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The absolute madman! He finally did it! Notguts is (mostly) animated and not a cube!

I really like the guard point system for the heavy attacks (I'm pretty sure that's new?) and the new upgrades here and there. Now that notguts is actualy resmebling a human some better animations for the enemies would be nice, like some sort of reaction if they get hit but don't go into hitstun or even just more weight behind the big choreographed attacks (like the scythe dude) to better indicate to get out of dodge.


Heh, guard points have been in there for a while, I wasn't messing around when I said "there are many hidden mechanics and techniques." Just recently I realized you can (dash->jump cancel->dash cancel) to move fast as fuck. I don't even remember if I did that on purpose.

Flinch animations would feel nice, but probably make it a lot harder to tell what state they're in. If I was working on a 3D game that shit would have been in there on day 1. I agree the scythe guy's attack animation is pretty awful, I'll probably touch that up soon. I'm also going to be adding distinct attack telegraph cries, so that should also help a bit.

Thanks for the feedback