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A jam submission

Acras Project Demo v.32View game page

AGDG submission
Submitted by T4TGames — 1 day, 7 hours before the deadline

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Good style, i like the music a lot. I think could be more enjoyable if the "battle version" could turn on once you attack and doesn't end until the end of the turn. Keep up the good work.


Thank you! 

I'll talk about that suggestion with the team. I could understand wanting to listen to the battle theme a bit longer! 

Submitted (1 edit)

I can see the improvements from the last build, nice job. I especially love music smoothly changing into "Ablaze" version during combat.

Bugs I found: Uhie couldn't act at all in the second map (worked just fine during NG+ though). I also crashed when I pressed Enter trying to advance dialogue when changing zones. When using Fire Tome it still said Ice Tome in combat, also it uses more action points than advertised, and it can't handle spinning too fast. It also didn't appear under the Enter menu.

Now for some bullying: It takes too long between animations finishing and damage going out, especially on enemy attacks. Being able to attack multiple times in a turn is pretty strong (it's okay for a demo version, but maybe make the damage reduced for consecutive attacks). Zushi's QTE could use a bit more clarity.

Really looking forward to future demos, keep up the great work.


Thanks for playing again Azebu! Really appreciate the in depth look at the project. You spotted a lot of things we didn't. We'll be working on all of these issues before our next build.