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Mizuni's Ghostly Thermal Center!View game page

Manage a bathhouse for ghosts!
Submitted by Escada Games, Sucraiso (@sucraiso) — 19 hours, 59 minutes before the deadline
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Mizuni's Ghostly Thermal Center!'s page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Graphics and Sound#93.3903.390
Theme interpretation#153.4883.488

Ranked from 41 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Nice graphics, interesting game. I included it in my Godot Community Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)


Thanks for the video and for the comments ~


Took me a while to understand mechanics, after that it was pleasant as taking a nice warm bath with aromatic salts ;)


Brilliant pixel art, music and sound effects. Platforming controls are super-solid, but picking things up is occasionally a bit iffy.


Thanks John! About picking things not feeling right, we'll fix that after the jam (and my tests) ends :) Really glad you liked most of the game, thanks a lot!

Jam Host(+2)

I really love this game, it's definitely one of my favourite entries in all categories. The graphics, animation and sounds are awesome and work well together. Very good take on the theme too!

The gameplay works fine, I really like the idea that you need to move the heat/cold stones around. As many mentioned it's quite hard, but improving the controls responsiveness (it often took me two or three attempts to grab a salt) and visual feedback would go a long way to improve it (and maybe make customers more forgiving, at least at the start). I managed to serve 17 customers before game over, not too bad :)

Some in-game explanations of the gameplay would be nice too, could be basically a RichTextLabel on a nice background with the same text as the page.


Thanks Rémi, we are very thankful for your feedback! Really great that you liked the game in so many aspects, despite it having flaws here and there.

 We will improve the aspects you mentioned, add a tutorial and possibly other features: I still find myself thinking about how fixing these small things would have made this game so much better, but still, we are learning a lot from the feedback, so at least in the future it will be harder for the games to have issues like these again hahaha

Thanks once again! We'll keep trying to get better with each game. And, of course, nice score, definetly better than mine hahaha


I appreciate the work that went into the graphics. The sprite for Mizuni is well done, and the way the ghosts float around reminds me of something from an NES game. Also, the soundtrack is totally rad.


Thanks! My buddy Sklaiser really did a very nice work with the graphics, and is thankful for your comment as well. Myself, on the other hand, is grateful for you liking the soundtrack hahaha thanks once again!


The idea is good, but way too difficult for the wrong reasons. I don't mind a difficult challenge, but it'd be cool if there was some visual cue that the spice went into the tub, and a "timer" for each customer before they get mad. The thermal stones are a neat idea but it was difficult to move them around, in one occasion I put one stone on top of another and I couldn't pick the stone I wanted without having to juggle around. I suggest using Mario Bros 2's pickup system, this way you will only lift the item you have under you.


Thanks; after getting some feedback from the other people, I think I realized that this game's flaws are in the controls (don't feel precise and/or good enough, picking stuff like in SMB2 would definetly help) and in some polish on the visual feedback, that would come in the form of the timer you mentioned and a better way to see the tubs status. Once the jam is over, we will consider fixing these things (it will depend on college if I will actually do it haha) so that this game feels better than it is right now. Once again, thanks for the comment!


If you want a speedier, more "arcade-ish" gameplay, try adding two buttons for lifting, one for each hand. This way you can carry up to two things, and it would make the game more strategic (since it'll open more creative ways to serve the customers).


That's actually a pretty good ideia: it cuts the "backtracking" between the crates and the stones sometimes, and would definetly add more depth to the game. Thanks fo the sugestion, on a future version the game will definetly have this feature!


Very cool game and the graphics are really nice, reminds me a lot of Spirited Away.
The difficulty is high, probably because more tight platform controls would be needed, I also found that I often had to try several times to pick an item, sometimes it doesn't work (perhaps also add visual feedback of which item you are going to pick), and maybe it's me but I got the impression that sometimes customers leave unsatisfied even if I prepared the bath they wanted.
Anyway, good base to built upon, great work!


Thanks for the feedback! I think the player is too fast and the controls ended up being imprecise. Also, I guess that making the player grab things in a way similar to Super Mario World (for example) would make picking things work better. And finally, adding some better feedback about what's on each tub would make knowing if the request was attended or not easier (or maybe it's a bug, that's possible too hahaha)

 Anyway, thanks for the comment, we're trying to get better with each game, so we really appreciate those. Also, we will consider polishing this game a bit more, thanks again!


Very original idea and beatiful implementation. Don't worry about difficulty, some times games should be hard, hehe. 


Thanks! But still, I think that if even one of the devs might be having a hard time playing the game, it means that something is not quite right hahaha


The idea it really great but it's way too hard. When I finally understood what i have to do I got fustrated and closed the game. Also, it's really hard to pick up the orbs and the spices, and the X/Z keyboard layout is really unconfortable (I have a QWERTZ keyboard) you should do something like J/K instead.


Thanks for the comment! Sorry for the difficulty, it kinda got out of control hahaha welp, we learned something new at least. Also, we might make things easier on a future update, once the jam is over. And about the layout, I'll say the truth: I didn't even know that this QWERTZ keyboard existed, really sorry about that. In future projects I'll be sure to add more options on how to control using the keyboard, like both Arrow keys + Z/X and WASD keys + J/K (it seems like this last one is OK for your kind of keyboard). Once again, thanks a lot!


This is such a neat little game. The audio and graphics are great. The only issue is that it's hard to tell how the gameplay works without reading the instructions. Though I guess you know that since the instructions are right under the game :P

Also I would consider changing the cover image to something more representative of the game. I almost didn't give it a shot since the title image is so... less than good.


Thanks for the comment, we really appreciate some feedback!

About the difficulty, we started off pretty simple -- with only the temperature stones in the game --, and since we had a lot of time left, we started building on top of that. However, by the end we had something more complicated and harder than we thought, and there was no time left to add an in game tutorial (well, there was about 20 hours left, yes, but it already was pretty late in our timezone and we had college/work the next day hahaha), so thats the reason behind it being a bit confusing at first. But still, you are right, explaining things better would do wonders, and we might do something about that once the jam is over.

 And about the cover, we actually thought it was nice, but it indeed doesn't represent the game well... I'm gonna change it to a gif of the gameplay, might be better this way. Thanks for pointing these stuff out, as I said, we really appreciate it!