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You probably didn't understand the premise of the game. Sun cooks meat, plate gets meat. Not a competitive game, but rather a cooperative game. Don't kill your friend!!!

Thanks for the compliments! We considered adding the "2 Player Mayhem" thing on the title screen but ultimately removed it because we wanted the player to tackle it whatever they want - either 1P or 2P, as they are different ways to enjoy the game. The game is indeed balanced to be easier with 2 players, but I know that people out there are up for an extra challenge, and we saw in this design a way to bring in people of all types :)

If you want to make the game more interesting, consider adding momentum on the slider so that it's always slightly moving towards the edge, even if you're in the middle screen. I was lucky enough to dodge 8 rocks by staying in the middle, and with no temperature penalty, it was easier than you predicted.

Good job on your first godot project. It might be a simple game, but honestly I felt more joy in this game than some of the titles here. Keep up!

If you want a speedier, more "arcade-ish" gameplay, try adding two buttons for lifting, one for each hand. This way you can carry up to two things, and it would make the game more strategic (since it'll open more creative ways to serve the customers).

I liked this game, it is very tense and even a little bit ominous... definitely has a lot of atmosphere going on

Hello, the bug was fixed and is now online! It was a minor error, please download it again.

The idea is good, but way too difficult for the wrong reasons. I don't mind a difficult challenge, but it'd be cool if there was some visual cue that the spice went into the tub, and a "timer" for each customer before they get mad. The thermal stones are a neat idea but it was difficult to move them around, in one occasion I put one stone on top of another and I couldn't pick the stone I wanted without having to juggle around. I suggest using Mario Bros 2's pickup system, this way you will only lift the item you have under you.

They're the Yin and Yang of the game... The brightness of the sun and the coldness of the steel saucer... Believe me, there's a deep lore behind this somewhere (I think)

Thank you! It's always good to try and cook the meat, but we allowed the player to pick the raw meat so that they still have a way to save the food from leaving the screen. One point is still better than losing a Life!

Thank you! Glad that you were able to enjoy it as a 1P game, but if you can, try playing with someone else (my favorite method is one controller for both players; chaos ensues!) As for the items leaving the screen, that's a known bug and we already fixed it for the "main" version.

I really enjoyed the concept, I lost against the AI but it was really intelligent, kudos to you

This was... something else

Thanks for the insights, @Trogallart! As said before, we're definitely going to polish it up in the future. Thanks for the compliment, too, it means a lot for us :3

The Windows build isn't working, I think it's just the godot template without a data.pck.

Anyway, I was able to play by the source.

No, it's not. Unfortunately we have noticed the falling speed of the stars - it's definitely the top priority tweak we're going to do.

It is made in Godot 2.2, but we have made some builds for it. Gameplay still needs some improvement but we're on it!