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Thank you, make sure to check out the 'sequel' Skeletal Dance Party.

Thank you so much, it was a blast to develop! I'll let the music bro know you enjoyed the music. :D


I wrote a tiny article on how the levels are generated in Skeletal Dance Party. Skeletal Dance Party is a game about a necromancer hosting a dance party for her skeletons. It is a physically based dungeon crawler where everyone is dancing.

Instead of creating my own system for level generation I investigated two existing systems, found the most suitable one and extended it to suit my needs.

The article can be read here: Skeletal Dance Party 💀 Procedural Level Generation

Thank you cat!

Thank you, I will see what can be done about it. It might take a little while since I have a lot of other things on the table as well, hope that is okay.

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Thank you for the reports, I'll add them to the backlog!

Then is the Betty cutscene triggering?

Glad that you are enjoying the game, there is more to come!

I can see what I can do, is there any specific elements you find to small or everything in general? Is it just text or icon elements that are to small?

A quick fix would be to run the game on lower resolution.

It seems YouTube itself had an hickup. Trailer should work now.


Wonderful, thanks!

Thanks! Great that performance seems to work now.


Thank you so much for playing and giving feedback! I've pushed all issues to the backlog and see what I can do with them. I have not tried the axis inversion myself so it is quite likely that it does not work.

Now it is just 90% left! D:

Thanks for playing, I hope you like the progress!

Is the performance okay or does it still need a bit improvement? I'll see if I can make the LOD a little less aggressive.

Showcasing how many skeletons you can have resurrected is definitely something I am looking into. Dialogue as well.

I'll put that to the backlog, thanks!

Thank you for play testing!

Do you think that you are looking after a better volume balance between game sounds and music? 

I have some ideas on how to make the dialogue so that is in progress.

I see what I can do!

Thank for for play testing! I'll see what I can do about the issues you found. The skeleton you tried to command, did we have another weapon equipped? I assume that you right clicked on the item.

That is correct. Since animations are physics based the main character is moved using forces. Is "more tight control" a good description of what you are after?

Thank you so much for your feedback! Not displaying all text at once makes perfect sense and would probably make it more fun to read it. 

I'll look into the scenario dialog showing the next message, it is probably a demo only issue since the scenario it referes to does not exist in the demo.

Hello and thank you for the kind words!

The camera have been fixed in an internal release, if there is anything else you find strange let us know.

Get hype for Halloween 🎃


Thank you for feedback, I'll see how I can make the spell aiming better!

Thank you for feedback! I've figured out one main performance hog (minimap) and temporarly disabled it. Did you do something special before getting stuck in the ground?

Thank you, I'll see how I can make the Raise Dead ability better.

Thank you for feedback, I'll see what I can do.

Music getting stuck is a feature, not a bug!


Thank you for feedback Rokas! 

  • I use itch.'s butler application to upload the game files so I assume they are packed they way itch prefer.
  • Save location is something which in ideal case should be customizeable, right now it is My Pictures because in case you run it from Steam, Gamejolts or itch's desktop client the executeables location is hidden somewhere in your file system.

  • As you can see most things is in progress and much polish remains. I've included all feedback into the backlog, thanks!

Thank you for the feedback! I've had a lot of other comments about the controls so I will see if I can improve them.

Thank you for the feedback. I'll see if I can find where the physics break.

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Thank you for playing and testing! I'll put it in the feedback log and see what I can solve.

Exactly as intended!

Safety nets will be provided in patch

I also think that system Gamejolt uses is pretty neat.

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Do the rattle dance!

Thank you! I'll use your awesome feedback to make the game even better!

Hello and thank you for playing!

Currently there is no way of rotating the camera, you can change angle with Tab however.  I will see if I can color code the elements more.
Stay tuned for some tomb tunes!

Thank you for playing!

I'll see if I can make it more clear what weapon types deal what types of damage and what units that are resistant towards that. More feedback pretty much.

Hope is that your minions should be the main interaction in the game, I might need to add a few more interaction elements for the player however.

Thank you for playing!

Drag selection is something I had in the game before but changed since it worked weird with gamepad. Will investigate it a bit more however.

The red boxes are placeholders and I agree, I need to somehow tell the player that only minions can equip items.

Hi! Thanks for the feedback and the kind words. First two issues are probably caused by it being run in a web browser. All items are equipped by your minions (right click to order them to pickup), that should be clarified.