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Thanks for the report, we will look into it!

Hey! I'm not sure what is happening, linux is giving us a lot of different errors. What distro are you running?

Hello there. First of all, thank you for getting in touch with us. This is all great feedback and we really appreciate your time in writing this. We feel honored to receive your offer but at the same time we wouldn't want to make anyone work for free so if we ever consider hiring a QA tester we will think about you. For now we already have more tickets that we can handle and it might be an overkill.
We think we understand what parts of the game need to be improved but at this point we are having a lot of issues with Game Maker Studio and our source code itself. We are considering making the project open source and maybe try to move as much as possible out of the Game Maker Studio ecosystem so it can be easier to manage.
We will create tickets for the issues you reported and hope to get back on track fixing and releasing updates!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the info! We will see what we can do to bundle this with the game

Hello there, we are going to look into this and see if we can come up with a solution for the next patch. Sorry for the troubles, the linux version is still a bit unstable :(

thanks for your quick reply and the screenshots! We need to fix more things in the game still, but we are happy it is not spawning in the empty room anymore!

Hello again Duffadash, we pushed a new version just now. Do you have a moment to test if it is working properly now? Thanks!

Hello Duffadash,
We are still working on getting the Linux version to run properly. We have a couple updates to make and we hope to get it out soon.
The main_drive option only gets read on Windows so you don't really have to worry about that.
Hopefully we can release a version tonight. We will keep you posted!

This is an interesting workaround! We need to save the game as soons as the player dies to avoid this. We have to test all those cases to know what could be fixed. Thansk again for your insights!

Hello Jacob. Cursed rooms are designed to be a limit for your character to not get into very dangerous areas. You can un-curse them by getting that skill with Adventure Points. Also, remember that beating the totems is just to make the final fight easier, but you can face the last boss whenever you find the key to get to it, so destroying all the totems it is not "necessary" to beat the game.

Hope that helps! We will try to make this things clearer via tutorials and better text messages in-game in future updates.

Hello, and thanks for your honest feedback and good words!

 I remember when you guys made the video for Indiegogo and you said .rar files would be chests, but I have yet to come across any chests anywhere near my rar files.

Do you say that rars are not being set as chests? or that there are not a lot of chests other than on .rar files? The chest thing is one of the main elements that we noticed how hard is to use a computer structure and try to make a game out of it. We were way too focused on the main user directory and that is only a small percentage of the filesystem. We wrote about this kind of things on the blog before.

ENEMIES Secondly, the monster improvements (which I know you're working on) is very, very needed. Many of the monsters don't do anything, and even if they were big, they weren't difficult to take down. What is difficult is getting mobbed by 20 things and not being able to escape when you're low level. So it's either really easy or really difficult.

As you said, we are working on improving the monsters in generals because it is the most important thing of the game. We hope to get them in a much better spot soon. We are still working on getting the game working 100% in Mac and Linux so it is taking us longer to get to that.

The other thing I thought was supposed to happen was that if there are a lot of a file type, they combine to make a harder enemy (or this was the plan from the indiegogo video). What REALLY happens is that you go into your system32 folder and end up sitting there for LITERALLY 3 HOURS killing the 12,000 enemies pouring out of the rift. I don't mind this rift style of play, but eventually just send a big bad boy out instead of the remaining 10,000 enemies. there needs to be something like minibosses for stuff like this to prevent monotony.

We have a few ideas in mind about how this can be fixed. On the indiegogo we said about merging bosses but later we discarded that idea because of it removing the individuality of each file as a separate entity. After getting the monsters on point we would love to have time to improve those kind of rooms.

TALENTS Another issue I had (which I see others have already suggested) was the skill and level system needs re-tweaking. I actually think it needs a bit of an overhaul. I don't think you should "make it like skyrim" but I think it would be better to have more options like in the skyrim skill trees. For example, if I'm making a magic character, let me get some magic talents...

On our initial design we had way different trees of talents, each one of them with steps and improvements but as you can imagine, it is a lot of work to implement. The only reason why this version is already playable is because we had to cut out a lot of features. We wrote more about this issue a blog entry that can be summarized to: "Easy to say, hard to implement"

INVENTORY okay this one was a bit of a big one for me. Please please please make separate inventory category pages. For consumables, armor, shields, weapons, books, etc. because scrolling through the whole list is just monotonous. And the option to double click items to either equip or vendor, as dragging them gets a little monotonous too.

