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Nice game, i had to say that sometime the tree where too simple to complete but is a cute concept, i would think that is possible to make shapes rather than lines

Operating System
    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
    Intel Core i7 5500U @ 2.40GHz    55 °C
    Broadwell-U 14nm Technology
    12.0GB Dual-Channel DDR3 (11-11-11-28)
    LENOVO 20BVA017CD (U3E1)
    ThinkPad Display 1366x768 (1366x768@60Hz)
    Intel HD Graphics 5500 (Lenovo)
    1023MB NVIDIA GeForce 940M (Lenovo)    38 °C
    ForceWare version: 441.12
    SLI Disabled
    232GB Samsung SSD 750 EVO 250GB (SATA (SSD))

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Reached the 3rd floor, Really wonderful concept with strong gameplay. I can see a bright future for this game, especially played in coop with a friend controlling blocks and the other the knight, but also as a compelling puzzle to beat alone, I welcomed a lot the fact block do not descend if you control the knight because this shit is hardcore as fuck.

- a green goblin went trough the knight after a line, I'm not sure how to replicate this bug
- are all the chest suppose to be mimic?

Feature suggestion
- Hammer is vitals because many time I found myself in the condition of block my knight in the same row all walled, consider generating a hammer nearby the knight every line done by the blocks - Double tap for smashing a wall, it can help unintentional hammering
- Make appear at least 1 heal potion on the screen when the knight is low on HP.
- Colour-coded bars same as the Potions for more intuitive design, HP = red, AP = Blue, EXP = Orange.
- I think this game would benefit for a Difficulty score multiplier, maybe I'm a little bit too dumb for this game but the base game is really hard for me so it would be a possibility to give the option to have infinite AP, Infinite Hammers, having the knight invulnerable from falling in the void at the price of high scores.

Structure suggestion
The actual structure is serviceable, but I had the feeling that this game could be much richer on the dungeon crawling aspect, what I was thinking is design the game on floors like quest but with an endless loop in mind, each floor has a theme like a goblin floor, traps floor, ice floor... with the block decorated by the theme.
Each floor has an advancement bar that fills with the score combined for a block and the exit appear when the bar is filled but after that, the bar will go back to zero. if you miss it I guess you have to refill the advancement bar but you don't gain any score and from the level anymore.
Monsters should scale each floor making the player aiming for keeping the knight strong enough to face deeper floors, the player could grind but the EXP is lower after the exit appear.
Occasionally a Challenge floor could ask you to do some mission (like the one present in quest mode) to unlock the bar of advancement. Every 5th floors could be a Boss floor, after beating the boss, the player is rewarded with a lot of EXP and the exit appear.
Quest mode could be called Story mode and it could be just like an endless mode but with the possibility of continuing after a boss, each boss could have cutscenes or dialogues, after beating the first loop the game will end with the ending cutscene, this mode should be aimed for people that want a less stressful experience.

Boss suggestion
- A monster that shoots a laser from his sides on block placement that pushes the knight to move out of is sight, it teleports on the same raw of the knight every block placement.
- A monster that throws bombs toward the knight, the explosion destroys a square 3x3, it doesn't teleport he just ran.

Music suggestion
- I played the game while listening "Solstice main BGM" and had a blast because I feel that this game has the vibe of an old DOS game, I'm not suggesting strictly 8 bit but daunting music would fit great.

I hope you find any of my feedback is useful and also find this wall of text not too painful to read.

It runs really slow on my pc

It definitely nail the experience of playing a cheap bootleg, the one i found more interesting where Future escape with that weird backstory at the beginning for a simple dodge game, Crate realm was actually intriguing and Dragon Bowl 2 for the name also it make lose my side finding the bug on the upleft corner. The other one are weird, not fun and Attack Sky is not working, I'm not sure if is part of experience.

Overall i don't know what the direction of this project could be, but if you want to aim for maximum bootleg you should add more games to stand out as the ultimate bootleg experience.

