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Thanks for getting back to me on that. You're actually using the same version as my galaxy tab I use for testing on larger screens, which makes it all the more strange that it crashed on your device. By any chance did you rice it so it must keep everything on external storage? I intentionally setup my android SDK settings to require as few permissions as possible to avoid any headaches with google ( They require you to setup a privacy policy if you have too many / certain permissions ), so if you rooted your phone and set it up in a way that it absolutely NEEDS to have WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission for everything then that might be why.

If you have a way of checking that it could also fix Fire Emblem for you.

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Can I ask which version of android you are using? The windows version has known issues of being an older beta which is why android is recommended, plus it's just boring to play with a mouse. So far it hasn't crashed on anything I tried it with.

But if randomly generated attacks aren't your thing you probably won't like this game no matter what. 

( Also, you aren't supposed to tap, but hold down. )

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Currently in pending publication status on google play.

Added the demo version for android.

I recommend anyone who tries the game to play it on your phone. The game was designed to actually be good with touchscreen controls, so it feels less "cheap" when played with the APK version. Seriously the windows version is eh the game is far less fun with a mouse.

Thanks. I'm currently working on some improvements for android, mainly a rapid fire system to help with smartphones that don't let you tap that quickly.

The big thing I noticed is this game sucks without Dpad. As soon as I switched to my usb gamepade from keyboard game becomes significantly more playable and actually fun.

Consider making a note "Gamepad reccomended / supported" somewhere in the intro. This type of combat doesn't work with keys at all.