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i tried for a while and i notice the commands aren't intuitive at all, it would be better to pick an action and then move (es: skill 1-4 or "defence" for only movement) and see the range of it, because sometime i feel the range is obstructed by environment but i can't tell because is invisible. Also this game seems more like a Controller friendly than M&K but i'm probably repeating my self from the last demo.

I found the first chip and the anime dude just went away, i jumped to the right side of the map found a slime blocking my way and found secret passages from the slime guarding at my house, at that point i just jumped around a lot because it was fun.

Intel i5-4690
RX 470
Ram 8GB

Can't find another player to play with it.

Can't get into, probably because is an abandoned projects.

Never too late to buy some pesky Eurobeat copyright

Nice blueprint, i like the fact to talk you enter in "encounter mode" it could open so many variable to talking people, can i punch people in the future?

Shooting seems almost useless because you can destroy red dot and red wall taking forever, is almost a dodging game.

Nice, what project you aim to develop in the future?

seems working, i like the fact you can now play Mugen on browsers.

you inspired me.

Seems bizarrely fun, i kinda like this strange humor but I need a walkthrough because i'm stuck on the beginning of chapter 1, controls are super smooth and it seems bug proof, are you gonna change all 8bit sprites to a new style?

Great presentation and smooth gameplay, I feel almost cheated by the placeholder music, i Dodged every bullet with melee button and discover  the "slowmo" button only after beated the second level, the i-frame is pretty OP. Waiting for more content and progress.

and even the second skill of Zushi crash the game

It seems there is a bug while inspecting characters

action number 1
of Draw Event
for object obj_inventory:

Variable obj_inventory.spr_zushicghq(101233, -2147483648) not set before reading it.
at gml_Object_obj_inventory_Draw_0

Too early state to give a real opinion ihmo, but FPS with puzzle mechanics? yeah bring in on, is a genre always welcome for me.

What the deal to make a game about a dead meme? Anyway Sprint does not count when you press it while aiming, sprint button should negate aiming but if you sprint with rmb holded you should return to aiming instantly after the sprint end.
The crosshair should change depending by the spell in use, a different crosshair would benefit the "grenade launcher" spell.
a dash button for avoiding incoming fire could be useful.
There is a power up for jumps, because i can't see why you place items is such high place.
Arena battle will be the only level? If this so you should hide some power up exploring the level, is almost fun to explore now, don't know if you aim to make it larger.

This is one of my favourite entries cause i really like how the gameplay work and notice you added an overworld, this game could be too good for a waifu bait, really promising features however:
- Game over is bugged on the Night mission
- Night is too dark, is not even realistic you should add a soft blue light.
- If the MC die and you try to restart the MC remain bugged
- if you try to open the inventory while entering in the yellow area it bug the game in a major way
- Sometime in the overworld i can't move
- Sometime you can't launch gradates while paused
- Grenades doesn't make any aggro to AI
Now is a long way to polish it up i hope to see new progress in the future.

I always dig for cute design like this and i finished all the 4 levels, i have some observation to make:
- Tutorial should not be textual, it could be better to have some example images on signboards.
- the zoom out camera at restart is bugged, make sure to do it once at level.
- Enemy sometime just fall trough terrain you (the first level featuring enemy should be 3 or 4)
- The spinning for now is clunky, this wasn't a problem until i had to run away from the boss, if you aim to see speed runner performance i suggest to keep free movement while charging, it should smooth the gameplay.
i hope to see the final version one day.

Nice Serious sam + Mirror's Edge Clone.

I just button mashed through level, not found any particular bug, AI seems good to avoid charge attack but not too aggressive to surround you and attack from behind. good to see you are alive i'm still waiting for my Mecha game.

I don't understand the premise and i don't know why i become a baby everytime i go in slowmotion but overall shooting feels great, realistic sound design add a sense of punch to all weapon and the slowed sound effect are similar to contra III and it give me a nostalgic tear. The explosion sounds in 8bit were pretty disappointing you should separate realistic sound for combat and 8bit sound for everything else.
Also you should give more brighter colors at the location, not just for the empty atmosphere but also for better navigation, most of the time i couldn't see the difference between walls and floor.

What is this?

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Really cute looking game, it seems designed with gamepad in mind, maybe it will be better to be keyboard only, unless you are going to develop an inner cursor (click, pathfinding, action) but grab item on the fly seems impossible with mouse for now. I don't know how to serve people so i just end up throwing fish and receive money.

Tried with Mouse and Keyboard and managed to go through the second mission and sometime avoid missiles but never get too far because get shootdown by other missiles, nice work it represent by incapabilities of using an aircraft, hope to see more guidance next time.
Pause menu seem broken but i read the game was rushed.

