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Monospaced LoversView game page

A narrative platformer-RPG about closeness and distance.
Submitted by Scarlet String Studios (@scarlet_string) — 2 days, 7 hours before the deadline
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Thank you! These are always useful. Good idea on making the sound effects only partially positional. That might make the "left earphone" problem a bit less extreme. The Audio Listener is on the player, so most sounds comes out panned to some extent.

Somehow, I guess encountering the Bloodthirsty Slime before showing Kat the first data chip caused a sequence break in her dialogue, because she's supposed to run off to the second scene and then tell you that the demo is over once you find her again. So that must have caused some confusion. But you were able to stumble through most of it. The only thing you missed was one platforming challenge in the second scene (you can get more meat from the tanuki).

I would recommend attaching the listener to the camera and not the player as that is much more natural in terms of what your ears hear and what your eyes see matching up.

-no option is preselected when running the game
-arbtirary window resizing is nice
-let me use WASD
-menu transition is too slow, make it 0.0-0.1s
-entering the options menu first time after resizing goes back to large size
-let backspace do what Esc is doing too 
-game resizes back again when running game, stop that shit
-when resized to like 1280x600 the phone text is unreadable
-in fact, it's a blurry mess in most resolutions

-auto-typing feels bad, either ask for a prompt or let me actually type it out (my game does this as a primary mechanic)
-I'm not reading walls of text on game start, good luck
-it's a platformer

-what is this cs_1_6_run_step.wav?
-nice spatial positioning
-music by default drowns everything out

Fell into pit at the end of the level. It's a mess in general in terms of focus, but not bad.


Thanks for the feedback — implementing some of those UI tweaks now. Window size is a strange one because I don't think you can adjust it by code separately from the resolution (SetResolution changes window size as well).

What pit did you fall into?

I like where this is going! Art (portraits/silhouettes), music and story give a good vibe!

Some thoughts:

- Your collision don't really go well with this sprite, because you can have almost half of your body in a wall
- First time I did the meat carrying through the cave it was a bit tiresome.
- In the race I didn't know at first that dash activates circles

And since you said that your demo is bug free I've been digging really hard :D and I've found some issues. 

>Can now collect 2 coins

I got 3 :)

Also I made this fan art for you (if you watch the video you will know what I'm talking about)


Haha, yeah I saw the video in the thread yesterday. Great work. The meat glitch is easy to fix, but I can't believe how many exploits you found with that one issue.

Was there a particular part of the fetch quest that was tiresome, or just the whole concept of it?

And yes, I'll have to think about the UX for the ring minigame. I could just make a tutorial prompt for when you're overlapping with a ring, but maybe there's a cleaner solution.


The meat glitch is easy to fix

Yeah I think so (holding while talking) and the double meat spawn / telekinesis is probably because of how you did loading for this demo.

Was there a particular part of the fetch quest that was tiresome, or just the whole concept of it?

I couldn't really push the meat through those small green squares at first. Later I figured that I have to spam dash in it's direction while it was on a floor but it was still not perfect. I think once or twice it stuck in a way that I couldn't push it or grab it so I had to go back for new one.

And with circles my first thought was that I have to activate them in a correct order. Don't know why really. Maybe because some of them are so close to the green squares that when I was dashing through them I activated those and my brain didn't connect dashing with activating circles because I was dashing anyway.


It's pretty fun! Looking forward to more. I just have a few comments,

- +1 for dpad/stick controls and rumble
- +2 for cute anime girl and slimes
- wasd on menus would be nice
- green blocks in dark areas get replaced with bright green blocks
- door appears over player, but feet stick out underneath?
- title is not actually mono spaced


Thanks! I see you're a fellow slime dev. I have your demo on my desktop, I'll check it out this week.

- Do you normally use WASD on menus? No harm in adding that in, I just hadn't  heard of that preference before. Unless you're also remapping the movement keys to WASD

- Noted on the other stuff

- Hah, yeah the logo is a mess. Justified text looks better, but it's literally not monospaced. I will have to ponder this one for a bit.


It's just that WASD is the default for PC games, so it took a bit of time for me to go and try the arrow keys. I didn't notice the remapping menu before, so if I were you I'd leave arrow keys hard-coded for menus/gameplay and then make WASD the default keybinds for menus/gameplay.