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Pitfall Harry Abuses Animals seems a lot less jank and a lot better flowing since last time I played it (dd12 or so?), but other than some Tonami bumper tier breakbeat music for the tutorial and the removal of the dos prompt (rip) there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of new content. That's kind of a bummer too, because with the controls set up as they are some actualy designed levels with good flow would be a lot of fun instead of tight procgen corridors.

Thanks for playing dude! DOS prompt is bound to ~ nowadays, just like in my favorite engine. But yeah most of what we've been focusing on is getting everything feeling simple and smooth, glad ya liked that at least. A few different people have mentioned dropping the procgen meme. Ideally we'd have procgen that makes good flowy levels with interesting shit going on, each being fresh and different enough, but we'll see!