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Fuck dear lord, you can't make your character blend in the background that much anon, please.

Make a light that he emits go behind him or something.

- The running animation is too fast for this movement speed, you really need to tweak one or the other.

- The diagonal run seems faster than horizontal/vertical.

- If you aim while running, you'll play run animation all the time you're aiming, and when you stop aiming the character turns right all the time.

- Some interactions were pissy about me having to face them.

Fighting was fine and seemed fairly balanced, with active reloading, and how fast enemies and you were.

I've skipped past a few zombies pretty easily.

Good SH/RE vibes, work on the level design and maybe implement a map if you're planning for this thing to be non-linear somewhat.

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Sweet, thanks for the feedback. I'm aware of the aiming animation fuckery and the rest can be easily fixed. Also yeah a map is definitely planned because this level  eventually ends up looping around on itself twice.