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I like where this is going. The combat feels already pretty good, hitboxes and collision work well and seem fair. Only thing I would add: some kind of energy vortex around your character or an anime-circle behind/under him, the graphic quality is already pretty high so it's kinda weird that your characters gliding/floating isn't more accentuated.

Looking forward to feature versions of this.

Feels like the game made a huge quality jump with this demo. The combat feels great, Noir's animation and overall moveset are awesome and the demo is surprisingly long. My only gripes are the difficulty and menu controls. While the combat feels great it's a bit too easy now, the red knight for example literally couldn't move while I combo'd him to death from full life to 0(maybe that was a bug?). The controls in the menu feel abit "un-intuitive", not sure how else to describe it. Nonetheless, that's just some minor stuff and tweaking a few numbers, overall, great demo, for something that shapes up to be a great game.

I am not sure what to say, this is pure art

This is really well made and has a nice amount of content for a demo, I just have one complain: unless I am being retarded and missed it, it's not possible to change the controls. On non-english keyboards some keys are switched. In my case(germany) it's the z and y keys, I changed my settings to US to play the game but some people might not bother and miss out on it.

The next demo will have auto-repair(around 0.1 to 0.5% of the max health per second) and maybe some kind of active heal-ability(repair-field or whatever). Generally, I want to limit repair/health pickups to longer PVE missions.