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GeomCat Games

A member registered Feb 27, 2018

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(Pun intended) lol

The music is AMAZING! Kudos to you and your band!

And never ever forget to change the main scene option in the applications tab of the Project Settings before exporting. That's where I went wrong.

Yep exactly. That's why I suggest people to download the windows version if possible.

umm.. Xavier Tan the link is broken.

Thank you very much Akien but it isn't necessary now. I think God was with me today. I uploaded the correct file 1 minute before the jam!

Did you try a couple of times? It worked for me on about the ninth try.

Same happened to me. But it uploaded JUST now.

Can I get something like a late submission url Because no matter WHAT I do, Itch simply won't accept my game. Please! I can send you the windows export if you email me at .