directly to the http://192.168.0.x:4237/ IP though too.

4. Direct connection to another computer: You could get a cross-over cable (might not be needed if both computers have gigabit ports) to link two computers directly together with one ethernet cable. The server computer still goes to while the other computer goes to the IP of the server (remember the :4237)

Also, I believe you will need to set the "Server password" in the app's SETTINGS tab on the desktop running the Superpowers server in order to use it remotely!

Hope that all helps! :)

Sure! I only have my webcam handy right now so the image quality isn't great is bad, but here are the images of using the editor, running games, playing them, etc for Hunt The Yeti, Fat Kevin, and Murder at the Residence Gudul: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6bdK-M-pP...

I also figured if I'm taking pictures, why not video? :D

And wow thanks for the quick fix! Looking forward to the next update :)

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I've noticed that Microsoft's new browser Edge seems to run the Superpowers editor well from both desktop and my Xbox One, but the preview pane/scene editor and etc all are extremely small in height (say 20% or less of the height is used) while the left panel for project files and settings is full-sized.

Other than that, it seems to work great! I am able to build and run the games on Edge (even from Xbox One, with sound, 3D models, textures, and etc all working fine!) but once exported to HTML5 and run from another source, say DropBox, it starts to act up with missing textures and freezing during load on the Xbox One.

Thanks again for this great tool! :D

Edit: One thing that doesn't work on Xbox One (and possibly desktop as well) in the runtime is music, which is probably due to the format being not supported by Edge. Other than that, I was able to play Hunt The Yeti, Murder at the Residence Gudul, and Fat Kevin without any issues (Fat Kevin takes a bit of a performance hit) as well as other examples and demo projects!

Hi! I'm Jayjay :) I'm also a self-taught game developer/programmer and have been playing with various game development tools as old as Clickteam's Klik'N'Play.

I bought Craft Studio but with University and work I didn't get much time to toy with it, so I'm really excited that Superpowers went free & open source, as I'm hoping to work together with some classmates on making games collaboratively!

To the devs at Sparklin Labs I just want to say thanks very much for making this amazing tool, and even more so for sending it out into the world as FOSS! :D