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Cat LabyrinthView game page

DRPG about punching cats.
Submitted by Azebu — 1 day, 3 hours before the deadline

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I liked this a lot, the foundation seems solid. I think the pacing in battle/moving could be sped up, or at least provide the option to. The only issue I had was that it seems weird to have the town menuing down with mouse, but when presented the menu in battle, it can only be done on keyboard.

This game is not really polished but it work, there was a strange bug with adding party member on city but i can't replicate, ill wait for a more complete version of your project to give a real opinion.


Good features what you have. Its getting there towards being a complete demo.
Personally I don't prefer random encounters so that was frustrating to me. Also, the difficulty of battles obviously isnt very polished.
It was a little hard for me to understand the whole process of creating a team and dragging them into slots in order to unlock the Embark button.

Unfortunately my play through ended in a dead end scene as you can see here ->
I had just beaten a group of 3 cats in combat but instead of advancing to the next screen the scene just stayed stuck. No button or click seemed to allow me to advance

Keep up the good progress!


Thanks for playing and for the report. I'm trying to think of some ways to deal with random combat which is the norm in these games, for now there's a glowing crystal in the UI which indicates how soon a new fight will happen. And yes, the battle difficulty is very rough at the moment. Can you tell me if you found it too hard or too easy?

As for the crash, it seems that the End Turn button could be pressed at times I didn't want it to be.  It's fixed now in the new version, thank you again.


I would suggest overworking enemies so that you actually have to contact them to trigger the battle. 

To answer your question : I found the very first encounter/battle to not be hard but rather very lengthy and tedious, but then the next 5-6 battles I ran into were extremely easy after I gained some exp and leveled up. The game locked up early on so idk how it progresses, but initially battles are brain dead easy just mashing the basic attack. Enemies need greater variation in their stats/resistances to force the player to use other routes of attack, such as having to reduce a strong mooks attack etc


Yeah, I think the fights are pretty easy once player gains few levels. I even cut base Strength in half before releasing and it still wasn't enough.

The element that's supposed to make them harder are Trials. You get a randomly generated task at the start of battle, like "don't take any damage", which will award bonus exp (and more in the future) at the end of the fight. You can view the details of them by holding Tab, and since last version you can also hover over the icon (on the webm you linked it's the heart). So basically you could just ignore them, or you could try a bit harder to complete them in order to cut down grinding time.

For next demo I'll try to get more variety on top of this by adding Slash/Pierce/Crush damage and defense, as well as more skills for each class to encourage more strategy in fights.


Taking place in a sophisticated world of a dystopian cat overrun future you are sent out on a massive genocide of cats who threaten one of the last known human settlements. 

I love cats.I love this project.  I thought the movement was awkward at first but I got used to it.  Love that the boxer cat told me to go get an item, but I blew them up from behind instead. 

Make it so the battle screen works with awsd+  mouse controls too. 


Thanks for playing! 

I'm going to add WASD in combat real quick and finish the version with few other bugfixes I spotted, but mouse control will be added later on (hopefully by the next DD).