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Linux version spawns player in room with no exits

A topic by Duffadash created Aug 20, 2018 Views: 144 Replies: 4
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Unlike with the Windows version I get no message about what "drive" I am playing on when starting a new game in the Linux version, and the room that spawns has no exits apart from the locked door. Looking in the ~/.config/AdventurOS/settings.ini file reveals that the "main_drive" option is set to "C" which doesn't make sense on a linux system. I haven't had any luck setting it to any other options though. Am I missing something?

Hello Duffadash,
We are still working on getting the Linux version to run properly. We have a couple updates to make and we hope to get it out soon.
The main_drive option only gets read on Windows so you don't really have to worry about that.
Hopefully we can release a version tonight. We will keep you posted!


Hello again Duffadash, we pushed a new version just now. Do you have a moment to test if it is working properly now? Thanks!

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It is indeed working now! Thank you for the fix!

I did notice one peculiar thing though. Not a game breaking bug or anything. Right at the spawn area in the main hub, I managed to take damage from some spikes hidden underneath the tent directly to the right of the spawn point. That seems like it should no be an area that allowed for spikes when generating the area. Here's a screenshot (excuse the screen tearing, I believe that to be a result of the way the screenshot was taken, not the game)


thanks for your quick reply and the screenshots! We need to fix more things in the game still, but we are happy it is not spawning in the empty room anymore!