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Glad you've been working on this still.


Thanks anyway.

Fantastic short game. 

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Your a god sent, I shared this in the Official facebook group. Thanks again.

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Hi, a team mate asked me to buy this. Is there a multi seat license I have to account for, or can I just donate  X times ? If not, bought on as a gift and one for myself. I'll do some videos using it as well, but my sub base is terrible :P 

You are the best. 

Hey, how do I get the steamkey?

Great Game for 3 hours.
Music is great, and the game is a Pachinko. 
Are those procedural generated pins? 

The most easy to play and fun game for me so far. 


Thanks, I didn't see it at first.

Hey, couldn't get it to run. 

Thanks again, I really respect how you have covered games of these last years.  Yeah, I got together with some others to try and make a real go of it. Will see what happens. 

It's not pretty, and I didn't every game, but I list the ones I did, and feel free to skip to yours. 

Waiting for Youtube to process the video. 
I got through most of the games, and you I state which games are in the vid. Feel free to skip to your game when it's up.

LOL, I wanted to play a vector boxing game, but it's a decent plat-former. 

I love this game, but the issue for me was the where to click in the game design. Still, great art and direction. And, I love the abstract story. You can see my play in the community posts. 

LOL, for a 10 to 20 minute experience, it too me over an hour to get the end :P I enjoyed the writing. 

Amazing, you are at least a semi-pro. Overall, I love the game even-though I was having issues with running it. For some reason the game split between my 2 monitors and I could get it to run properly visually. 

I like the story part, but if you see my let's play, you'll see my struggles with the gameplay. 

I love this game overall, 2nd level is a bit hard to see things, but overall this made me feel great at the end. I love the fact he never uses his sword. 

Controls just stick a bit for me, but overall it's interesting. 

I love the controls. 

Well you can take old code or what you learned for the next one. ;)

Sorry, needed PCK file with .exe, could not play. 

Recommending to a friend. Wish there was music, but everything else was solid. 

I love this game, I like being in a sphere, but I wish you did more with that. Also, great models.

Congrats on making a first game. I hope to see more games from you in the future. Here some more tutorials to take a look at. Hopefully in like 2 or 3 more jams you can make your own thing ;)

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Can we get more time for judging? I won't be able to submit reviews to a lot of games. If I get an extension to next Sunday, it would give more time to play games and give better votes and reviews. Just a thought.

Just to be clear, this is a new game that I submitted to 2 game jams that were happening at the same time. The Godot Wild Jam #9 and this one. Since, the character will be having her hero's journey in the an underworld setting, it just fell in place. 

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No, I like trying to figure out controls. I thought I did good job, I eventually figured out everything could kill me but fuel, and I got to the end my 1st play through. Sorry if I'm a bit thick, but I avoided objects and got fuel, wasn't that the point ? Unless there is a deeper meaning you meant the player to find.  Sadly, there are and were issues with youtube posting time links I'm seeing, so sorry if the time stamp was off. 

Oh, my, yes, I don't know how or why it posted here. (insert red face here).

Let's play...

Let's play...

My let's play...

My let's play.

My l
My let's play. 

My let's play...