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The android version kept crashing on startup (Galaxy S5) so this is all for the windows version.

The mechanics seem kinda at odds with the level design and the whole touch screen interface; the game encourages you to tap like it's going out of style but then punishes you with a hard rocket limit so you can't rocket projectiles out of the air, and since enemies drop hurtey-balls seemingly at random (and the levels seem to be random too, bad move) there's no strategy or perceivable though line to the level, contrasting to the bosses that are mindlessly easy. There's also a sort of Gradius syndrome going on here, as the power-ups are crazy good and you feel like a wimp without them. 

The SFX are laughably bad (if you are going to use s/bfxr  at least layer a couple on top of each other and post process it), and I hope that music's placeholder because it sounds like FL default loops mashed together, the graphics evoke a euroshmup vibe (in a bad way) with how nothing they are,  but the biggest problem on top of all that is it's just not fun.

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Can I ask which version of android you are using? The windows version has known issues of being an older beta which is why android is recommended, plus it's just boring to play with a mouse. So far it hasn't crashed on anything I tried it with.

But if randomly generated attacks aren't your thing you probably won't like this game no matter what. 

( Also, you aren't supposed to tap, but hold down. )

4.4.2, Kernel ver 3.4.0-964333 w/root

A lot of weird stuff refuses to work on it (like Fire Emblem Heroes) so I might've just mucked something up when ricing it.

Thanks for getting back to me on that. You're actually using the same version as my galaxy tab I use for testing on larger screens, which makes it all the more strange that it crashed on your device. By any chance did you rice it so it must keep everything on external storage? I intentionally setup my android SDK settings to require as few permissions as possible to avoid any headaches with google ( They require you to setup a privacy policy if you have too many / certain permissions ), so if you rooted your phone and set it up in a way that it absolutely NEEDS to have WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for everything then that might be why.

If you have a way of checking that it could also fix Fire Emblem for you.