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Thank you for responding to our question about Kakatte Koi Yo, the team account is at  in case you needed to pass that information to the admin.

sure you can @ me at #2592

Ah, good to know that that's essentially the softcap for that planet's size. I'll work on designing with that in mind, thank you for feedback again.

I played your game the other day, definitely my favorite of the jam so I'm glad you came around to offer feedback on mine and reach such a high score. Your feedback is definitely noted.

The effect the mouse position has on the player's movement is pretty janky now, if instability was what you were going for then I look forward to seeing you develop it in a way that makes movement fun and intuitive to the player on how they can optimize their movement. The size of UI elemeents and how close some are to others makes for a cluttered, confusing first impression

Cute art all around though.

This game has a lot of potential if you went further into it.

The failure collisions are really strict where if you orbit a planet that happens to be at the top of the screen you'll fail just for landing on it.

It would be cool to give the player the ability to control the speed at which they boost when out of orbit to catch the near misses in gravity, perhaps with a limited resource that can be recharged over time or collected from items that scroll vertically in the same way the planets do. Having collectibles that increase your score or empower the player would add a lot of risk reward to just planet hopping.

Looking forward to your progress on this game.

After 2 weeks your game can be updated it says on the jam, your team still did great work either way.

The way the end state of the game reinforces the character you put into the planets is very satisfying and adds some replay value.

The effect of the controls aren't as clear as they could be. Aside from naming the movement to be clockwise or counter clockwise maybe the ring of the orbit could show the direction the player would move when inputting that direction? Or the planet itself could have a way to show the direction.

Looking forward to seeing what other things you might include in a larger version of this game.

Your menu would greatly improve if you used the Event System to navigate it with Gamepad.

I wanted to brag about my score but it didn't show up on the end screen, the game is cute though.

I've taken the weight mechanics suggestions into consideration and hopefully with some playtesting I can see how they would affect the game. I definitely want to tune the large character's jump as the end of it definitely feels too floaty.

I've also added a new palette to the background to add contrast, I hope that's along the lines of what you meant by adding more colors. Thank you for feedback.

Ah sorry for not considering Keyboard players, I've added a lot of multi input functionality to the game now so I hope you can give it a try. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

Thank you for pointing these things out, that bottomless pit was reported by a number of players and I've taken steps to rewrite how pits kill the player. Hopefully this prevents any more endless death pits. I've also taken your critique of the color contrast and completely changed the palette of the background. Hopefully it looks even better once I add scrolling and parallax.

I've also added d-pad functionality and I agree it definitely feels right for a precision platformer. Thank you for taking the time to help me.