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A jam submission

Blade of BloodView game page

A Bloody Sidescrolling Action Game
Submitted by Renoki — 2 days, 5 hours before the deadline

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Left some feedback here, look for your game:


I agree that the combat feels sticky. Quicker animations, less starting lag, interruptable ending lag could help out. The blood mechanic isn't instantly obvious, maybe having the in game sword glow or something when its charged. The enemies just crouching down when they die doesn't tell me they're dead quickly enough. Ragdolling, exploding, or turning darker when killed would be more readable. I like the atmosphere, but some more contrast and intensity would be nice.

Looking forward to your progress!

First the issues. The combat feels "sticky" and it takes a bit long to go from standing to crouching in order to react to ground enemies. You can get stuck at the tops of staircases and fall into bottomless pits at the bottom of them. I don't know if the standing enemies were meant to be walking in mid air sometimes (maybe they are going to be apparitions?) but I wanted to report that.

All that being said I still had a great time. I appreciated seeing the bats in the far distance and can tell that will lend itself well to building the atmosphere. With enough polish and love this could be a really great game and I hope you continue to work on it!

Comment too long for itch. The platforms are a bit too dark/blend in with the background and I couldn't really see them. Forgot to mention, when referring to the charge attacks, I meant the melee ones.