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Slimy Puzzle Platforming
Submitted by nanimonull — 43 minutes, 13 seconds before the deadline
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Cool concept! Some notes:

  • Level select menu doesn't scroll with the mouse when a level is focused. Only works when nothing is in focus.
  • Spacebar/click to switch speed doesn't seem to work all the time
  • Body sometimes gives up on following core if it's off-screen (this kept happening to me in The Tower)
  • KB/Mouse controls are a bit confusing. The control screen lists keyboard and mouse separately, so it seemed like the game could be played with just the mouse, but I realized later that you can use WASD to move without having the body follow you, which is necessary at times.

I didn't try out the level editor, but I like what I've seen so far. The slime physics are fun and surprisingly not buggy — the body always found a way to un-glitch itself when trapped inside a door, etc. Hope to see more hijinks with the logic switches, because there's a lot of room for complicated puzzles there.


Thanks for your feedback! Glad you like the game.

  • I noticed this too: Mixing InControl with Unity menus has caused some weirdness. I'll try and see if that's an easy fix or if I have to just manually read in the scroll wheel. The menu is still browsable with directional input or clicking the scroll bar itself so that's not a huge priority.
  • What kind of computer are you on? I had the same thing happen on an old Mac laptop  (mouse, keyboard, and gamepad all acted up) but never on my gaming PC. After reading the same few lines of code a million times and even hard-coding inputs I think it might just be a performance issue with missed inputs. I consolidated the input controllers from level editor and gameplay into one since I thought it was reading double inputs (toggle/untoggle in same frame) but guess that wasn't it. I'll definitely look into it some more.
  • Odd, I'll look into it. Are you sure the blob wasn't just blocked by something? It's direct-line with no pathfinding. It should be indifferent to distance and rotation but I did just add that feature in the last week or two so it hasn't had much testing. There is a timer that kills the AI core when both player and AI core are in the slime - maybe that's mucking it up somehow.
  • Right, the mouse controls are a bit unwieldy since I kind of wanted to test feasibility of touch controls. I did have plans to require clicks on the core for Action and clicks elsewhere for Move but got lazy. I'll probably just make it LMB for movement and RMB for jump/toggle.
  • Yea the body used to cause a lot of crashes whenever it got indented or put inside out so I mostly fixed it as a convenience for myself. Now it just causes a lot of lag which I would also like to remedy.
  • I'd like to see more level hijinks too! Plans for the first minor version include changing the lengths of doors and the duration of timers which should also offer more possibilities.
  • I'm on a gaming desktop, albeit an old one (i7 930), so I doubt performance is the problem. Maybe something like polling for input in Update instead of FixedUpdate or vice versa?
  • Actually yeah, it's being blocked. Is there supposed to be a way out of those situations or should you just restart the level?
  • That scheme for LMB and RMB sounds good

Good luck!

  • Really can't even guess since I'm not at my dev PC but you could be right. I'll mess around with it later this week.
  • If you get softlocked then yea you'll just have to restart unfortunately. Better level design might be able to help that in the future.