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Interesting word choices. Glad I was finally able to get this one to work!. Would be nice to have a little more space to see the words appear on screen before they reach the black hole, sometimes it was impossible to block them if the paddle was on the opposite side of the black hole when they appeared. Cool concept!

Woooooow, the backgrounds in this game are incredible! Easily some of the most impressive visuals this jam. I wish the gameplay was at the same level. I've actually left the game running for the past 12 hours and still haven't died; not moving at all appears to be the best option for survival. On the other hand, that does give me ample opportunity to sit back and take in those gorgeous backgrounds.

Cool concept, but I do agree that the controls could use a little work/are a little unintuitive. Love the Godot icon as the astronaut!

Nice first entry! Fun and mostly functional. Could really use audio, and the game appears to crash once the player dies, but the gameplay mechanics are fundamentally solid and it's a good start. 

I loved this entry. The visual and musical style reminds me of Katamari Damacy, which is a series I hold close to my heart, and I am also a music nerd who is into "chance music" and stuff like that. I also see echoes of Conway's Game of Life here. I understand the complaints that it's "not really a game", but IMO a game is really whatever you want it to be. I would love to see this expanded, perhaps allowing for something like "trees" or other varieties of plants to be generated if a chord is formed, things like that. I think ways to "progress" could be added without putting the controls directly back into the players hands, and still preserving the zen, "let it do it's own thing" mentality that helps make this game what it is. Thank you for making this!

Neat endless-runner (flyer?) type game. Really like the black hole effect in the background. Might be cool to add some y-axis motion the both the obstacles and the powerups, just to add a little more variety.

This is fun! I really like the Atari-type sound when you blow up an enemy ship; it can get a little loud if you kill a bunch of enemies in a row though. It also would have been cool to see a consequence for contacting the black hole, rather than just being able to travel over it.

Congrats on finishing and submitting! It's a solid enough first entry, completely functional, and I hope you keep making more and jamming with us!

Cool concept, I like how you have two jumps with completely different control schemes. It would have been nice to see more levels, especially some that test your ability to use the super jump. A neat set of controls that could be fleshed out into something more involved.

One of my favorite entries from this jam. Really incredible graphics, reminds me of some of the really old arcade games where the screen is tiny and you look at it through "goggles" or some piece of glass that enlarges the screen. The controls do feel a bit unwieldy; a slower shooting speed, and higher damping for rotation might make the controls feel a little more deliberate, but all in all this is great stuff.

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Super ambitious to make a Portal-like , I'm impressed! The physics of the cube do, as some others have mentioned, appear to be a little weird. I had a several times where trying to put the cube down on a button resulted in it clipping through the floor instead. Relatively speaking though, a fairly minor frustration, since a new cube was always close by. Nice work!

I like the overall concept, but it's definitely a little tough. I feel like slowing everything down by about 10-20% would make the game a lot more fun.

Nice work, there's some great stuff in here. Really admire the sprite work, it has that old LucasArts/Prince of Persia rotoscoped feel to it, very cool. The controls do feel a little loose, but certainly still very playable.

Great work as always! Super tight, well realized aesthetic, very polished for a game jam. No complaints or requests here, just keep doing your thing.

Nice work, super fun and interesting concept. Would definitely like to see this fleshed out more. Could be cool to have a "putter" and "wedge" selection; sometimes I found myself wanting to move the ball to the other side of the planet it was on, which required me to just barely tap the ball a bunch of times (since any significant amount of power on the swing launched the ball off the surface). Spin/angle controls would be nice too. All in all, a cool concept that could definitely be a really solid game if you keep polishing it.

Awesome work in 3D! Super ambitious, and I can see this being super fun with just a little more work done on the "game" side. Great foundation to build a Wipeout-in-space type game

Nice take on the tower defense genre! Would be nice to have upgrade options for each of the stats (i.e. separate upgrades for rate of fire, range, damage etc.) to allow for more variety among your planets/turrets, but really solid overall. Great work!

This game was a lot of fun, a pretty solid concept. Trying to jump into the blackholes could be frustrating, depending on where you enter them it seems like it was a little chancey about which direction you'd be thrown. The player can solve this by placing one at ground level and walking into the bottom corner, but for some challenges the natural solution seemed to be to place a black hole a distance from the character and jump into it, which rapidly becomes tricky. Otherwise though, lots of fun!

Fun and quick little game, nice work! Would definitely like to see this one get expanded on after the jam

Cool concept, always impressed with 3D entries. I like the pixel size slider; Godot engine 3D with a large pixel size always makes me think of some alternate universe where Atari had 3D graphics. Great music that conveys an atmosphere of inevitability. A "real-time" mode where you only have a limited amount of time to decide which buildings to evacuate/reinforce would be a cool addition that could add some challenge, but the slower, thoughtful nature of the game as is fits just fine. Great work!

Great game! Super in depth for a jam, lots of fun. Would be nice to see the ark objectives be a little more competitive with "domination" strategy, it seemed to me to be much easier/faster to eliminate the opponents rather than building the ark, but all in all great work!

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Thank you! Is the difference you're referring to the black outlines for some things but not others, the dithering in the trees, or something else entirely? As you probably noticed, I'm pretty new to pixel art, so any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Thanks so much for the positive feedback, I'm really glad you enjoyed the game. For the theme, I was going for a play on words: "pick" your poison, like fruit from a tree, rather than choose from a set.  I'm hoping to polish the game a bit more and perhaps add some more levels post-jam, so if you like it you should have more to look forward to. Thanks again!