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Finally, a way to play all those hot MUGEN 1.1 characters on everyone's 2nd or 3rd favorite Sega console! I hope everyone dosn't accidentally burn though CD's trying to index characters and get character select screens to line up properly.

The browser version seems to set it's frame rate to the monitor's refresh rate (144fps KFM has some sick frametraps) and makes all of windows eat shit while loading and unloading it, but why would you play MUGEN in a browser anyway? Unfortunately the Windows version dosn't support best boy Dragon Claw so I can't really recommend it, but it's a good start.

Also, did itchio remove the jam page comment section? How will I ever secretly shitpost now?

Official pro-tier indefensible ranking as generally accepted by everyone as signed in the Sega home console treaty of '68:

Dreamcast > Mega Drive > Saturn = Master System > CD > 32X > SG1000 though it may be good, but how will we ever find out.

The CD thing reminds me that I wanted to add SD card support later down the line, so you only need to burn the disc once and then read characters and all that dynamic stuff from the SD card. Though I guess technically, you could just start the game from the SD adapter then and do away with CD-Rs altogether.

So I guess the web version ignores my plea for 60 frames per second. Proper handling of variable fps is something I'll have to tackle in the future anyway, for the five TVs left in the world who only run in 50Hz.  The other games had 50Hz support, but since Mugen relies so much on integer frame values, I've removed it from this one. Of course only until it's all properly sorted out

For me the jam pages still have comments: Does it not show the comment stuff for you? Either way, thanks for risking life and limb outside of the safety of the jam page to share your experience with the demo!