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Skeletal Dance PartyView game page

Host a dance party for your skeletons
Submitted by Catalope Games (@catalopegames), J3X (@jesperTingvall) — 2 days, 23 hours before the deadline

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Here you gooo.
Appreciate me.

Thank you! I'll use your awesome feedback to make the game even better!


Is there a way to rotate the camera in the Browser version? I didn't figure it out.

If you're gonna have a system of weaknesses, you should colour-code it so players easily identify which weapon they need to bypass the obstacle. Trying blindly every options can become tedious quickly.

Other than that I can't wait for this game to have music.


Hello and thank you for playing!

Currently there is no way of rotating the camera, you can change angle with Tab however.  I will see if I can color code the elements more.
Stay tuned for some tomb tunes!

I played the browser version and had some stutter at the end of the game, when I had all 4 minions. Just a heads up, I know it's supposed to be downloaded, so it's probs not very important.

Also, what nadomodan said: I did not entirely understand what I was doing. I understood that my minions had different weapons, and that my minions could swap them out. Also that specific weapons dealt damage through specific barriers. However, which weapons go through which barrier: not a clue.

I simply made them pick up different weapons, and they'd attack on their own if they could. I was barely involved in the gameplay.

Also, as soon as I got my minions, my own attack-ability (and telekinesis attack) became useless, because the enemy/crystal was dead before I could hit space due to my minions, or I couldn't attack the crystal myself due to defenses.

Love the hippity hoppity, moving around was solid.


Thank you for playing!

I'll see if I can make it more clear what weapon types deal what types of damage and what units that are resistant towards that. More feedback pretty much.

Hope is that your minions should be the main interaction in the game, I might need to add a few more interaction elements for the player however.


Solid overall, nice aesthetic, telekinesis feels good to use, good controls.

Selection of multiple units with mouse drag would be nice.

This might be because of them being placeholders but I didn't really know what I was doing with those red boxes, I cleared the game to the end and figured skellingtons equip them but I didn't do this 100% deliberately, just stumbled upon the solution randomly without knowing what I'm doing.


Thank you for playing!

Drag selection is something I had in the game before but changed since it worked weird with gamepad. Will investigate it a bit more however.

The red boxes are placeholders and I agree, I need to somehow tell the player that only minions can equip items.


Nice looking game! Your dancing skeletons are fun. It reminds me of crypt of the necrodancer. Here's some nitpicking. The game window was stuck in the upper-left corner in firefox. Movement feels too floaty. I couldn't figure out what to do once you get to the magical staff. I couldn't equip it.


Hi! Thanks for the feedback and the kind words. First two issues are probably caused by it being run in a web browser. All items are equipped by your minions (right click to order them to pickup), that should be clarified.