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Heartfelt game about revenge (on Steam!)
Submitted by sevencrane (@sevencrane) — 9 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline
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Some how I am an idiot to not get past the target logo forcefield and I hate my life


shoot the target in the thorns

but how


oh, do you have the gun eyes ability yet? you gotta take the heart back to Lauren.

oh ok thanks!


"completed" the game several time and i can state that its future looks very bright  to me


Thank you, I hope you're right.

Best game ever

I couldn't play this game, I don't know why
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I did a video playthrough if that is helpful to you. No commentary, though.

Like an hour and ~28 minutes long.

Notable Time Stamps:
7:22 - Softlock after cutscene going into the Deeps
27:56 - Lady of the Lake Fight
46:13 - Richter Fight
1:08:19 - Rena Fight

Some thoughts:
-Meteor Dive, Orca Flip Kick, and jumping through one-way platforms didn't seem to work with the d-pad. They worked just fine with the analog stick. For reference I am using a DS4 but with DS4Windows to emulate xbox controllers.
-There's this part where you can walk into thorns but if you manage to do so you'll get hit like 3+ times in a row (around the first actual save point I think in the Deeps). Maybe add a bit of kockback so you don't get hit a ton of times with that?
-Map in the pause menu doesn't seem to pan regardless of what I use and it feels like the map progress keeps resetting when I rezone? I'm not entirely sure.

-When I talked to Greg while going at incredibly high speeds, I noticed the skid marks were still active during the cutscene, then went away after it ended.
-I wasn't sure if there was anything left to do after I fought Rena so I kind of wandered around after that. I wanted to go back to the Deeps but the door wouldn't open (despite being able to hit the target from where I was standing) which is unfortunate. Had nothing left to try parry on as far as I was aware at the time of getting it.
-Personally I feel like the camera should be handled a bit differently during boss battles, like more static to show the entire area without moving, at least where appropriate.
-The slimes that come up from the ground and punch you feel like they come out of nowhere. Maybe make them more noticeable while idle? Looking very closely I can see them but they blend in super strongly with the background and such.  
-I never acquired that Speedo. I was 2slow. Going fast is very fun, though.
-The music in the area with the fish in the background is a real jam.

-Another thing I forgot to add with the Race: It would be nice if I could talk to him to retry rather than rezone.


Wow, thank you so much for the video and writeup.

- why pause when taking damage? were you trying to fuck with the physics system, or did you just want to see the player damage hitmarker?
- nice attacks, you have a pretty good grasp of the movement and gameplay
- I forgot I left that "be mean/be nice" dialogue choice with Steven in there, that was from when I was testing the dialogue choice system. but I'm happy and impressed that you found it as well as the "secret" Tara dialogue where she's conflicted about wanting to make it back up to the surface
- the dialogue you couldn't get to with Steven near the roof of that cavern in the Deeps isn't anything important. they recite lines from "out of touch" by hall and oates, but with "touch" and "time" replaced by "sludge" and "slime".
- really nice job on the Richter fight. I was worried I made it too hard when prettysober streamed it, but you knew how aggro to be and how to abuse dash and keep him in hitstun.
- you got the speedo from Rob's shop, I forgot to take it out. I think I need to tweak the biker race, I nerfed the player's divekick recently and that might have contributed to it.
- the downwards kick at high speeds is an insta slide, so you don't need to jump. i'll add a control overview in the next update
- not sure what the issue is with that tilemap artifacting, I haven't seen it before. It looks like you're running the webGL version at a high resolution, which I can't really test myself.
- D-pad meteor and orca issues are weird. Thankfully I can test those.
- very impressed during the Rena fight. nice usage of the landing-canceled forward air to extend the hitstun. you beat her faster than I could, I fuck around a lot but it usually takes me at least 2-3 ring breaks.
- Map camera movement issues are fixed but unreleased
- I'll add knockback to the thorns
- Rena and Penelope are the end of the game's content for now
- I'll add eyes to the slimes when they're idle as well

Thanks again, this was really helpful.


>- why pause when taking damage? were you trying to fuck with the physics system, or did you just want to see the player damage hitmarker?
I had a moment of wondering if I could break something, like the one bit before going into town for the first time, trying to build up a lot of speed to maybe bypass the barrier or assigning weird/redundant buttons to things in the menu at the end.

>-- not sure what the issue is with that tilemap artifacting, I haven't seen it before. It looks like you're running the webGL version at a high resolution, which I can't really test myself.

I was running the vapor-trails-win-exe downloaded version if that helps.

Developer (1 edit) (+2)

>I was running the vapor-trails-win-exe downloaded version if that helps.

That's interesting. I'll try to replicate it then. Thanks for trying to break stuff too, it's nice to see someone try to pick apart the game.


lookin sick as always, only complaint bout the visuals is that the effect when u get hurt feels very excessive

there is a bug that if u slide down a wall sometime your sprite will enter the wall when hitting the ground

also you keep your momentum when u respawn after getting hurt by some thorny things, which caused me to enter an infinite loop where it would just throw myself at the thorns over and over until i died

also this menu here  looks weird i had no idea how to use it


that's an issue on window resizing, I'll have a fix out soon. thorny momentum is odd, I'll work on that one too. thanks for playing!


Looks interesting, There are never enough metroidvanias.


After I left garden park I was placed inside the collision here


Just fixed that. Thanks for playing!


The animations and art style are really slick! 

After defeating the boss and getting destroyed by the suit guy, I got stuck with a purple background and the main character was nowhere to be seen (end of the demo maybe?). I also found the big guy to be much, much easier than the sword one. Spamming normal fist felt op compared to kicking.


That's really strange. Not the end of the demo at all, try reloading.  Glad you liked it so far though!


This is how it looks on my end. Currently I'm using chrome to play in windows 10. Maybe this is related to the game playing in a browser, some functions of the engine might mess up with html5. My godot game worked properly on desktop but crashed in the browser every time it called a function to get a random float number. A quick workaround fixed it. Maybe you have a function that is not browser friendly for some bizarre reason.

Another note I forgot to mention earlier was that the character clipped through the floor when she was below an elevator while it was decending, but I remember you posting about it on an /agdg/ thread.


Very weird! I've seen that happen once in a browser. Try reloading, that's what fixed it before. It might be a browser thing because I've never seen it on a desktop build.

Also yeah, that floor clipping just happens. The elevator has a collider on it that pushes you down if it drops on you.


Found the issue and fixed it. Thanks for the helpful reporting.


- i couldn't find my way out of the options menu, and had to restart the game

- would have really helped if there was some kinda tutorial or if the controls were listed / pictured on the first screen
- i feel like there's too much momentum. small platforms can be hard to land on / jump from

great job so far otherwise

Fixed the options issue, it was a race condition. I'll add more controls in the next update though, thanks!


Art style is looking furiously sick. You're going to make some bomb fucking trailers for this game right?


thanks! and maybe, when I get the time. my friend made one as a joke a while back but it's very short