Nice idea, i love the potion minigame and hope there will be more tools to prepare the ingredient like flame level, mix ingredient and preparation time.

Looking forward to play this but at this stage i couldn't even do 2 long jumps in a row, this is because roll jumping seems to be more a random mechanics about pick the right timing only when physic will allow it instead of a combination of button, but i managed to learn side jumps and it seems you need to press forward while doing side jumps at the same time otherwise the next jump will not be enough high.
Walking speed is really low, i just roll all around and even learn some strange mechanics (longer you wait more far you will do a long jump) but could replicate the same jump twice, every jumps seems pretty random.

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I can't run it either

My specs:
Windows 7 U
8GB ram
Ati RX 470
Intel i5 4690

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Oh no i already saw the ending, no fun/10

Really nice looking game we have here, the ambience seems good it seems a mixed with Persona and Monogatari. I personally don't like talking MC because usually bring longer dialogues, there a lot of "thinking" dialogue probably inspired by visual novels probably more suited for Japanese who forgot how to rationalize but not sure if this a good style, but i could be just me.
Combat seems brain dead easy at start but suddenly get a lot harder, probably because i played in Original mode, good choice to having 2 difficulties not always people want to deal with challenging fight for a story dirven game.

Pretty standard Tower Defence, but it seems too easy when you block all the patch and just cover the only entrance with towers, and i don't really get what "research center" does for lack of instructions, i hope enemy will be able to damage and break buildings or there will be never enough challenge or reason to manage the base.

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Beated, i lamer all the level with helicopter mode because there was no fucking way to move like... something can move with any direction, is all a mess but in the end i realize this was chapter 3 of MGS:V 2 10000000000/10

Music start is porno level, maybe change some instrument would improve, i liked more the following part.
Artwork is Great i have a soft spot for this style.
Gameplay wise i really like the 3D platformer approach but the isometric camera seems to be not a good idea, there is always something stuck on the sight, you probably had to get mostly a fixed camera and working on limitation or camera from behind like standard 3rd person.
The movement are specially made for analogs because i notice the delay on rotation, if you had to make it for pc you must give instant rotation time or it will feel imprecise, that's said aiming with the spell is really bad it would benefit more a dual stick aiming or you holding the "launch button" for stopping, aim and than shoot.
The mechanics are not really intuitive because when i saw i was shooting spell i though about that was just a bullet rather than a grab, after i figure it out i finally understand what "absorb" button does, i really like this kind of game and i hope there would be a follow up with more polished gameplay design choices.

More realistic than RDRII, but Why this has to be in full screen?

Fun concept, i tried to beat the game without the "easy win button" and i was stuck most of the time by pile of boxes, after a while i realize i can destroy it with "triple shot" but then i think it would be more interesting if you can kick the boxes in the next square without destroying, like for score you had to preserve your collection and destroy less box possible while shooting at your minion to get exp, sometime while falling the boxes bounce so high that seems fun to jump on it, it could be translated in some "advance technique", all the feedback are aimed if you are going to make it a sequel to this style of game. Also i notice the naruto run 10/10.

Nice artwork however i get put down when i see little platforms with floaty controls, but i just realize how to make better jump by running in the air. I was giving up 2 time, the first when i didn't notice that i can climb some fence to enter through the window, second is when i had to discover the door by completely luck because i can barely see the hud, maybe change her face near a door could help more. BTW completely quitted when I was on top of the small candle room and jump on the left wall get stuck out of the frame.

Top notch, i really like the concept and the atmosphere. But dark atmosphere is really an hard bite because you have to illuminate all the point of interest:
Taurus human enemy should have more glowing eyes but for now is pretty ok.
Slasher walker are really a good idea to do not illuminate them but you should make them screaming when they have spotted you and having creepy sound for footsteps while they are approaching.
Blobs i don't really like this high contrast colors for me throw out of the immersion, they could became some sorta of shaman with glowing stone but it's up to you.
Crow another slasher who should do loud sounds while approaching and attacking.

General atmosphere could benefit ihmo if you are able to have more fog and being able to see
more easly enemy from distance by their dark silhouettes, and maybe glowing sky to distinguish crow and other flying enemies.

Movement, you should choose for high movement speed or increase the speed give by sprint, it would be better if the game could be complete without being hit, in my opinions an FPS where you had to tank damage because is inevitable is trash.

One last impression is the final achievement for this game is to being able to play without the minimap and having your wandering in dark forest only dictate for what you can see. I hope to play this game in a more complete version in the future.

After a while i had some time to try the game, and nope. After i install the new version it give me Black Screen, i guess it will be for the next Jam

exactly that, I try to start the game 3 times and the girl always get stuck in the cutscene.