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A jam submission

[Placeholder Title] - DDXXII VersionView game page

It's like the DDXXI version except with attempts at more bug fixes
Submitted by Ogier (@Ogier_Dev) — 1 day, 2 hours before the deadline

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Always enjoy playing your game, gameplay is as fun as always. Menu text and especially the difficulty select were cute and nice touches. Tried changing the window scale in the options menu, which worked but the actual number didn't change. Other than that didn't find any bugs. Looking forward to more progress!


Went through your changelog to test all the new cool stuff.

  • Keybinding worked with both my QWERTZ keyboard and my Xbox360 controller. I tried both remapping in the menu and during the game, both worked as intended.
  • Tried breaking the slopes, with no success. Even used the old mash-every-button trick. but everything just worked.
  • Selecting difficulty seems to work as well since I finally defeated [Elemental Earth]  (on normal before any rumors start here).
  • My keyboard settings were recovered after restarting the game, so that worked too.
  • Couldn't test the Linux build, so I can't say anything about that one. Didn't notice any graphical glitches from the internal resolution change under Windows though.
  • The menu help text is hilarious, though the self-deprecation kinda clashes with the fact that it's a really fun game.

So yeah, all in all, it werks, what more could you want, right?


Thanks for testing it out.  I'm sure the slopes have some evil hidden away that isn't apparent yet.