We want to make the inventory better and filtering by categories could be one of the solutions. We first need to make the same items to stack, but because of a few bugs with that it is not working at the moment.

Gold is useless and I pretty much never used it

I agree, making NPCs more gold friendly should fix this and balance things out.

There was no real bonus for entering those cursed doors

The cursed doors are a way to avoid the player into getting deeper than it should before he/her is ready to get into those dangerous places.

The adventurOS folder key easter egg is a little much. I killed one out of the four bosses and then found the key and went to the end. Maybe make it something else? Or maybe make it random for each playthrough. Make 10 possible options or special things you can get from it but don't give a free pass to the end boss

I'm not sure what you mean about the first part here. About giving a free pass to the end boss is intended. If you think you are ready to face it, why make you jump through more hoops?

Also, I went and played my high level character, and after the update, I pretty much got insta-gibbed by those reappearing dudes. I barely stood a chance. I'll probably give it another play through to see how the progression is now, but the sudden change just hit my character like a truck
Woops! Yeah, things are a bit more difficult now, but not that much.

As you can see, the game is too big and every change generates a butterfly effect that make it difficult to tune properly. We hope to keep ironing this stuff out until the game is in a good place for a big release. For now, we will keep doing everything we can to get it into a better place than it is right now.

Thanks again!

Hello there, thanks for the report. Yes, this is indeed a glitch. It seems like the indexer is not reading your directories properly. We will try to make a test case for this issue and display the proper error. Sorry for the trouble!

I'm sorry this is an inconvenience to you. It is hard to handle payments online and Paypal is the easiest way to do it. We will see if we can publish it in another platform soon that can handle other kind of payments. Sorry again.

What OS are you running? It is an interesting bug!

Thank you for the report and the workaround, a lot of people have been reporting this error but I am still confused on why is it happening. I'll try to re-write all that part because it was not very well done initially. Thanks for the messages!

I think this is happening for people that are not using the app. It is weird that the file works fine when you run it from the launcher but not when you extract the zip file manually. We are looking into it!

Hello there, GNU/Linux builds are experimental for now, we are working on getting it to work. The long wait time you are reporting is a timeout because the game is trying to reach a server to download updates that no longer exists. We will post an update when this version becomes stable. Sorry for the trouble!

Hello there! I pushed an update just now, hopefully, it will fix the error that you are reporting . Let me know!

Hello there! I received a private email with the same error happening on windows 8. Unfortunately we don't have those systems to test out so it is going to be harder to debug. I'll see what I can do, and try a few things for the next update.

Hello there! We are very busy with the Mac and Linux updates but I added a new Windows build that includes descriptions for the skills. It still needs a few more things to be better but I hope you will understand each skill a little bit better than before. Cheers!

Can you try re-installing instead of updating? maybe some of the old files were still present and that created the error message

I'm going to start using the development logs instead of this thread on the community, so I'm un-sticking this message

Hello there! We pushed a new version for Mac, can you test it to see if it works?

Hello there! We pushed a new version for Mac, can you test it to see if it works?

Windows Version 7 (#93003)

- Corrected some item names (thanks to Bastille for the help)
- Fixed an issue with small rooms
- Hiding debug computer object on top left of rooms
- Connection piece in blue rooms now fixed and creating properly
- A lot of small changes

Hello there, thanks again for your excellent feedback. I'm preparing a patch for many of those issues but our top priority right now is getting the mac version running. The computer thing is a debug object that should not be visible 🙈

We are looking into a way of making the totem spawning places better

Thanks again!

thanks for the report! we are going to look into it 

Hello there! Mac and Linux are now published but only for internal development, we will create a blog entry once those become stable. Sorry for the trouble!

Hello there avarisclari, thanks for the report! Yes, we are aware of that issue on linux and we are working on getting it and mac's linux working. We will write a blog entry once those versions become stable. For now I'm not sure if there is a way in to mark them as unstable :/

The QNANO error should be fixed on the version we pushed now. If you want to continue using that file you can try to fix it by dropping your files on the icon with the wrench. Sorry for the trouble!

