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Enhancing jams: late submissions and entry editor

Jam admins now have a few more tools to make hosting jams easier than ever (and it’s already pretty easy to begin with, check out jam hosting on Starting today all jams now have a submissions tab on the jam’s edit page. This submissions tab contains a handful of tools for managing entries. As of now there are two tools:

Late submission URLs

Late submissions happen, for whatever reason an entry isn’t able to make it in time for the deadline. Luckily’s jam feature now lets owners of a jam handle this with ease. From the submissions tab you can find the late submission form. Just paste the URL of the game you want to have late submit access, you’ll then be given a URL to share with the game’s owner. They just need to visit that URL to submit their game, even if the submit deadline is over!

Entry list 

Jam admins now have their own list of entries from the edit page. From this list you can get a quick glance of everything that’s submitted. Additionally you have the ability to remove entries if they aren’t eligible for being part of the jam. jam submission page


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