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A jam entry

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Action-RPG/platformer game about man named "22", who is a part of mysterious fire worshipping cult of "Coalers".
Submitted by grandfaker with 2 days, 20 hours before the deadline

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@WRIT @AttaBoy I see you guys both had same error, while it never occurred to me before. I will have too lok on that for sure. Thanks for trying to play it and for feedback.


It crashed when I launched, you can find the full error here, look for your game:

I see you making steady progress on tumblr, so Im excited to play your next demo with all its improvements

Was getting this error message when trying to launch the game. Both the standalone .exe as well as the .zip
I was really looking forward to it as well!


@aaaleee It seems like jumping seems somewhat off for people, so I will try rework the feeling of it. And give it a little buff maybe. Info about playing on Mac seems interesting. Maybe that game will work on Linux using Wine too? Who knows? Anyway , thanks for feedback!

@Ogier Wow, that's a big "report". You've found some bugs I've never even have thought off before. And it's so nice that you have played on controller, you were probably first person playing like that. About that moment, where you started running to the left - I don't know why, but it's cutscene not working right. I will have to find some method to repair this, because it's not the first time it happened, but it's sometimes hard to reproduce. Thanks for feedback!


FYI your game can run on a Mac using Wine.

Good game, some feedback:

- The jump feels a bit too tight (you can barely make it to some locations that are obviously not meant to be hard. Giving it some more jump or lowering the platforms that are not supposed to be challenges might fix this.

-Fell off a couple of walls. Especially the one to the left of the lever.

Keep it up!

Comment was too long for itch. I attempted to find as many bugs as I could. These were the settings I was playing with