Nice concept i dig being a pirate in a management game. It would be nice to have more dynamics like things that would make me feel more in control of a ship rather than a cursor, like ocean currents that make slow you down or make you faster.
Another thing i think would benefit the game is that ships should try to avoid you, also you could add a collision system for the ships so you can even add a damage meter that require gold for repairs.
I hope you find the feedback useful.

Comfy game, you should move the camera higher for better clarity, it could be too early to suggest but i don't thing is a good idea to present the player with a lot of information all at once, the player should look the town for himself and knew the place by visiting rather to be forced to see a list of places just once. I'm not also sure how much important would be the combat but for now is impossible to fight without trading damage, maybe extend the range of the attack would help.

Good concept, but i found difficult to read my cards because they where too close, Looking forward for the next demo.

Beaten all the levels, is a good start but it need some polish

- Can`t jump while dashing, not sure if the problem come from my keyboard
- Pressing R when the character is out of the level make the character disappear forever
- Completing the level by sliding make the game go back to the menu

- The double jump made me skip most of the obstacles, i feel that the game is intended to play without it.
- Making the game without double jump make the game harder but more rewarding to obtain altitude, you could substitute the double jump with a jump that scale with your speed to create a game based maintain speed.
- For a speed running game i would personally prefer bass and drums music

Looks promising, although i was not really feeling to read a wall of text so i hope you will keep the log for the people who want the LORE.

Sorry about the dialogue feedback, i was thinking that when I'm rushing usually character keep talking and i was thinking that you had 2 option, one is to stop the player or make some response about the player rushing without reading dialogues, for example with the sun you can stop and listen or just keep going and make the character says something like "where are you going? that sun was talk..." "eh not interesting"

I think the problem could come from the character having the fast punch, i cannot prove if is a truecombo with 2 players

Looks competent, not really sure about all the feature of this game, but why i cannot jump while springing?

Enemies have too much HP, also the animation are weak you should swing the sword more wider, when hit looks like you should have a knock back for now looks really unpolished.

Cool, you probably need to have a faster swing other than the charge attack, so what's the plans for this game?

It looks fantastic and i can run it on my old pc, other than that I'm not sure this is even a game or some attempt's of flexing on other engines.

Yeah i like the execute mechanic, if you outplay an enemy but it has a lot of HP feel unnatural to keep bashing on him, is refreshing to see something like that.

This is an interesting one, but sadly i reach the underground grabbed the ribbon and didn't know what to do next, could run this at 30fps with my old laptop.

- I found the screen shaking per hit is annoying while firing a corridor full of enemies
- I feel that the camera a little bit too zoomed in, bullet where still slow tho.
- AI need better path finding, enemies where stuck on the wall all the time
- I'm not sure that a Bullet Hell with Isometric could work, i found myself confused on the perspective while dodging, maybe is just me.

overall interesting project i hope to see a more polished demo the next DD

Ok now is working, unfortunately the game do not scale with my resolution witch is lower than 1080p and some part of the hud are unreachable for me

Nice presentation, i love the music and the animation, the setting is pretty unique so this will be your strong point i hope the plot get so cheesy and gross to make me wash my and every play session.

Talking about the gameplay:
- I think making 3 animation combo will increase the smoothness
- return projectiles with the melee could be a thing
- one of the strong point i want to make you consider is to abandon is the dodge button, you tend to design everything around that and for the demo enemies where not fun, i had to dodge and atk or trade, it would be better for my prospective be able to dodge by jumping or dashing and it would feel more organic in the end.

personal thing that make me triggered

Is cute, but i feel I'm not the target audience, i will try my best with my feedback:

If the cat and the fairy is separate the health bar do not divide

- The music underwater should be with less brightness rather than vibrato in my opinion
- Background should have some movement like moving cloud or moving leafs
- The dialogue should pop up based on the cat position. character should react if i go straight without listening.
- I was wondering if there could be faster way to obtain the super jump, is too slow for me.