Hello there! thanks for the screenshot. We will try and fix that part of the level. Regarding the die bug, we pushed an updated right now that should revert it! You can now die again :)

Windows Version 6 (#92535)

- Fixed an error that prevented users from dying
- Your default drive should be "C:/" instead of "QNANO"
- Some minor text corrections

Windows Version 5 (#92469)

- You can no longer buy the skull key from a merchant
- Fixed a bug that prevented people to visit a sub room in the outdoor environment
- Added a different message when trying to fix dead files
- Changing drive experimental support added (you can add/change the drive letter in the settings.ini file)
- Experimental Linux and Mac version added. They will most probably not work 100% without a lot of tinkering. This is mostly for internal use.

Seems like it is still crashing, yes. I'm using the game's built-in update rather than re-downloading the .exe though. Might not be properly overwriting something?
You should use the app for updates or re-downloading it from the website manually. The built-in updater was giving a lot of issues and we removed it from the game.

The totem for it is coloured in, at least. Not sure if that means the game thinks I've beaten it or that shows I've just found the boss.
Coloured seems like you found where it is, when you destroy the monster you should see the totem broken on the menu as well

As for the missing totem, it was in a folder flagged so it'd only show up if "Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)" is unchecked. That'd explain why it wouldn't show up in Explorer searches.
We will try to avoid creating totems in those kind of folders!

I have a problem. In my current game, there is a totem at "C:/$Recycle.Bin/S-1-5-21-2379391044-2193906916-136181802-1000/$R1PXOU9/.rsrc/1053" (line taken from the "totems" file in appdata).

The issue here is that i can't find the "$Recycle.Bin" Door in the starting area. (and by "can't find it i mean it's not there ^^ (i looked 5 time)) So yeah, i can't get to this totem ^^. Before it was here, it was in another folder in the recycle bin. I tried to empty my bin to see if it would disappear but it just changed to the line i copy-pasted. I tried adding "banned="$Recycle.Bin"" to the config file. The totem is still in the same folder. (i tried to ban another folder (AppData) in which was another totem, and the totem placement didn't change. Looks like the part of the code that place the totems doesn't care of the banned folders ^^)
The system was supposed to avoid that folder, so I'm not sure why it didn't work as expected. We will take a second look at that

Now if i can add a "gameplay" suggestion, i think it would be better if the last two folders of where the totems are were visible. I mean, that's why i went to check the totem positions in the first place (try finding where a totem is when the only thing you know is that it's 5 folders deep and that it's last folder is named "Resources", "localization", or even "1053" like the line i copy-pasted.) Or maybe instead of the last two folders, you could show the first and the last, it would narrow down the search quite substantially ^^. I mean, in the base C:/ i have 17 folders, most of which have around 5 to 15 folders in them (if not more). After searching for 4hours, i was like : "well f**k it, i'm gonna cheat or else i'll never find these totems".

So that's my suggestion, maybe i'm just too lazy or maybe my computer is ill organized, but i don't think searching for 5 hours without finding any is a good thing ^^
We will have to improve the way the totem folders are discovered. We will think of ways of making this process more enjoyable.

1 - When you mastered all skills (and bought all spells), if you get 50(?) or more adventure points, the skills tab will "light up" to tell you that you can buy another skill. This would not really be a problem if it didn't put you on the skills menu EACH time you press Q (which would normally open the inventory). Each time you get a loot and want to check it, instead of getting directly to the inventory it opens the skill page and you have to press right to get to the inventory page. Quite annoying ^^
This is fixed on the update release today :)

2 - Speaking of skills, you can ignore the dash completely. If you have either "triple jump" or "life drain", you can unlock the aerial dash without having unlocked the dash. Based on that i assume it would mean you can also unlock triple jump without having double jump (i did not test it, just making assumptions). Maybe there should be some benefit to taking the normal dash even when you have the aerial one (for example, unlocking both dashes would make you dash further). - Additional question : what happens if you unlock "ghost dash" without having unlocked either dash ? (Nothing happens or you gain the ability to dash ?)
Being able to get later updates is something that we don't really want to allow, so we will have to re-think on that menu and the tree in general.

3 - Some monsters just stay in place and do nothing (example : the "rage wolf") i guess this is either a bug or an unfinished monster ^^
Yes, as another user pointed out, some of the monsters are not exactly challenging or entertaining, and that is something we will have to improve a lot.

4 - the key bound to quick select the nova spell ("C"), is the same that the one that open the totem screen, so if you have unlocked the nova, every time you want to open the totem screen it selects the nova spell, and every time you want to select the nova spell, it opens the totem screen ^^ (funny but annoying)

The latest version of the game updated this already! you can open the totem menu with [T] now.

