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A jam submission

Clarent Demo 3.99View game page

Action Adventure Metroidvania
Submitted by Arikado — 1 day, 12 hours before the deadline

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In case you missed it in the thread I did a playthrough of your game:


Feels like the game made a huge quality jump with this demo. The combat feels great, Noir's animation and overall moveset are awesome and the demo is surprisingly long. My only gripes are the difficulty and menu controls. While the combat feels great it's a bit too easy now, the red knight for example literally couldn't move while I combo'd him to death from full life to 0(maybe that was a bug?). The controls in the menu feel abit "un-intuitive", not sure how else to describe it. Nonetheless, that's just some minor stuff and tweaking a few numbers, overall, great demo, for something that shapes up to be a great game.

It's one of the most advanced game on agdg right now and you know it. Move along.

Rest of feedback.

Good stuff as always. I'm glad to see object interactivity back. I wish different selectable sub weapons would come back though.
The Nerf to slide kicking seems a bit extreme, maybe have it only lock you out of it until you either turn around or double the hitstun of the move. It's also a little weird that you can't jump cancel attacks that can be dodge canceled, which I'm pretty sure was in the last demo.


Part 2:

- First boss (I'm assuming that Red Knight is first boss) was too goddamn easy (I was bearing that cold sword, because I went right at start, don't if it's how you wanted player to go). All I did was spam "X" to kill him. Try adding him some dodges/blocks/counters or something like that maybe?

- Ice sword felt a bit overpowered for me.

- Good things now. Game felt a bit like Devil May Cry for me, which is a really good thing. If you would add more combo systems and thing like that, it would be awesome.

- Music was fantastic too. It was creating atmosphere that somehow reminded me of Legacy of Kain series, which is great thing too.

- I really enjoyed artstyle too. I don't care what others might say, but it's ideal to complete the mix.

- Nothing else to say. Your game is promising, so don't disappoint me!


Okay, I was interested in your game since I saw it first time, but still I was waiting for demo day to check it out. I was playing on gamepad and starting from bad sides, I will point out some things.

Part 1:

- While creating a profile - please add same function from button "B" (on xbox gamepad) to "Start" button. It woud feel more intuitive (for me)

- What do you think about making options like "slide to choose option, press button to confirm"? Personally I don't like those sudden screen jumps while checking out, what options are available.

  1. As far as moving in menus, I think it'll be better if the game accepted input on-button-up, not on-button-down, because I end up moving the menu cursor way over where I want to go. Maybe that or keep using on-button-down and slow down the repeat rate.
  2. Seems like the save profile doesn't work as expected. I made a new profile in slot 2 but when I use it, I get the menu that lets me load the game and it's allowing me to load the game in slot 1.
Other than that, it's a pretty decent Castlevania game. Will certainly keep watch for updates.