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Reached the 3rd floor, Really wonderful concept with strong gameplay. I can see a bright future for this game, especially played in coop with a friend controlling blocks and the other the knight, but also as a compelling puzzle to beat alone, I welcomed a lot the fact block do not descend if you control the knight because this shit is hardcore as fuck.

- a green goblin went trough the knight after a line, I'm not sure how to replicate this bug
- are all the chest suppose to be mimic?

Feature suggestion
- Hammer is vitals because many time I found myself in the condition of block my knight in the same row all walled, consider generating a hammer nearby the knight every line done by the blocks - Double tap for smashing a wall, it can help unintentional hammering
- Make appear at least 1 heal potion on the screen when the knight is low on HP.
- Colour-coded bars same as the Potions for more intuitive design, HP = red, AP = Blue, EXP = Orange.
- I think this game would benefit for a Difficulty score multiplier, maybe I'm a little bit too dumb for this game but the base game is really hard for me so it would be a possibility to give the option to have infinite AP, Infinite Hammers, having the knight invulnerable from falling in the void at the price of high scores.

Structure suggestion
The actual structure is serviceable, but I had the feeling that this game could be much richer on the dungeon crawling aspect, what I was thinking is design the game on floors like quest but with an endless loop in mind, each floor has a theme like a goblin floor, traps floor, ice floor... with the block decorated by the theme.
Each floor has an advancement bar that fills with the score combined for a block and the exit appear when the bar is filled but after that, the bar will go back to zero. if you miss it I guess you have to refill the advancement bar but you don't gain any score and from the level anymore.
Monsters should scale each floor making the player aiming for keeping the knight strong enough to face deeper floors, the player could grind but the EXP is lower after the exit appear.
Occasionally a Challenge floor could ask you to do some mission (like the one present in quest mode) to unlock the bar of advancement. Every 5th floors could be a Boss floor, after beating the boss, the player is rewarded with a lot of EXP and the exit appear.
Quest mode could be called Story mode and it could be just like an endless mode but with the possibility of continuing after a boss, each boss could have cutscenes or dialogues, after beating the first loop the game will end with the ending cutscene, this mode should be aimed for people that want a less stressful experience.

Boss suggestion
- A monster that shoots a laser from his sides on block placement that pushes the knight to move out of is sight, it teleports on the same raw of the knight every block placement.
- A monster that throws bombs toward the knight, the explosion destroys a square 3x3, it doesn't teleport he just ran.

Music suggestion
- I played the game while listening "Solstice main BGM" and had a blast because I feel that this game has the vibe of an old DOS game, I'm not suggesting strictly 8 bit but daunting music would fit great.

I hope you find any of my feedback is useful and also find this wall of text not too painful to read.