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The meat glitch is easy to fix

Yeah I think so (holding while talking) and the double meat spawn / telekinesis is probably because of how you did loading for this demo.

Was there a particular part of the fetch quest that was tiresome, or just the whole concept of it?

I couldn't really push the meat through those small green squares at first. Later I figured that I have to spam dash in it's direction while it was on a floor but it was still not perfect. I think once or twice it stuck in a way that I couldn't push it or grab it so I had to go back for new one.

And with circles my first thought was that I have to activate them in a correct order. Don't know why really. Maybe because some of them are so close to the green squares that when I was dashing through them I activated those and my brain didn't connect dashing with activating circles because I was dashing anyway.