Nice idle games, you should aim for no tutorial but intuitive design, one thing you could do is to:
- make the building light up when they are on, and shut downs when they are off
- make it clear what resource are missing by color coding the missing resource written in the update
- add more active element like make possible to colonize other favorable area far away and than expand the main city, make the player critical thinking about activate and disable all the time.

Lovely how it render, i think it suppose to be played with the mouse because with WASD was too easy, also if you want to push the idea of a drone you should consider to add the element of "Wind" to obstacle the player

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Other observation after playing for few hours:
- Expand the vase hitbox, it's so irritating to miss >:(
- Dashing trough enemies can make them occasionally fly away
- The Direction of the Dash is dependent where the cat is facing, this makes dash backward not functional , for a smoother experience you could give independent direction to the dash.
- Are Projectile suppose to go trough the wall? I exploited that all the time.
- Shields are quite useless right now because they are too slow to use, their animation should cancel everything else so you can use as parry, also consider to make possible to use the shield while moving but with a walking speed.
- Ranged weapons easily are the most useful, for now every run was about finding a legendary knife and spam the hell out of it, base ammunition should not be more than 3, it would be better to direct a ranged player to find the right combination for the magic build.
- For now if you don't require the stats you instantly die but one of the exiting things about stat base game is trying to survive in overleveled area, so balance is required.
- Heals should be ideally on HP% so you don't end up with a broken spell that make you tank everything by healing 60% instantaneously or you could try other design choice like cooldowns or heal is a regeneration over time.

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This has great potential, finally, someone who will monetize the absence of diablo loot games with gamepad controls. I have to play it more in-depth but I can already say a few things
NOTE: I played from the keyboard

- Buff and Debuff from weapons should appear somewhere at form as an icon for fast readability.
- I think that destroyable objects has too much loot, I will consider to not have a loot at all and use it as "cover" from enemies.
- A passive that makes you dash trough the enemies could be an idea.
- The third attack of the sword is pretty useless, I got that it means to stop the player for spamming attacks but I would make you consider to give some utility, like push everything away, or delete it.
- There is a lot of "dirt" on the screen, non-grabbable items quite bother me, I would consider dropping HP and MP only need it.
- I don't think autoaim is a good feature for this game, you should have all the freedom of movement as the game is fastpaced and aiming a rock rather than an enemy is not ideal.

The camera speed feels too slow to control the falling, you could make it mouse based or keep it slow and use it as a puzzle mechanic

Nice to see an effort to make MUGEN work in 2020

I don't know what to suggest other than i beat the AI maximum level by locking them with my light punch.

Lovely build, seems pretty much ready to polish

I quite enjoyed the multiplayer where you have to predict the direction of your bullet like a flying game, I heard from you that the single-player was not the main focus so I will just say that in single-player everything is flat because all the enemies can only charge you in one direction without so they are basically a target practice that sometimes shoots you back, more interesting are the bosses but they probably need some balancing and a lot of playtesting.

What I would like to see is:
- Decrease falling speed
- Bullet readability in any type of background
- Controller friendly options

I don't know what is your direction from here, it's a bizarre combination from a gameplay perspective I feel there could exist a user base for this game full of shitposter, a full package could be a short single-player, an active player base on discord and a level editor.

For the amount of shitposting here i was into the mechanics, sadly it end too soon, i hope to see a game one day.

The graphics is spot on, my favorite effect is when you go toward the purple shadow and it reveal is angry face, looking forward for the next demo.

Can't shoot from a wall if i don't old left mouse button.

You know i quite see potential in the dashing mechanics, but it has to be infinite or really quick to cool down, also you could consider a button that maintain the direction of your ship so to fire while strafing.
Is this project gonna be a game?

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I appreciate the enthusiasm but is nothing really exciting, loops of 5 second music are always annoying also it goes like 10 fps on my pc.

Looks like a huge game and it has his charm, I like the atmosphere but i could not advance after the first boss because on my laptop the game has slowdowns on the second tier of dungeons.

