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Skeletal Dance PartyView game page

Host a dance party for your skeletons!
Submitted by Catalope Games (@catalopegames), Jesper (@jesperTingvall) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline
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Cute as ever. The new dialog stuff is very nice but it's very cumbersome and constantly interrupts me when I just want to play the game. Near the end of the tutorial I jumped into the mist out of curiosity, wandered around the hub, and then quit since I didn't want to sit through the tutorial dialogue again.

I am glad you improved the performance since last demo though. The only downside with the LOD is that it's very noticeable and I thought i was constantly activating huge pressure pads or something.

Some sort of indication for summoning would be good as well - I kept trying to resurrect squires while moused over them and getting the dialogue that told me how to do it, but it didn't work. I only ever had the two skellies from that one room.


Thanks for playing, I hope you like the progress!

Is the performance okay or does it still need a bit improvement? I'll see if I can make the LOD a little less aggressive.

Showcasing how many skeletons you can have resurrected is definitely something I am looking into. Dialogue as well.


It was consistently 60-70 fps this time around compared to regular drops to 40 fps last time, so it seems like it yea. Keep up the good work!


Thanks! Great that performance seems to work now.

Your movement codes seems a bit wonky. There were tons of times where I let go of a movement key but kept traveling for another quarter of a second. Playing around with it I noticed it was hard to replicate with short key presses, so I guess it's momentum based.


That is correct. Since animations are physics based the main character is moved using forces. Is "more tight control" a good description of what you are after?

I suppose, but at the same time I understand that the strange movement of the players is important to your game's aesthetic. It's probably fine, since your game doesn't rely on any precise platforming or such.


I see what I can do!

  • One of my skeletons didn't want to pick up a battle sword, even if commanded.
  • Make the command minion control image more easily understandable. Its just 2 lines at the moment which kinda looks like "
  • Please add a panning sensitivity slider in the options because the current one is frustratingly slow.
  • Being able to edit the options or atleast see the controlscheme during the actual game would be very helpful.
  • Kinda jarring and tone shifting how the character talks about her dead parents with this absolute B A N G E R of a track in the backround. Funnybone is pretty chill.

The idea and artstyle are neat. Love the music. Full steam ahead with devvin, dude.


Thank for for play testing! I'll see what I can do about the issues you found. The skeleton you tried to command, did we have another weapon equipped? I assume that you right clicked on the item.

Yeah, he already had an item so Im guessing item switching has not been implemented yet. Wasn't sure if it was a bug or not so I mentioned it just in case. I right clicked on the item, yes.



I love the art, music, etc.  The in-game gif maker is a cool touch as well. I would recommend making the text read out instead of displaying all at once, though. It's always tempting to skim when the whole text box appears at once, and it kinda kills the pacing of the rhymes at the beginning. The dialogue is pretty fun and I wouldn't want to skip it.

Also, I'm not sure if this is a bug, but Mission Select dispalyed the name of the next mission even though it wasn't in the menu: 


Thank you so much for your feedback! Not displaying all text at once makes perfect sense and would probably make it more fun to read it. 

I'll look into the scenario dialog showing the next message, it is probably a demo only issue since the scenario it referes to does not exist in the demo.