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Space Raider - Event HorizonView game page

Shoot down ships in the middle of a Black Hole
Submitted by GeloKaiser (@gelokaiser) — 3 days, 16 hours before the deadline
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Godot Version

Game Description
Shoot ships in the middle of a Black Hole

WASD - Move (Tank controls), LMB - Shoot

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You watch my play test for feedback.  And, wow, my hears were hurting from the missile sounds :/, but overall I liked it. 


Pretty neat. the mechanics are basic, but it works well enough. And while the sound is pretty loud, it provides good feed-backs, and conveys well the retro aesthetic of the game.


This totally took me back to my Atari days and my grandmother yelling at me to turn down the TV because the sound effects were driving her mad. Ha! I enjoyed the whole aesthetic of this game. I did find it pretty difficult, very fast. The rate of fire felt a bit too slow for me. I'm not sure if anything shows up later (since I die pretty fast), but some collectibles that change the ship and weapon properties could help shake up the strategy of defending the hole.


This is fun! I really like the Atari-type sound when you blow up an enemy ship; it can get a little loud if you kill a bunch of enemies in a row though. It also would have been cool to see a consequence for contacting the black hole, rather than just being able to travel over it.


Good game, but I would change slow rotation of ship to fast rotation and inertia. It will create interesting strategies. Also game is very very loud!


I too find myself reaching for the mute button like the others here. The enemies really like to swarm! That's said, creds for finishing a game more than 3 days ahead of the deadline.


I liked the graphics and the space battle at the event horizon theme going on. The game needed more gameplay though, maybe a clearer end goal. And it was also super loud but that's not a big deal. Overall I think it's a cool game. Good work.


The sound effects were too loud for me, especially when explosions stack on top of eachother. It was also hard to control and there were so many enemies.


I like how they just gang up on you if you stay still! :P I liked it! Audio was very fitting and satisfying.


The only real strategy seems to be to circle around the black hole while continuously shooting; it would be nice if you could play with a bit more finesse. The sound effects are quite grating, especially when they layer on top of one-another. Being able to choose one of three ships is a nice touch, though.