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It's a neat little thing. The enemy capture mechanic's kinda cool if a bit inconsistent (though I suppose capturing the green dudes who do nothing but stand around wouldn't do me much good) and the aerial hitstop halting the pull of gravity's a bit weird. You should try and play more into the character being on a skateboard, get some OliOli type momentum going with the grind mechanics so people can BLJ (Breakneck Longboard Jabroni) through these stages instead of grinding to a halt having to kill stuff or wait for platforms.

Also, your style's pretty on point. It's truly the persona of Benbo. Gotta get the music up to match too, though.

jejeje thanks for playing brotherr. I think I fixed the green guy, was it the fireball one or the head? Both greenos were fucked, but they should be patched up now.  Originally the game had a lot more momentum, definitely some chinese bootleg tony hawk shit. I added enemies though and it just didn't work so well together, then I added combos/aerials and it worked even worse so I scrapped it to focus on combat.  I might try to add an area with more focus on platforming and momentum, who knows. Either way, much appreciated, g'bless.