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Thanks a ton for playing! You nailed a lot of things that we wanna improve on right on the head. We will work on having some challenging content next time, as well as address all these concerns.  It has been mostly demo stuff at this point as you can tell.  I marked all of your concerns into my feedback book. Really appreciate your time!

Lucky, thanks a ton for playing! I'll note all these concerns, and we will hit them all to make them better guaranteed! Thanks a lot for enjoying the demo. There was a lot of love put into that hip shake! 

Hello, Just checked up on the game and the progress seems great. I didn't run into an obvious issues, but I got stuck in the same quest point as the other person who couldnt get past the slimes. I found some secret area's as well, and love the new cg art. Its coming together really well. More hints on the slime would be helpful. The text guy was repeating a quote about the tanuki harmonica scene. 

Thanks a lot for playing again Jonok, We do have plans to show the attack range. We'll take a look at making that a better more intuitive  experience. 

I played up to the second mission!  It might have been my mouse speed but it felt like whenever i moved my mouse a bit i flipped over a bit much for how much i moved my mouse.  I felt really safe using my airplane as a land cruiser instead!   Overall , no crashes(other than my plane) and no matter how much i tried to break the game in the time limit there were no errors.  Thanks for showing your game!

Sorry about that! We did a quick update on the sprite that was causing that issue, if you redownload that should be fixed! We'll work on the second zushi skill a bit more and provide another update!

Many new updates! Give it a shot!

Thanks a ton for the feedback! We'll be taking a look at all the things you mentioned and more!

Thank you! 

I'll talk about that suggestion with the team. I could understand wanting to listen to the battle theme a bit longer! 

Reminds me of the spore game. A ton of fun with good ways to express your creativity in your little germ killing machine. 

Ran into the same issue as korpiroot.

My favorite skeleton is the one with the top hat. 

Agree with the below on the camera being off.  Better control of your space bar spell would be a plus too. 

Taking place in a sophisticated world of a dystopian cat overrun future you are sent out on a massive genocide of cats who threaten one of the last known human settlements. 

I love cats.I love this project.  I thought the movement was awkward at first but I got used to it.  Love that the boxer cat told me to go get an item, but I blew them up from behind instead. 

Make it so the battle screen works with awsd+  mouse controls too. 

Thanks for playing again Azebu! Really appreciate the in depth look at the project. You spotted a lot of things we didn't. We'll be working on all of these issues before our next build. 

Awesome art, and music. if i was a teacher at a school and wanted kids to learn how to type i'd give them this game. 

Thanks a lot for the feedback! We are working on addressing pretty much all the issues you had with the game  as well as improving the animation/art.   Try again soon, and thanks! 

Thanks a lot for finding this!  We'll fix this bug up by next demo.

This time I was able to save the kingdom. Thanks alot for the update squaredev!

Cool shader. At first was attacking with w then I found the better attack button : ).

Looking forward to how this turns out. 

Haha, yeah we are definitely working more in terms of that. Thanks for trying it out buddy!

Thanks for playing buddy! 

Yeah, we are are definitely talking about ways to up our UX game. Thanks for trying.  Weird enemies didn't attack you though. You might have run into an unlucky wall bug that happens about 2/10 runs.  

Lots of potential. Love games like this. 

I like the concept and art  of this game. Feels solid, and loved the mario& luigi series it's based off of. kept breaking for me after the the second door opening cut scene so couldn't continue to solve puzzles. Witch also seems to be facing odd directions when I try to aim her fireball. 

Very charming dialogue style which seems to be the focus of the demo. Looking through the debug room gives insight of the possibilities of the platform.  

The double jump aspect takes getting used to with wall riding feeling a bit strange, but the gravity in game feels really good. Clare has got hops. 

I gave my life for the girls. Awesome game. 

If use ability is grayed out you don't have enough AP to attack.   If you do have enough AP double click on the enemy after you click use ability on them. Sorry its not so clear on the game! You played before we really fleshed out the description. Thanks for trying it out though!

Yeah! A lot of people were confused with the AP system, we have plans to make it more clear in future demos.

Thanks for the feedback! QTE suggestion is awesome.