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Wish I could try it, but don't have a windows machine :(

Thank you  🙏 🤖

Thank you! :) The sound clip is from freesound and pitch shifted up to make it sound cute. 

Best voice actor in the biz

I'm not sure why it wasn't released for mac, because the tool is made in Godot and you don't have to do anything different to export to mac. So probably a preference from the dev?

10/10 would yeti again.

You never disappoint. Amazing take on the theme and great game! Got some baba is you vibes :)


Absolute banger of a game. Made me want to edit videos again. 10/10

An interesting take on the usual fishing minigame :)

The game I always wanted: being a guard in a MGS game :)

Nice concept! I really liked the pixel art fruits but I see that they were not created during the jam  😅
Some times it was confusing to try to "merge" two sides of the same fruit and them not wanting to, but I think it is an idea worth exploring. Congrats!

Great idea! I would try to add some texture to the ground so it is easier to see when moving around the level. Since everything is gray you can't really tell when you are moving or not. 

Love how the game starts. It is a great transition intro gameplay. Couldn't resist myself to do a 180  🙈

Not sure if it plays along with the theme. I think it is a great start and looking forward to what you make for the next one!

Nice concept! I think you can turn this into a proper mobile game. Cheers!

Very nice concept! I like the idea of downgrading after each level instead of powering up your main character. The gameplay was good, and nice cliffhanger at the end :) Looking forward to the next game. "At the ashes" it was?

Good luck!

Liked the game! First vampire-survivors like game I find so far :)

Keep it up and 💙

it could be interesting to update it, but I only had like 2 hours of work available so I managed to get this done. I think a "Godot idle detection" could be a better idea than this troll plugin and the functionality could still be just a click. Maybe I'll keep adding to it, but I just wanted to troll a bit hehe

Lovely art! I need to improve the character fade out transitions 😅

Well, unfortunately there is not much more we can do at the moment. The latest message I posted on the subreddit explains the situation a bit. I'll copy paste the message here:

... I know this is not ideal but it has become impossible for us to keep updating the game. Not only it wasn't economically viable at all, but the technology we used to make the game is very inaccessible to use right now. The version of the engine is not getting updated and it barely runs on modern systems, and we don't really have the bandwidth to port it to a new engine.

The game in its current state is "finished". You can start a game, do everything you expect to do in a metroidvania, defeat the final boss and get to the credits screen. It is not 100% the version we had in mind and we would love to improve many aspects of the game, but it is just not possible for us to keep working on it. Is the game perfect? Of course not. Would it be nice to keep doing updates? Absolutely, but as sad as it seems, real life got in the way and I'm not sure when those updates will come.

I personally started porting the game to a new engine in my free time, but it is not even close to be playable and this is just a solo endeavor.

We are extremely grateful to all the people who supported us along the way and we always make sure to reply to any message we get. So if you want to keep asking questions we are available...

If you want a refund I'm happy to issue one, and I should probably close the store page. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙇‍♂️

Well, thanks again for your support and I'm sorry it is not working. Whenever I release another game I'll make sure to send you a key :)


Hello Tonei. Unfortunately I don't think we can assist you with this issue since we can't compile new versions to OSX and I believe that latest versions of the OS are not compatible with AdventurOS. If you want a refund we can gladly do it. I'm actually going to remove the build so it is not miss leading.

Hope it is not too late! I would love to help with Pixelry

Okay, sent an email to the email address in your profile's website. If you haven't received it just let me know to where should I send it!

haha the game was finished for a long time! there was a lot of confussion because we wanted to add more things but we failed on raising funds for it 😅

I'll md you a key so you can download it! Nothing new has been added, it is the latest version we had available. Thanks for getting in touch!

Do you remember the email you used to buy the game here on the website? I can check the history and send you a key. You should also try running the game using the app since it keeps the game updated

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I see that you are creating a post everywhere you can so I'll try to help you here so that anyone with the same issue can find the solution.
First of all:

Thanks for the bug report! I'm not sure why that is happening to you, do you have the latest version available?

I'll try to make a new build with a more recent version of linux

Hello Beertual! Unfortunately there is not a good solution for rebinding the keys in AdventurOS. There are third party software that can re-map keys but we should really do something to make it inside the game.

We will try to make it fin in the next update but for now there is not much you can do :( I'm really sorry about it!

Playing at 144FPS IS SO DOPE

Thanks for making the mod!

Thanks for the report, we will look into it!

Hey! I'm not sure what is happening, linux is giving us a lot of different errors. What distro are you running?

Hello there. First of all, thank you for getting in touch with us. This is all great feedback and we really appreciate your time in writing this. We feel honored to receive your offer but at the same time we wouldn't want to make anyone work for free so if we ever consider hiring a QA tester we will think about you. For now we already have more tickets that we can handle and it might be an overkill.
We think we understand what parts of the game need to be improved but at this point we are having a lot of issues with Game Maker Studio and our source code itself. We are considering making the project open source and maybe try to move as much as possible out of the Game Maker Studio ecosystem so it can be easier to manage.
We will create tickets for the issues you reported and hope to get back on track fixing and releasing updates!
Thanks again!

Thanks for the info! We will see what we can do to bundle this with the game

Hello there, we are going to look into this and see if we can come up with a solution for the next patch. Sorry for the troubles, the linux version is still a bit unstable :(

thanks for your quick reply and the screenshots! We need to fix more things in the game still, but we are happy it is not spawning in the empty room anymore!

Hello again Duffadash, we pushed a new version just now. Do you have a moment to test if it is working properly now? Thanks!

Hello Duffadash,
We are still working on getting the Linux version to run properly. We have a couple updates to make and we hope to get it out soon.
The main_drive option only gets read on Windows so you don't really have to worry about that.
Hopefully we can release a version tonight. We will keep you posted!