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Hello, thank you for video and glad you liked my hmm...demo :) Wanted to upload some videos myself playing jams games, even have them recorded, but finally cannot find time for it :( Still have plans regarding this game, even if some time passed by. 

Awww ...and there will be no poverty, wars and inequalities...just snow, red-hooded guys, and smartphones.

Google fonts and flat design to the rescue :D Thanks, I'm hope to improve it further!

I'll try my best with providing more, Thank you and congrats on winning jam! :)

Thank you! Fog was quick and dirty solution to be honest - it's one big square sticked to the player, not even separated from him as other element. But it worked, glad you liked it :D

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Penguin, two worlds platformer, nice audiovisuals, end joke, ability to break it so the penguin can "swim" in the sky - everything fits nicely, big thanks for making this! :)

Did I heard trucks in this blizzard? :D We had similar idea from what I see, but you managed to create a story and some nice audio, good job, keep it up! Oh and I found wife, but after some nice warming up of my turtle butt ;)

Addictive gameplay, very hard for me, tried to spam ie cubes like Dimonasdf did or at least spil thosedrinks in act of revenge, but nothing worked sadly ;d

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Cool game, I had some good time playing it, forgot fora moment that I'm in a hurry with reviews :D I had some troubles until I realized that clouds won'tcollide with my balloon ;) Please keep up good work! 

I won by  doing absolutely nothing, I lost trying to move and making tactical attacks :D Great implementation of 3D, I liked that.

Just  when I thought I have a system for collecting bottles I failed ;d Greatwork tih your first Godot game!

Took me a while to understand mechanics, after that it was pleasant as taking a nice warm bath with aromatic salts ;)

Sadly I couldn'tstart a fire and I tried many times, more than 10 logs, spamming key, nothing :d But from what I experienced it's great, polished game :)

Hey, creative approach to theme! I had best score by spamming clicks like crazy - suprisingly  George was found after like 5-6 random clicks, so average :)

Don't run away from me and die turning into gravestone JUST TAKE THIS DAMN ICE CREAM!

If this game have ending then I really tried to see it, through maybe 20 levels, but I had to try other jam submissions, it required a lot of dodging, I liked that, also visualsand music was fitting, great job!

Proceduraly generated, nce graphics and sounds, gameplay, everything is great. Also it's probably only game in this jam that I played and almost destroyed  either my keyboard or my knuckels. So frustrating at times, but Ori and The Blind Forest was frustrating too and I kept coming back, as i also did with Temple of Loot ;)

Those damn tenants cares only about air conditioners, like this is  the only thing that matters in apartments. But seriously cool concept, I like that you have to manage your cash for repairs. Sadly I always encountered moment when nothing happend further and I had to reset the game :(

Unfortunately I'm terrible at this, I couldn't have blob on my own :( But seriously, great piece of work, I liked that very much :)

Simple and I wanted to play more for better score, look at nce assets and hear some music when you escaping lava avalanche, sometimes it's all what you need :)

I liked that, from what I remember you posted your progress on path finding feature, I see it works nice now, great job! I would love to see some targets added, like a shelters or something our character is going to.

Cool mechanics implementation, please keep it up! I had some struggles with last level, but I made it :)

Very nice assets and gameplay, good that I didn't had to blow up those birds to keep machine running :) 

Too bad it's short, but concept is most important and it works, I hope for more!

Very cool cards game with temperature theme - it has it all. Please keep working on it, maybe you will release Godot card game that will compete with Gwent :)

Too bad it's short, some nice mechanics there, waiting for more from Godot stable ;)

I would stink as hell if taking a shower was THAT difficult :) nice graphics and interpretation of theme. From what I understand, this is a prequel to "Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2018"? :P

As I said before, graphics and atmosphere reminds me Demon Tower from Night in the Woods. I liked gameplay, humor of always-weapon-seeking-but-shield-only-having character and the general challenge!

Never got that damn flower, it's like it wanted me dead after I got it. But at least I escaped with the bride. Great job with polishing it (Enhanced Edition with CRT like effects, looks even better), after reviews end I'm going to take care of mine game too, thanks for extra motivation :)

Cool expanded mechanic of arcade space games, please keep it up!

Great approach to the theme! After going through all the levels (with difficulty changes, I like that) I tested max and min temperatures - it would be interesting if player had to keep certain temperature of every world, had to experiment with feather path ;)

With this music I couldn't resist to "head banging" with my mouse, so it was pretty hard to cool down all those reactors when water goes everywhere. Also nice levels design.

Loved the graphics, also I like to abuse mechanics, so I spinned and spammed bullets - very effective, only sometimes enemy broke through. Interesting idea that I had to collide with enemies to cool/warm myself and do it with the right timing, also great job with first Godot project!

I liked it very much, epecially because of  increasing difficulty. Audiovisuals was fitting, UI had all the needed info. And first Godot project, wow.

Unfortunately after some gameplay I also had performance issues (Windows 10, so we can blame it ;) ). But I grasped the gameplay and visuals, good work and please keep it up!

I was so close to burn all those particles in close. One bad switch moment and they're back in the freezer. I like this pure physics approach to the theme :)

Interesting mechanics, some puzzles, some arcade, easter eggs (pure luck that I found them), what else do you want from a nice platformer? Nice job, I would like to see more levels. Oh, and mysterious story, ok, maybe that I can add to the list ;)

Nice mechanic for a first Godot game, I had to scratch my head a little to figure this out. Maybe you will have time to come back to it and add some scoring boards and visual effects of matching groups? Would be cool :)

I'll be honest. Tl;dr that wikipedia article about balloons :) But with trial-error approach I managed to make it to the fourth circle before birds destroyed my balloon. I like games where I can learn something new, I will come back to this article for sure after playing. Also visuals was very nice.