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@WRIT @AttaBoy I see you guys both had same error, while it never occurred to me before. I will have too lok on that for sure. Thanks for trying to play it and for feedback.

@aaaleee It seems like jumping seems somewhat off for people, so I will try rework the feeling of it. And give it a little buff maybe. Info about playing on Mac seems interesting. Maybe that game will work on Linux using Wine too? Who knows? Anyway , thanks for feedback!

@Ogier Wow, that's a big "report". You've found some bugs I've never even have thought off before. And it's so nice that you have played on controller, you were probably first person playing like that. About that moment, where you started running to the left - I don't know why, but it's cutscene not working right. I will have to find some method to repair this, because it's not the first time it happened, but it's sometimes hard to reproduce. Thanks for feedback!

Part 2:

- First boss (I'm assuming that Red Knight is first boss) was too goddamn easy (I was bearing that cold sword, because I went right at start, don't if it's how you wanted player to go). All I did was spam "X" to kill him. Try adding him some dodges/blocks/counters or something like that maybe?

- Ice sword felt a bit overpowered for me.

- Good things now. Game felt a bit like Devil May Cry for me, which is a really good thing. If you would add more combo systems and thing like that, it would be awesome.

- Music was fantastic too. It was creating atmosphere that somehow reminded me of Legacy of Kain series, which is great thing too.

- I really enjoyed artstyle too. I don't care what others might say, but it's ideal to complete the mix.

- Nothing else to say. Your game is promising, so don't disappoint me!

Okay, I was interested in your game since I saw it first time, but still I was waiting for demo day to check it out. I was playing on gamepad and starting from bad sides, I will point out some things.

Part 1:

- While creating a profile - please add same function from button "B" (on xbox gamepad) to "Start" button. It woud feel more intuitive (for me)

- What do you think about making options like "slide to choose option, press button to confirm"? Personally I don't like those sudden screen jumps while checking out, what options are available.

Part 3

- In options menu I would suggest to ask player for confirmation of changes instead of instant changes. Feel somehow wrong that way.

- Also, I don't know how about character shaking during walking on stairs - is it on purpose, or is it some bug? (Another thing when it comes to shaking - - when I happened to be there after dying, when I was trying moving to right, it felt like some clanky shaking. )

I don't know what else to say. I'm just impressed, because you are doing really good job. Keep on going, man!

Part 2:

Second stage felt suddenly like 500% of first stage difficulty, so it felt like too much. I gave up on moving platforms fragment, where there are archers and skeletons on top. It felt like too much. But don't get me wrong. For sure you shouldn't make game easier, but if you targeting not only into old castlevania players, but for totally newbie players too, then just try to do something in-between, so player will be able to learn some tricks and stuff.

- Music was great. It felt dynamic, a bit stimulating, but wasn't disturbing gameplay. Made me feel like playing on old console, which is nice feeling (good thing you have made gamepad controls).

- I'm assuming that it's just castlevania mechanic, but personally, I don't like that falling mechanic (for example, when you are going in direction of stairs, but will fall if you won't press down near them).

Well, I've played your game at last, but before you will read that comment, be aware that I've literally never played Castlevania before, so I'm for sure not your target. Or at least that's how I felt while playing.

Part 1:

- First thing - game feels solid. Not buggy, not clunky, mostly everything seems to be working, how it should be.

- Difficulty is a bit unbalanced for me (maybe because I didn't knew mechanics already, when I started playing?). At first it was super easy, like "come on, jump over here, kill that guy, you are the best". Then first boss happened to be. He was tough, just like boss should be, but as a newbie player I felt like I wasn't prepared. Every other enemy before was super easy to dodge/kill, when boss suddenly was super fast in comparison (it was ok, but sudden rush without warning felt a bit cheap).