Thanks for the reports!

Yes a lot of people told us about that game! Unfortunately we were not able to play it yet :(

Stamina is listed on the inventory page as well as on item tooltips

Glorious Bow, as an example

It seems like we never merged the branch were we removed the stamina. That is a surprise 🙈
Right now the only use for stamina is the amount of time that you can hold a shield up and block.

1) The cephalopod boss still triggers a crash if you kill its spawns. Means I have to try and kill it without killing them, except I'm dealing 0 damage to it currently. Not sure if it's just an elemental issue or something else. I had a similar problem with the first boss but figured it was due to that floating shield around him.
The only way of killing that boss is by killing the monsters it spawns. Are you sure you have the latest version? I can't reproduce that crash and I'm not sure what else we can do to address it. Is it still the same error message?

2) Is there a way to tell where exactly a totem is? One of my totem folders is a jumble of letters and numbers and doesn't come up (at least in Windows Explorer) if I search for it. Probably in my Windows directory, which would make it reaaaaal fun to find naturally.
For now you can kind of cheat and look at the files inside /appdata/adventuros for where those totems are located. Their location is stored in a file there. But we should totally add a way of making that process easier. We have not encountered any totem in rooms where are not indexed and searchable by windows so we will have to think about those cases.

We tried to fix that part of the room before but it seems like there is something else wrong with it. That entire 'block' seems to be a piece of corrupted information. We will try to remake that particular section to avoid further errors.

1. There seems to be a very large difference between melee and magic builds. The damage increase with the magic book and increasing your MP seems to be minimal  compared to just swinging my sword, regardless of how I build.
After testing it again lately we are noticing that indeed melee builds are very strong. We are working on a few tweaks for the requirements and the general builds to make them more balanced.

2. Progression seemed to be really fast , although this may be just because I got lucky. I went from having to kill things by jumping back and forth with around ~20 damage per hit every second or so to finding a "Thousand Blades Sword" that boosted my damage to 96 and I was hitting with attack speed 90, making me nearly unkillable. At that point I went through and killed every boss within 30 seconds.
Sames as with number 1, we need to balance the drops so you can't get those kind of items so quickly. Luck is always a factor but it shouldn't be that easy to kill every boss.

3. Is there somewhere to find information about skills or abilities? Most of them do seem to be self-explanatory, but for some inexperienced players it may be a little confusing. Maybe a tool tip in-game would help. Currently I do not know what life-drain or ghost dash does.
Yes! we will be adding better descriptions on each skill, the game in general lacks tutorials and information.

4. Is there any point to having more adventure points? I seem to have over 1000 right now and I don't really see a use to them after getting all your skills. This is fine I just was wondering if there is a further use or plans for more.
Once you got everything unlocked with your adventure points there is not a lot to do with them. We should think of something for those cases. I think that you should be able to face the Formatter by now!

5. Is there a difference between the elements and how they work with elemental equipment? I haven't found a reason to switch my element for any reason besides changing my color.
The elements are similar to the elements in pokemon, if you are a leaf type and you get hit with fire you get double the damage. Unfortunately with how the game balance is right now I don't think there is much difference, but it is mostly if you want to clean a particular kind more easily.

Hello Obigre, thanks for writing your feelings about the game.

Regarding the enemies, we also believe that they can be improved. Unfortunately for us, we spent so long looking at the game that is hard to notice those kind of frustrations. We did notice that some of the monsters have insane amount of health and that is something that we will fix in an upcoming patch.
Regarding the skills or the goals of the game: you might feel some of the remaining of what it was once a metroidvania-like game. We encourage you to try to defeat the bosses located at the totem rooms and get to face the formatter, which I think is the main goal of the game. It is extremely hard to make a game based on a random set of files and that is why we needed to add some purpose for the story.

If you are not finding the game enjoying I would recommend to maybe keep an eye on those updates that will make you enjoy the combat more.

Thanks again for your message, it was very valuable for us!

Windows Version 4 (#92254)

- The data and the executable are now bundled together so you won't need to download extra contents after running the game. This will fix a lot of issues for people that were not able to properly install the data files or that the OS blocked its download.
- Added a FAQ icon on the menu
- Several small room fixes
- Fix on arrows not showing up on some rooms
- Pressing [Q] will always open the inventory menu
- Totem menu key changed from [C] to [T]