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A pastiche of the golden age of arcade games.
Submitted by JohnGabrielUK (@JohnGabrielUK) — 17 hours, 15 minutes before the deadline
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Game Description
A pastiche of the golden age of arcade games.

Move with arrows/WASD, jump with X/Space, insert coin with Enter. You can also play with a gamepad.

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Have entered every jam, and submitted to all but one.

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My Let's play... and thanks for the help during the jam. 


If this were the 80s, you would have definitely gotten a few dollars worth of quarters out of me. You matched that aesthetic perfectly. Maybe too perfectly? BTW, on the Mac build I had to hit space to start the game, hitting Enter only made a fun little noise but kept going through the title/high score loop.


Great work as always! Super tight, well realized aesthetic, very polished for a game jam. No complaints or requests here, just keep doing your thing.


While I haven't spend any part of my childhood playing arcade games, Kugelblitz managed to bring that arcade feel to me. Visuals are great, sounds are satisfying, and level design is exceptional. Really wish there were more levels.

Finally outsmarting that dog after several tries felt satisfying. :D


Everyone seems to like the dog! It was a bit of a last-minute addition; I realised it was too easy for the player to just hang around on the sides, waiting for an opening.

I haven't really done enemy behaviour more complicated than flying in a pattern before, but it's a lot of fun; will definitely have to do more in future. Thanks for playing!

Submitted (1 edit) (+1)

Did I see a bug or is the first level looping on me? I deflated a bit when I finally manage to barely survive the first level only to see it repeat... The controls really take some getting used to. The graphics and audio are solid and authentic though!

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

It is just that first level, unfortunately. I was hoping to have more than one "board", as they were called back then, but time (and, admittedly, a lack of ideas) got in the way. It does get harder each time, though, since you have less time to rescue the scientists, and the dog's "thinking time" decreases and movement speed increases.

Thanks for playing!


I think the first level was too hard with but I still really liked the game. The graphics are great and the overall design is really tight. Very cool.


This has a good retro aesthetic. There are countless games which have ugly pixel art but this one actually does it right. The sprites look a bit awkward, but in that charming sort of way low-color limitations forces artists to take.

I really wanted to update my high score to stamp out the competition but I suppose #2 will have to do 😎


This game have feel of good old arcade games.


Brings back good memories! I wished for a job well done for saving their asses, but no, they go and need to be rescued again. xD I liked the dog a lot.


This feels very complete, and it has a satisfying learning curve. Your commitment to the arcade aesthetic is really impressive and the dog thing is terrifying and really menacing when it climbs up and waits for you


Finally, I've beaten that level! Curse that dog.

You really nailed the arcade feeling! The game is quite hard, with rigid controls (especially the ladders), but that makes it very rewarding. There's an interesting puzzle aspect, on figuring out how to pass some obstacles, and waiting for the right cycle. Getting down with the scientist  is pretty tricky though, I'm still not sure how I managed it.

Really cool entry!