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What did you add to this update? I didn't see anything different in the game or in the development log.

Are you going to make a 3rd vs. Stage? Maybe in a city at like 10m or something? Also I'm hoping to see more Campaign levels.

I'm still waiting for that update. You said you'd update one more time by the end of the year. What happened?

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I realized that there is a C on the right of the water, but I can't get to it yetand there is an H on top to the left in an unreachable place and going up it says "Hi". Will there be a way I can obtain C and H?

I h going o b n d? H gm nd whn ying  o h nd h' no oh wy o og f ging h l nd. G gm o f!

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Is there going to be an update? The game ends when typing "Quest" to the statue and there's no other way to progress after getting the letters A, E, P, Q, R, S, T, and U. Great game so far!

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The other main problem is that when I get really big, I can't pick up the smaller things. Usually, when the katamari is big enough, the tiny objects would despawn.

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This is better but can you maybe update the physics? My friend made a very detailed presentation about the physics in how a Katamari game should be made. Another thing to add could be more levels in the future with a Level 3 vs mode in the city or something with islands. Good luck.

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Here's the big problem with the game. Objects fall out when you just touch a big object. What it should be is that depending on how hard you hit an object or wall, a certain amount of objects fall out. Touching an object should not cause objects to fall off. You should maybe learn from Katamari Damacy's bumping mechanic and fix this issue.

The main problem is that when you get really big, the blob starts to jiggle too much to the point where it could fall through the floor.

Anyone who wants to help can join this server.

This looks good but there's one problem, because the score is a 32-bit integer, the maximum score is 2147483647. If I earn any higher, the number rolls over and becomes negative. Maybe fix it by changing it to a 64 bit or a float number? Thanks.

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This is a great game so far. The next update should have music and add meters into the game. (100cm = 1m) Maybe more objects and progress and a timer as well with a cousin rolling it. Also, when I get very big, I am not able to roll up the tiny things. Maybe add something where if the katamari is under a tiny object, you should automatically roll it up?

I hope you also add a 2 player battle mode, similar to PTR2. When's that's added, I will make chinese with Scratchin' Melodii

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Can you also make the game work on Mac by having a Mac download link? My sister has a Mac and not a Windows computer.


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Unfortunately, due to a driver crash, all the files for the game are gone forever so there will not be any more updates. Otherwise I would have to start all over from scratch and remake everything.

Objects like Mall (Known as shopping center) and Airport Terminal are already in the game The others, could be in the sequel If I had a team.

The problem is that even though I am now big enough to absorb the rock, i still die from it.

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One problem, when I go back to the Froghawk room, the platforms disappeared and I keep falling infinitely. Please fix this issue.

Good game but the camera is going too under the player and I want it fixed. There should also be more levels and objects to make it better.

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What?! I got all the cubes before the time limit and I still lost!

Level 5 is IMPOSSIBLE!!

Ads: I can't reach Pink Color! :(

Can you make a Windows PC version of this game? I don't use a Mac OS.

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That is a great game,  but there are some things you should add for the next update.

First you should have the world zoom out every time you reach a certain size. Second you should add more Levels and objectives.

Extending the timer to at lest 3 minutes would also be great!

This game is kinda similar to the snowman level in We ♥ Katamari.