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A cute action RPG starring a qt 3.14 slime girl!
Submitted by Renoki — 2 days, 17 hours before the deadline

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Gameplay video: 


I became a strong yellow slime qt, with lots of power.

I love this game! It's very cute but I mostly love the combat, puddling to dodge and spinning my fists to attack. Camera seemed super stuttery most of the time. 


I really like this game. It has good visual, likable characters and neat gameplay as well.  Keep up the good work :)

Some feedback:

  • The numbers are a bit off but I suppose you will fix this later on.
  • Pickup up items really is a hassle. It would be nice to at least have an option to increase the radius using an upgrade or similar.
  • In the dark room you can kind of get "stuck" on the pillars because of friction when pushing against them so it's a bit harder to evade. Although it's easy to work around that.

Something I think was a bug: If you level up in the dark room, you get shot by a huge laser (visual bug only, I think).

I'm definitely looking forward to playing this again at next demo/release. Cheers.


Had some issues with menus navigation not feeling responsive. Customization options are a nice touch! It wasn't intuitive at first that I had to assign mutators but that system seems pretty neat. Froghawk room feels weird allowing you to jump off the platform just outside the pump room door into the water, but then you can't jump back up. You can abuse the dodge button against the turret enemies because they loose all their charge the moment you dodge, if it cost more to initialize the dodge then dodge spam would be a less viable strategy. Fantastic work all in all!

  • This game is looking pretty sick.
  • I like that you can customize the slime girl.
  • A lot of features in there so feels like its about ready for a vertical slice and then production.
  • I am kind of mixed on the camera
    • It works well for navigating the levels.
    • Helps keep rendering manageable even when theres no occluders around.
    • Avoids a lot of issues that cameras with more axis have.
    • Its kind of hard to judge heights with it but that could maybe be solved with blob shadows.
    • The camera being far away gives a kind of impersonal feel and doesn't add much excitement to combat but if you want that kind of stuff you can always have temporary camera effects.
(2 edits) (+1)

Ran into some issues:
*Entering the froghawk room a second time spawned me outside the level and I kept falling in a loop forever
*Upon starting a new file, I retained all my money and nothing else
*The teleporter in the spike room took me to its pump room instead of the museum
*Grim reaper dudes can't be hit by magic
*Magic is pretty sticky and slow compared to last demo, so I only used it for spikes
*Builds don't really feel all that different
*I took on the final boss at level 6 and almost won (because dying means nothing), but his fist got caught on one of the green things and bugged out. It was the second phase where he attacks vertically.

I'm interested to see where you take this. Balancing RPG scaling in such an action-y game seems pretty difficult.