I have the feeling that the melee attack would work better if you divide the attack in 2 phases, hold button to charge and release to swing i feel it was too much slow for bigger weapon to actual attack, also i think that the hot key bar need to be revisited, if i put a weapon in a slot after selecting should stay on that slot.

Enemies are too goofy, I have the feeling that this game will not work if there is such contrast between the ambience and the screaming goats for example.

also it would be nicer if you have more telegraphic attack, the lighting strike seems to random and sometime hits the enemies, i feel that in this kind of game you want to master and manipulate the situations.

Also everything is gray and i feel that need more balance, i get that you want to give a claustofrobic tone but the HUD for example could benefit for more vibrant color.

I think a good puzzle platformer could come out of this but i admit, I got frustrated after the soda because i was not sure what to do, I was thinking that i should not jump off from the roof, if that is case falling death could be a way to indicate the player where to go. Also the gloves have a weird grip while i was trying to jump of of the fence.

I think the idea to be possible to equip one item at the time is interesting but a swapping mechanic on the fly could make the game more fun.

Ok, I have beaten the first boss and then give up because I'm bad at videogames.

So far from bugs, I noticed that the section where you have to descend to the water have some issue with the barrier that closes too much early

about the game I have mixed feelings because I just love the art style, the punching and the weight of the impacts but also I have some problem with the Crocodiles, I think at this stage they should be more vulnerable to stuns, feels like they are a much stronger variant of themselves rather than basic enemies, also the command gets me to confuse all the time with grabbing and throwing items, I don't understand why there should even be possible to drink poisoned items if your focus is the combat than is not a fun mechanics to screw yourself because you press the wrong button. Another not so fun mechanic is the door with water and spikes on the bottom, you cannot recover once you fell in one of it and is just frustrating to see your character bouncing 3 times before recover.

Once I got more confident with the commands I was having more fun, one thing i would like to see is an arrow that indicates where I will throw the item, also I would you to consider the possibility of grabbing enemies while stunned to trow them.

Speaking of the grab I was trying to trow underwater and if you go for sides the item flies straight but if you try vertically the item will stop in mid-air, not sure if this is your intention but for now, is inconsistent.

I'm not sure about the design of "grab the money and enemies appear" why not together?

I like this game so I was more invested to get trough, I hope you found my feedback useful and see you in the next DD.

Excellent performance, my old laptop can easily reach 120 FPS, about the game:

Is a nice attempt to take the essence of the first quake for my impression it doesn't allow to go faster by bunny hopping so basically you rely on the speed of your character and that's fine, I would consider changing the double jump in a bouncing so you can redirect your position and do cool dodge. Is this game gonna be all about speed? If that so I wonder if you are gonna add the crouching button, maybe it can be used for reaching higher speed with slide and stuff.

I've played at nightmare and I don't mind wave shooters but I notice that the gameplay it tends to be "press S and aim" and I think you should avoid this style cause it tends to limit the level design in long corridors where you must have enough space to dodge all the bullets/enemies.

Enemies should make noise continuously to understand if there are any enemy nearby and be vigilant (also to understand where are they because I got stuck 2 or 3 times finding hidden enemies), I noticed that the shit mosquito slow you down, usually old school FPS doesn't do that but if the player movement is too high that feature will punish people who rush toward levels, it depends on your side what you think feels better.

This game has potential, I hope to see your demo improved over the next DD.

I think this is cute

i tried for a while and i notice the commands aren't intuitive at all, it would be better to pick an action and then move (es: skill 1-4 or "defence" for only movement) and see the range of it, because sometime i feel the range is obstructed by environment but i can't tell because is invisible. Also this game seems more like a Controller friendly than M&K but i'm probably repeating my self from the last demo.

I found the first chip and the anime dude just went away, i jumped to the right side of the map found a slime blocking my way and found secret passages from the slime guarding at my house, at that point i just jumped around a lot because it was fun.